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17 July 2021

Happy Metallurgists’ and Miners’ Day!

Dear friends!

Metallurgists’ Day in Ukraine is not just a professional holiday for those involved in ore mining or metal melting. For a country in the economy of which metallurgy or steel-making occupies an important place, Metallurgists’ Day has become a truly favourite holiday. Indeed, thanks to metallurgists’ hard work, the country is developing, as well as its army and finances, and its cities are growing.

We can talk a lot about the role of metallurgists’ labour – naturally, there will be many greeting speeches on this topic today. But it is so important that we all understand and feel: behind every ton of steel and cast iron there are real people, with their joys and problems, and with their life stories. People who professionally do their job and deserve attention, care and maximum respect from society.
09 July 2021

Negotiations on Purchase of NASH TV Channel Halted – Statement

Vadym Novynskyi, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, makes an official statement that the negotiations regarding the purchase of Nash TV channel, which were held by representatives of Smart Holding group, have been halted, and Smart Holding is withdrawing from the negotiation process.

‘Indeed, we held negotiations and openly stated this, without making the process a secret. However, we did not reach an understanding with Yevgeniy Murayev. As I promised, we are publicly announcing the termination of the negotiations,’ said Vadym Novynskyi. He also stressed that he does not plan to negotiate the purchase of any other media outlet.

22 June 2021

22 June. Eighty Years Since the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War

Eight decades – as long as a human life – are not able to heal the wounds of the greatest tragedy in the history of our people. During this time, the world managed to change far more than once, some states and rulers emerged and disappeared, several generations of people changed, but the date of 22 June still remains a reason for thought and reflexion. As Robert Rozhdestvensky wrote, ‘I remember everything that was not with me.’

It would seem that everyone should have learned their lessons from history. Germany repented and the descendants of the victims of World War II forgave it. However, there is still some restless feeling deep inside. Incessant calls for a revision of history, constant attempts to rehabilitate Nazi evil-doers, some special bravado – stripes or patches on the sleeves and swastika tattoos. And this is happening here, in Ukraine, where every fifth inhabitant died during the war...

22 June is not only the Day of Remembrance of those killed in the war (and I sincerely believe that the Day of Sorrow should be on 22 June, and not on those bright days when all normal people celebrate Victory Day). It is also the Day of Humaneness, the Day of special spirituality – after all, it was not by accident that on 22 June 1941, in the second week after Pentecost, the memory of all the saints who shone in the Russian land was celebrated. The Soviet leadership referred to their feats when admonishing the soldiers to the Patriotic War for the sake of defending the Motherland.
20 June 2021

Congratulations on the Holy Trinity!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we congratulate you on the feast of the Holy Trinity!

Congratulations on the Day of Happy Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles!

The Day of Pentecost, so lightly and solemnly celebrated by us now, is a sacred event in the life of the Church of Christ. The sending of the Holy Life-giving Spirit to the earth, onto the apostles, served as the beginning of the Church of Christ on earth. Today is the birthday of our Holy Church, and she is our spiritual mother.

Since that great event our United Collegiate Apostolic Church, the keeper of Divine Revelation, immutably preserving the canons in Itself, has been carrying the true understanding of the Image of God and the Grace of the Holy Spirit. By the power and assistance of the Holy Spirit, the Church of Christ is the place where miracles of rebirth and salvation of human souls are performed.

And thus, the Church of Christ leads us along the eternal path of salvation. And only with our Mother Church we can find unity with God, gain the immortality of our souls, can overcome all adversity and withstand all the troubles and misfortunes of our days.
16 May 2021

Happy Myrrh-Bearing Women Day!

In the divine service of the third Sunday after Easter, the Holy Church encourages us to move mentally from Golgotha to the tomb of Christ and His glorious Resurrection, the news of which the myrrh-bearing wives were honoured to learn the first. Their example shows how much warmth, compassion and love the Lord put into a woman's soul. Thanks to this, women are capable of doing great deeds of love and self-sacrifice, if they live in Christ and with Christ, as the apostle commands, "with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit" (1 Pet. 3: 4).

And let us also remember that people call a family a small Church not in vain. And that mercy, forgiveness and mutual spiritual enrichment, as well as all possible manifestations of true love, should reign in a family. And by God's providence, the honourable role of arranging all this is entrusted to gentle women's shoulders, in many ways. An assistant, a faithful companion, a keeper of the hearth, a tender mother, a loving wife, and a caring daughter – all these wonderful qualities were bestowed on a woman since her appearance in the works of God.
09 May 2021

Victory Day

Today is the Victory Day!

The day of our people's victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Not in the Second World War. The Second World War ended on 2 September 1945. Not in the Soviet-German War. The Red Army had to fight not only with German troops, but also with a number of armies and combat units of other countries allied with Nazi Germany.

Patriotic war is called a war that uses all available resources, the entire human potential of the country to repel the enemy's aggression. A war in which not only the regular army takes part, but the entire civilian population is involved in the fight for a common victory. This is a war in which the very fate of the Fatherland and its future are at stake.

Ukraine, which lost 6.8 million people, has the right to consider this war as the Patriotic War. After all, people gave their lives not for Stalin, not for communism – they were going into battle defending their wives, their elderly, their children and their homes. They were going for their Fatherland, for everything they had, everything that was dear and sacred to them.