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17 March 2019

Feast of Orthodoxy

Dear friends! Today we all celebrate the Feast of Orthodoxy! 

This feast was established in honour of the triumph of the Orthodox faith over heresies, when, after a long period of persecution from heretic iconoclasts against Orthodox Christians in the 8th century the persecutions finally stopped and the Orthodox faith triumphed again. 

Representatives of the authorities were behind those ferocious persecutions against Orthodox Christians. Yet, time judged who was right and who was not... 

Now, we are experiencing a similar situation in Ukraine. As more than 1,000 years ago, when iconoclastic rulers persecuted Orthodox Christians causing a terrible schism in the canonical Church, now their followers, anti-church rulers, organize persecution of the canonical Church and artificially provoke religious schism and hostility on religious grounds. 

As in those times in the past, now representatives of the authorities, who are far from the true faith and spirituality, are attempting to make the Church of Christ serve their political interests. 
04 March 2019

Oppositional Odesa Forum

On 1 March, I took part in the Oppositional Odesa Forum.

The Forum brought together MPs and local councillors, civil society activists, teachers, clergymen, students, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and retirees. The main unifying force to begin with was the understanding that we cannot give the current authorities a single chance to be re-elected for a new term.

To this end, at the coming presidential elections all like-minded people must rally and support a candidate who will restore peace, revive the economy, cancel all anti-popular reforms, reduce disastrous utility tariffs and will put an end to language-based and religious discrimination.

Efforts of the current authorities only worsened our life compared to 2014. It was only President Petro Poroshenko who improved his own life, while they ensured our life “in a new fashion”, having exacerbated acute socio-economic, humanitarian and political crises in Ukraine, having cynically split our society.
27 February 2019

The Opposition Bloc faction insists on creation of a temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to investigate corruption in Ukroboronprom

On the grounds of a high-profile investigation into the creation of criminal schemes around the state concern Ukroboronprom, involving the closest circle of President Petro Poroshenko, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and bring those responsible to justice. Tomorrow's plenary day should begin precisely with the consideration of this issue by the Verkhovna Rada in order to soon look into the facts that were published by Ukrainian journalists.

Why do we consider the creation of the investigative commission to be so important? Since for quite a long time we have not had any trust to the Prosecutor General's Office, to the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecution, to the National Anticorruption Bureau or the State Bureau of Investigations controlled by the Presidential Administration. These law enforcement agencies repeatedly demonstrated that all the corruption cases against government officials or the President’s circle were soft-pedalled. That is why the creation of a temporary investigative commission to address this issue is the first and most important step.
20 February 2019

Implementation of the Minsk Agreements is the only way to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty throughout Ukraine, including Donetsk and Luhansk regions

On 18 February, discussing some of Ukraine’s vital problems in the HARD with Vlashchenko TV program, I expressed my opinion on the necessary actions that could help avoid a deepening split in the Ukrainian society and return peace to the country. Talking about the issues of the humanitarian sphere, most essential for different regions of Ukraine, it is necessary to underline a fundamental difference in the approach to their solution used by the current president and proposed by our team of the Opposition Bloc. By the way, these same principles lay the basis for the program of our candidate Aleksandr Vilkul.

For the humanitarian sphere not to be the line of demarcation in the Ukrainian society, all the regions of Ukraine must be respected: not only Lviv, but Donetsk region too. A new Constitution needs to be adopted, according to which humanitarian issues will be delegated to the regional level to be further considered and decided by the regions themselves.
16 February 2019

Mission of the European Parliament Recommended the Verkhovna Rada to Give Quotas to Opposition for Management Positions in Parliamentary Committees

In my speech at the round table on 15 February 2019 attended by the European Parliament Mission and dedicated to improvement in the efficiency of the Ukrainian parliament and harmonization of the legislation of Ukraine, I, as the head of the Opposition Bloc faction, said that in accordance with the "European Ukraine” Coalition Agreement of 2014, the Opposition Bloc is the only faction that has been deprived of controlling functions, and to this day representatives of the faction have not headed and do not head now a single parliamentary committee.

The ruling coalition has distributed all leadership positions among themselves. Our MPs are neither in the management of the Accounts Chamber nor in the Central Election Commission, nor in the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In fact, the only real opposition, as represented by us, is deliberately deprived of the opportunity to influence the work of the law-making body.
14 February 2019

“Neither War nor Peace”: Minsk Agreements Four Years Later

The Minsk Agreements, it would seem, formulated a fairly clear road map how to achieve peace in Donbas, in the country and in the region: ceasefire, the adoption of the necessary laws, granting of a special status to Donbas within Ukraine, holding of the elections and return of control over the entire length of the state border to Ukraine. However, it turned out that the Minsk Agreements became a utopia. Peace never came, and there are several reasons for that.

Reason one. Lack of independence among politicians. There are not only the Ukrainian Joint Forces (ATO forces) and armed formations of the self-proclaimed republics warring in the East of Ukraine. There are interests of big world players behind each side. Ukraine is under the US protectorate. “DPR” and “LPR” (the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples’ Republics) are plainly puppet formations whose policies are completely subordinate to Russia. Accordingly, the conflict in the East of Ukraine is an extrapolation of the conflict relations between Washington and Moscow. That is where the keys to peace lie.