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31 December 2021

С Новым 2022 годом!

Дорогие друзья!

Господь не просто дал нам условное деление времени на годы, месяцы, недели и дни. Это в первую очередь возможность для сравнения качества прожитых временных отрезков. Накануне Нового года мы мысленно проживаем все то, что пережили за прошедший год, и делаем выводы, был ли год успешным или не очень, стали ли мы лучше, мудрее, чище, обрели ли мы новый опыт и новые знания. А ещё Новый год - это повод для того, чтобы задуматься над быстротой течения жизни. Особенно если ты прожил на Земле достаточно долго. С каждым годом время ускоряется, и ты должен ощущать, все ли запланированное ты успел воплотить. Новый год - это время понять, что ничего нельзя оставлять «на потом»: попросить прощения у тех, кому нанёс обиды, позвонить родным, сделать доброе дело… Новый год - это не время чудес, это время осознать, что чудеса нам являются ежедневно, просто их надо научиться видеть. Ведь восход и закат солнца, смена времен года, дуновение ветра - это все чудеса. Как и сама человеческая жизнь… Просто мы к ним слишком привыкли, и в погоне за яркой мишурой отказываем им в праве считаться чудом.

Новый год - это не ожидание подарков, не елка, не салат «Оливье» и не праздничное шампанское. Это очищение души и благодарение Господа за саму возможность нашей жизни и ее продления во времени, ее насыщенности чудесами.
19 December 2021

День памяти святителя Николая Чудотворца

Сегодня мы отмечаем один из самых любимых, добрых и светлых зимних праздников — день памяти святителя Николая, архиепископа Мир Ликийских, чудотворца.

Наверное, нет такого человека, который бы не слышал об этом великом святом, ни разу не видел его икону, никогда не обращался к нему с молитвой в трудную минуту.

Святителя Николая Чудотворца зовут «скорым помощником», потому что множество людей, особенно путешественников, веками убеждались в действенности его помощи в самых трудных ситуациях. И, наверное, больше всех за его щедрость и доброту святого Николая любят дети.

Господь наделил святителя даром творить великие чудеса за его непоколебимую и глубокую веру.
04 December 2021

Presentation of the Virgin Mary at the Temple

Today the Orthodox Church celebrates one of the main Christian holidays – the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos at the Temple.

This event became an important milestone in the fulfilment of the Divine plan for the salvation of the humankind, heralding the imminent liberation of all people from the slavery of sin and eternal death.

The elderly parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Saints Joachim and Anne – solved the vows given to God and dedicated their beloved only daughter to God. There, at the temple, there were the most favourable conditions for the raising, in holiness and purity, of the One who was destined to become the Mother of the Saviour and the Mother of all Christians.

There was a moment in the life of every believer when they first consciously entered the temple of God. Some were led by a spiritual thirst that could not be quenched by anything except the Gospel truth, some were brought in by unbearable burden of suffering, from which only the Lord Himself could save, and some were led by gratitude for the rich mercies that the Creator generously bestowed...
28 October 2021

Congratulation on the Day of Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders!

Dear friends,

I congratulate you on a truly warm and bright holiday – the day of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis. It was on this autumn day in 1944 when the territory of our country was completely freed from the “brown plague”, when the last German soldier was driven out of Ukraine. The reunification of the Ukrainian lands became final.

However, the liberation of Ukraine did not become the day from which a peaceful life could be counted. The Great Patriotic War continued, more soldiers died, and elimination of collaborator groups continued in the rear. Yet Ukraine was already free!

On this day, we will all remember our forebearers – our grandfathers, fathers, and great-grandfathers – who defeated the enemy and defended our today’s right to life. Victory and everything that is associated with it enables us to remain humane in the current conditions, despite attempts to rewrite history and shift emphasis.

I congratulate you on this day! I wish you peace, good health and new achievements. We all stand on the shoulders of the titans who defeated the enemies of humanity in a fierce battle. We all bow our heads to their memory!

Congratulation on the Day of Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders!
14 October 2021

Happy Feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God

Congratulations on the Feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, dear brothers and sisters!

From the very dawn of Christianity in Rus’ to this day, the Mother of God (Theotokos) has been revered as the Protectress of our holy land. Like for many generations of those who lived before us, the main meaning of today’s feast is very close and dear to us. It is the revelation that the Most Holy Mother of God cares about the salvation of all humankind, of each of us.

Today’s great holiday testifies that even in the most difficult times, when it seems that darkness is overpowering, that all solid foundations are crumbling and the earth itself is shaking underfoot, when enemies overwhelm, when neighbours betray, when natural and social cataclysms befall, when diseases frighten – at such times people of God were strengthened and are strengthened now by the belief that at the most difficult moment help from above will certainly come. That the Most Holy Theotokos, abiding in the greatest glory of Her Divine Son, will give protection to all those who seek Christ, freeing them from many troubles and misfortunes.
30 September 2021

Day of Remembrance of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Love and Their Mother Sophia

September 30 is the day of remembrance of the holy martyrs Vira, Nadiya, Liubov (Faith, Hope, Love) and their mother Sophia, who lived in Rome and suffered for Christ in the second century.

“Sophia” is translated from Greek as “wisdom”. Saint Sophia sought to instil in her daughters such moral guidelines that would help them in any life situation. She even gave them their names in honour of the main Christian virtues.

Faith is the foundation of our entire life. That is what fills it with content and meaning, sense.

Hope gives us strength to go forward and improve. You cannot build a bright future without it.

Love and its fruits are all the best and most beautiful things that surrounds us in this life. The acquisition of love is the pinnacle of spiritual perfection.

We all have a lot to learn from the wise mother – Saint Sophia.

A healthy and prosperous life both for a single family and for the whole society can only be built on a solid foundation of our centuries-old moral values.