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Vadym Novynskyi

Vadym Novynskyi is the soul benefactor of the International Charitable Foundation (ICF) in Honour of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. The fund was set up in September 2008 to enable Smart-Holding to implement charitable and humanitarian initiatives effectively and systematically across Ukraine.

    • Vadym Novynskyi's International Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God and businesses of Smart-Holding Group have provided significant assistance to the state in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the country. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation's specialists, most sought-after medical equipment, personal protective gear for healthcare personnel and express tests for quick detection of the disease were delivered to Ukraine. In addition, the Foundation's specialists, together with representatives of locally based Smart-Holding's businesses, delivered food packages to veterans and retirees, i.e. to elderly people at risk, in Kyiv, Kherson, Nikolaev cities and Kyiv region. A total of more than UAH 100 million was allocated to fight the coronavirus.
    • Since the beginning of 2017 the ICF has been a partner of the charity project Help the Heart Beat implemented on the basis of the state institution Heart Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The project is about providing assistance in the treatment of children with congenital heart disease. Within the framework of the program, the ICF provides targeted support to orphaned children, as well as children from large, single-parent and socially unprotected families.
    • Since June 2014, the fund has transferred over 33 million UAH towards the support of internally displaced people from the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) region, and contributed direct humanitarian aid to residents of cities based at the centre of the conflict.
    • Between 2014-2015 financial assistance was given to 74 families of soldiers from the Nikolaev and Kherson regions who died during the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The relatives of the military personnel who died during the Illovaysk and Battle of Donetsk Airport operations also received targeted support of 50 thousand UAH out of a total amount of 3.7 million UAH.
    • The fund transferred 3.131 million UAH to assist the inhabitants of two apartment blocks in Nikolaev city, which had been badly damaged in a domestic gas explosion.
    • The programme “For Hope” donated 2.404 million UAH towards the repair and purchase of equipment for the Kiev Centre of Bone-Marrow Transplantations.
    • The project for Disseminated Sclerosis Treatment (within the “Life Gift” fund programme) has supported a complete rehabilitation treatment course for 290 patients using 2.605 million UAH.
    • Since 2009, over 8.1 million UAH has been spent on the publication of the monthly Orthodox magazine "Otrok UA" (within the programme "Ancestors' Heritage").

Income statement

In 2015, People’s Deputy Vadym Novynskyi earned UAH 1.738 million. His salary amounted to about UAH 73 thousand, royalties and other income from the sale of intellectual property rights came up to UAH 1.617 million, dividends and interest amount stand at UAH 48 thousand.