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22 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Ukrainian People Have the Right to Know What the Ukrainian Government and the IMF Have Agreed

In cooperation with colleagues from the Opposition Bloc Party, we have filed a draft decree at the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine with a request to the Government to disclose the content of the agreements reached with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to unofficial reports appearing in the Ukrainian mass media, state-owned assets have been sold at knockdown prices (including profitable businesses), tariffs have been raised, pensions frozen and, most importantly, agricultural land has been offered for sale to foreign investors.
15 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Core Task Now Is to Neutralise the Opposition of ‘Hawks’ Within the Country

It is time for all Ukrainian politicians to realise that seeking a compromise in Donbass is not a reaching compromise with Putin. It is a compromise within Ukraine and for the sake of Ukraine’s future. The core task now is to neutralise the opposition of ‘hawks’ within the country. We need fundamental change and to rescue the national economy. We need to overcome hostilities and misunderstandings, to work towards peace and social reconciliation.
02 September 2016

Conservative Politician

"I live according to the law and my conscience. I am not going to flee the country, although many would like me to". - interview of Vadym Novynskyi to Korrespondent
01 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: do not Fabricate Criminal Cases against the Opposition in Order to Confiscate Their Businesses

Today the mass media have been active in circulating a report first published on Ukrainska Pravda’s website. The article states that the Prosecutor General’s Office (GPU) of Ukraine, is allegedly preparing a request to the Verkhovna Rada to lift my parliamentary immunity. I can say the following: I am not aware of this, or anything related to it. To the best of my knowledge, there is no basis for stripping me of my immunity, as there are no accusations against me on which I might be charged.
18 August 2016

Waiting for the Political Autumn

In the summer of 2016 society overcame its fear. People showed they had the courage to stand up and be counted. The Holy Cross Procession organised on the initiative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, combined the West and East of Ukraine. Thousands of believers and millions of compassionates participated, showing how the forces fighting for peace and unity, and against war and discord, are organised.

When several months ago I wrote about post-revolution, I meant that Ukraine was on the threshold of the new relations, with qualitatively new processes inside society. These processes emerged in the summer of 2016. 

16 August 2016

Investigation into Odessa Tragedy Officially Enters International Arena

Today Vadym Novynskyi, Yurii Boiko and Mykola Skoryk laid flowers outside Odessa’s Trade Union Building to remember the tragedy of May 2nd 2014, completing what they were prevented from doing on the anniversary of the ‘Odessa Khatyn’.

They talked to some of the bereaved families and told them that two sets of documents had been filed at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. These documents provide evidence of the Ukrainian government’s failure to make a prompt and impartial investigation into the events of May 2.