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27 July 2016

Sacred Procession

Today, the Procession that united believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Svyatohirska and Pochayevska Lavra, ended in Kyiv. Pilgrims had walked 1,200 km from the East and West of Ukraine and the procession culminated in a service on Saint Volodymyr’s Hill. Prayers for unity, peace and reconciliation in Ukraine were also held inside the walls of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and were dedicated to the Day of Kievan Rus' Christianisation.

27 July 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Sole Purpose of the Religious Procession is Peace and Order in the Country

The Kiev Holy Cross procession is an entirely non-political event. Since time immemorial, when countries have faced crises and instability, the faithful have gathered together for religious processions. And now with the ongoing fratricidal war in our country (yet to be resolved by politicians), the Orthodox Church has blessed this religious procession for peace and reconciliation in Ukraine. Symbolically, the pilgrimage will begin from two opposite corners of the country: one group will start at the Sviatohirsk Lavra in the East of Ukraine, and the other from the Pochaiv Lavra in the West. They will converge on Kyiv for a joint procession, which symbolises the unification of our country.
22 July 2016

Vadym Novynskyi’s Commentary on Searches at Smart-Holding Group Companies

"Today, unlawful searches are being conducted once again in a number of companies that are part of the Smart-Holding Group. Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, under the guise of questionable court decisions, have entered company offices, stating that their purpose is to investigate the issue of alleged “involvement of the company in the financing of terrorism.”

It is quite clear that it is a brazen, illegal attack on me as a beneficiary of the group of companies. The sole reason is my unbending political and public stand against the current Government, and my activities as patron of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
21 July 2016

Novynskyi: the Authorities are Trying to Take Control of the Church

Vadym Novynskyi spoke to RIA Novosti Ukraina (Ukrainian News) about the disaffection in society, the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church and this summer’s Holy Cross religious procession.

Although representatives of the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) were the only people who attempted to reconcile the opposing parties during the Maiden (2014), it is the only canonical church that has become a thorn in the flesh of the politicians who have since come to power. The violent seizure of churches attacks on members of the clergy, and persecution of the faithful – all this has become the sad reality for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has the largest number of followers in Ukraine. 
17 July 2016

С Днем металлурга и горняка!

Уважаемые металлурги и горняки!

Поздравляю вас с профессиональным праздником!

Убежден - металлургическая отрасль Украины была, есть и будет основой экономической стабильности страны. Именно она позволяет национальной экономике выстоять перед обрушившимися на нее в последние годы глобальными и внутриполитическим вызовами. Именно она продолжает обеспечивать высокий уровень занятости, наполняемость бюджета, а также рост интеллектуально-промышленного потенциала страны.