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24 March 2021

Mariupol Joined 'Without Barriers' Initiative

Mariupol city is actively involved in the program of creating additional conditions for people with disabilities, which was developed and is being implemented under the auspices of Olena Zelenska. The office of Mariupol's mayor supported this program and was one of the first in Ukraine to start its implementation.

Many new fields of activity have become available for people with disabilities. Orthodoxy, which is the basis of our morality and ethics, has always appealed to love for one's neighbour, to compassion, willingness to help and protect. It is clear that in our pragmatic and selfish age, these are the qualities that help us remain human. In this case, we are talking about thousands of our fellow citizens who need to feel care from society. They have the right to enjoy all the benefits of civilization. By law, we are all equal, and everyone should have access to education, sports, cultural activities, healthcare and social services.

The new program implemented by the Mariupol mayor's office can become an example of a genuine human attitude to human problems. I hope that in the future pilot projects of the program implemented in Mariupol will find support at the national level and will be implemented everywhere as an example of caring for people with special needs.

21 March 2021

Congratulations on the Triumph of Orthodoxy!

Dear friends, congratulations on the Feast of the Triumph of Orthodoxy!

Today, together with the entire Orthodox world, we celebrate the victory of the Church over heresies and schisms that have existed at all times.

The tradition of praying in front of icons, known since apostolic age, was interrupted during a period of the great delusion that is iconoclasm.

In the 8th century, the secular authorities intervened in church life and accused the true Orthodox Church, which defeated paganism, of idolatry.

Heretics, backed by political power, began to put pressure on the Church demanding to abandon the veneration of icons.

True Christians had to fight for the right to depict Jesus Christ, God’s Mother and pray in front of icons.

The staunchest guardians of the Orthodox faith suffered and were martyred.

This period lasted over a hundred years, but the time of a clear separation of truth and falsehood has come.
23 February 2021

Vadym Novynskyi's Statement on the Latest NSDC Decisions

The latest decisions of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to ban broadcasting of TV channels and impose sanctions against some citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, as well as against a list of legal entities accused of financing terrorism, raise major concerns. The NSDC is an important collective body in the structure of the presidential power, and it is entitled to consider such questions and impose sanctions, within the framework stipulated by the Constitution and legislation. And sanctions indeed are a powerful and effective tool for protecting the national security of Ukraine. However, it is unacceptable that the NSDC is used as an instrument of pressure on journalists, public figures and leaders of political parties.

If the Ukrainian authorities have enough evidence of the illegal actions of Viktor Medvedchuk, members of his family and his team, this evidence should become public and a subject of judicial scrutiny. The NSDC is not the Supreme Court, not the highest judicial body. Any data of intelligence agencies, any analytical information is only an element of the evidence base, but cannot be a substitute for a judicial verdict. In a democratic society, the constitutionally stipulated presumption of innocence, and the rights and freedoms of citizens must function.
15 February 2021

Day of Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from Afghanistan

Today is the day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. 32 years ago, it seemed that this was the last war in which our same-age peers had to take part. Moreover, it was not a war, but rather a mistake, misunderstanding, a crime of politicians. This war did not arouse a sense of justice, despite the fact that Soviet men demonstrated heroism and dedication. And it seemed to us that there would be no more wars within our living memory – the whole history of the Afghan "epic" led us to this conclusion. The Soviet Union just began to collapse, and thousands of "Afghans" – Afghan War veterans – found themselves without any social aid and protection from the state... But the Friendship Bridge and General Gromov walking across this bridge, the last to leave the Afghan land, remain in our memory forever...
15 February 2021

Happy Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple!

Dear friends, congratulations on the Great Feast of the Presentation of Lord Jesus at the Temple!

The Presentation of the Lord at the Temple is one of the most joyful and long-awaited feasts. It is the forerunner of a new life, a spiritual spring.

On the fortieth day after his birth, Baby Jesus was greeted by Simeon the elder at the temple.

With the words "now lettest thou depart" the saint professed the joy on the occasion of the end of the waiting time.

The whole life of humankind before the coming of the Lord was a weary waiting for the joy from a long-awaited meeting. With the advent of the Saviour to this world, the fear of the unknown was defeated, and a new life began.
05 February 2021

‘I consider the current situation in the media environment and around the television channels as extremely unhealthy and alarming,' Vadym Novynskyi commented on the TV channels’ blocking

A truly unhealthy situation with freedom of speech and the activities of the mass media has developed in Ukraine. The closure of three television channels, as well as the Nazi radicals' attempts to attack NASH TV channel, are an alarming signal to society that the practice of silencing of dissent, which was so actively harnessed during the Petro Poroshenko time, is coming back to the country. Journalists who have opinions different from the official ones are labelled as “separatists”, “vatniks” (sort of Pro-Russian jingoists) and “agents of Moscow”. The channels are accused of "working for enemy propaganda" without a court order and thorough examination. A new wave of “witch hunt” commences.

In this situation, the first thing attention should be drawn to is the basic principle of democracy – the principle of freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. Whatever the pretext is, no matter how noble the goals are, it is obvious that the principle of freedom of speech is grossly violated.
24 January 2021

Six Years Since the Shelling of Skhidnyi Micro-District in Mariupol

Today is the sixth anniversary of the barbaric shelling of Skhidnyi micro-district in Mariupol, which claimed lives of 31 people and left 117 wounded victims. Most of the dead were civilians, including children. Remembering the victims of those bloody events, we must again and again ask the authorities when peace will come to our land again. The war has been going on for almost seven years, and even a truce on the contact line still brings us news of the dead and wounded. A truce is far from peace. This means that we live with a constant sense of foreboding that tragedies similar to the one that took place in January 2015 may repeat themselves. That is why it is so important today to unite for the sake of peace, to demand from the authorities active steps to restore peace, as well as to fight against those who are propagandizing the war.

Eternal memory to the victims! And let the real peace and quiet, which will surely come to the land of Ukraine, become a symbolic monument in remembrance of them!
19 December 2020

Happy Saint Nicholas Day

Святитель Николай - один из любимейших святых нашей Церкви. Он воплотил в жизнь главные заповеди Божии: возлюби Бога и возлюби ближнего своего как самого себя.

Любить - значит приносить себя в жертву другому человеку. Это Божий путь. И святитель показал нам этот путь своими чудесными подвигами и самоотверженным служением людям.

Святой без слов угадывал, в чем нуждается человек и старался помочь. Только любовью наполненное сердце способно на такое. Праздник - это всегда возможность сделать что-то доброе и приятное: порадовать близких, помочь далеким. Не будем пренебрегать этим.

Пусть тепло наших сердец согреет тех, кто нуждается в помощи, заботе, словах поддержки, пусть мир всегда пребывает в наших душах и домах, пусть родные и дорогие нам люди будут всегда рядом, пусть вера в добро никогда не покидает нас.

Мира, любви и радости!

С праздником!

11 December 2020

Office of the Prosecutor General Denied Opening of a Crime Case Against Vadym Novynskyi

Yesterday, some media outlets released information about “the opening of a case against people's deputy (MP) Novynskyi", referring to RBC-Ukraine as the information source.

Today, the Office of the Prosecutor General gave its official clarification according to which Vadym Novynskyi is not “a person who committed a criminal offense or is suspected of committing it” in the criminal proceedings mentioned in the RBC publication. The requested response from the director of the Kyiv-based Territorial Administration of the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) contains similar information.

According to the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations, Vadym Novynskyi has not been served with any notice of charges under the said proceedings.

In this regard, the information distributed by RBC-Ukraine about the “opening of a case AGAINST MP Novynskyi" is false and damages the reputation of the MP. Vadym Novynskyi's press service demands that RBC-Ukraine publishes a refutation of the incorrect information and brings its official apology, as well as asks other media outlets to exclude this incorrect information from their publications.
24 November 2020

Vadym Novynskyi Urged Ministry of Finance and NBU to Negotiate on Rescheduling Public Debt Repayments Amid Pandemic

The Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Ukraine should take a more active position and initiate a deferral of payments and, possibly, a restructuring of the state debt. On 21-22 November, Riyadh hosted a very important G20 Summit under the chairmanship of Saudi Arabia. One of its outcomes was the final Declaration, in which the G20 States set down their intention to extend the deferral of debt repayments for the world's poorest countries to a total of USD 5.7 billion until mid-2021.

Ukraine could also initiate negotiations with international creditors to have our external obligations reviewed. To ask for help, we should not wait for the catastrophic deterioration in the economic situation to the level of countries that were granted debt rescheduling by G20. The war, deindustrialization, a sharp drop in foreign investment, and now the coronavirus pandemic put the chances of our economic recovery at threat.

06 November 2020

Congratulations on the Day of Liberation of Kyiv from German Nazi Invaders!

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War!

Dear compatriots!

Today we celebrate the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Kyiv from the Nazis.

On 6 November 1943, the troops of the First Ukrainian Front under the command of Army General Nikolai Vatutin liberated the capital of Ukraine from the Nazi invaders having run a successful Kyiv offensive operation. This was a hard-won liberation. Thousands of soldiers died a hero’s death and remained forever in the Kyiv land. 65 units and formations of the Soviet Army received the honorary title of Kyiv.

We are proud of their feat and remember our heroes who defended Kyiv. Our heroic people withstood, showed their valour, courage and will to victory. The heroism of the victors is our common shrine and pride. This is the greatness of our people. And we will carefully preserve and protect our heroic legacy from attempts to rewrite history and turn the Great Victory into sorrow and reconciliation with the enemy. Let the losers grieve, let those who are unable to learn from the tragic pages of history reconcile with Nazism. For us, the memory of the war and the Great Victory is sacred.
03 November 2020

Ten Years Since the Death of Viktor Chernomyrdin

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Viktor Chernomyrdin, a very good friend of Ukraine and a great patriot of Russia, a man who did a lot to ensure that our peoples and countries live in peace and harmony.

I very often recall Viktor Stepanovich, his wisdom and human charm. I was fortunate to be in close touch with this politician and diplomat. Unfortunately, in 2014 and in subsequent years, there was no public figure equal to Viktor Chernomyrdin in the sphere of Ukrainian-Russian relations. He knew how to find a way out of the most difficult situations, how to convince, and foresee. And, I am sure, if he were alive, the history of relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation could develop according to a different scenario.

Today a vessel named after Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin was launched in Saint Petersburg. A worthy perpetuation of his memory! I would very much like Ukraine to begin to honour its real heroes – those who created the glory of the country, contributed to its development, won the Victory, and not collaborators and perpetrators whose main "valour" was willingness to betray and the ability to hate.

02 November 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Commentary on Statement by Oleksiy Reznikov

A statement by Oleksiy Reznikov, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, a representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, who called the Donbass a "cancerous tumour" on the body of Ukraine, and its inhabitants – "mentally sick", gives evidence of reinforcement of the "war party" that is trying to continue the line of escalation of the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

“These are sick territories, mentally sick as well. There is an option of complete resection, amputation, or treatment. I am for therapy and full restoration of our body,” said Reznikov, making it clear that he is far from seeking compromises in this matter.

It is noteworthy that such statements are made at a time when the self-proclaimed republics submit their roadmap for resolving the conflict to the Ukrainian side for consideration, and this project has many positive and acceptable points. At the very least, this document could be seen as significant progress in the negotiations. The Ukrainian side had to say its word. If statement by Reznikov is Ukraine's response, then it is the Ukrainian side that now demonstrates its inability to negotiate, in the eyes of the world community.
31 October 2020

Vadym Novynskyi Called on All Branches of Power to Return to Constitutional Framework

The current situation related to the Constitutional Court’s decision to abolish e-declarations system, and the presidential bill on the termination of powers of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine highlighted two major problems that deal a heavy blow to the foundations of statehood: firstly, the interference of the Office of the President in the activities of the judicial branch, and, secondly, the interference of foreign states in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

The foundation for the current conflict was laid by Petro Poroshenko’s regime, by his so-called reform of justice and judicial system. The parliament lost its power to dismiss judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine for violation of their oath precisely as a result of changes to the Constitution in 2016. In the course of the so-called “lustration,” many professional lawyers were dismissed, hundreds of courts were dissolved, and “manually managed” puppet judges loyal to the authorities were appointed. Ten out of fifteen judges of the current Constitutional Court of Ukraine were also appointed by Petro Poroshenko’s regime. The politicization of the constitutional justice system is the main reason why the incumbent Constitutional Court, for example, has been unsuccessful in considering the constitutional petition on termination of lustration for more than six years, and the language law petition for more than a year.
28 October 2020

Congratulations on the Day of Liberation of Ukraine from Nazism!

Dear compatriots!

76 years ago, on 28 October 1944, after the successful Eastern Carpathian strategic offensive, the Soviet Army came up to the western border of the Ukrainian SSR. Ukraine was liberated from the Nazis.

We will always remember our soldiers-liberators who defeated the German Nazi invaders. We will remember those who fought on the front line, and those who expedited the Victory in the rear, soldiers, mothers, and children. This memory is a true identity and genetic code of our people – the great victorious people who expelled Nazism from our land and revived the country after the war.
20 September 2020

Oleksiy Danilov's Statements Incite Sectarian Strife in Society

A statement by Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC), made us doubt about the time we live in and the irreversibility of the changes that came after the presidential elections in 2019. It seems that Mr. Danilov is trying to return to the propaganda methods that Oleksandr Turchynov and Petro Poroshenko were going by at their time. However, unlike Turchynov, Danilov does not openly attack the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but speaks of some "religious organizations" that initiate conferences, forums and religious processions, being "an instrument of the hybrid war and the Russian world". With his statement Danilov slyly hints and provokes. He cannot but understand that such statements incite sectarian strife in the society, which seemingly subsided with President Zelenskyy coming to office.

According to the Constitution, the NSDC Secretary is a person reporting directly to the President. It would be interesting to know whether Mr. Danilov coordinated his statement with Volodymyr Zelenskyy? Or does every secretary in our country think of himself as the General Secretary?

15 September 2020

Call for New Presidential Elections in the Republic of Belarus is a Politicized and Thoughtless Step from the Verkhovna Rada

A call for new presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus is a politicized and thoughtless step from the Verkhovna Rada, which could jeopardise Ukraine's relations with this neighbouring state and, in particular, could jeopardise the work of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk, destroying the platform for dialogue. This is why I voted against the corresponding draft Resolution in the Parliament today.

Only interests of Ukraine, and not those of third parties, should be the priority of our foreign policy. And interests of Ukraine consist in preserving and developing good neighbourly relations with the Republic of Belarus.

Belarus and its President Alexander Lukashenko have always been very correct and friendly towards Ukraine, not recognizing the annexation of Crimea and providing a platform for negotiations on a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas.
01 September 2020

Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge!

Dear schoolchildren, teachers and parents! And especially first graders!

Today, all of us together with you are opening a new page in life – some of you go to school for the first time, someone takes their child there for the first time, and some of you first ever sit down at a university bench. 

Today, our special thanks go to teachers who are meeting their pupils and students. After parents and family, they are the ones who help us take our first steps into adulthood.

And only having grown up and matured, we realize that years of studies give us much more than just a diploma or certificate. And today many of us, adults, sincerely wish to hear the school bell again and experience this joyful expectation of something new and interesting coming.

During school years, we get the main skill – the ability to learn and cognize. It makes us competitive and successful in modern life. And the common success of our country consists of your future successes.
28 August 2020

Day of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today is the day of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

The day when She, making intercession on earth, goes to Eternal glory to Her Son and Lord to become our Heavenly Intercessor! The Intercessor and Advocate for the entire humankind, which in any troubles and circumstances, in the most difficult situations, in diseases and sorrows, puts all hope on the Mother of God!

The simplicity and hope with which people who turn to Her, yearning for help and consolation, cannot be but heard!!! The Mother of God has abundantly granted and is granting her grace and blessing. She generously pours out mercy onto the souls of all those who strive to her with unfeigned faith!!!

In the life of each of us, there are situations when we need support and consolation, and not always there is a person nearby who would listen, help or at least sympathize. However, we should never forget about our Heavenly Mother who is glad to comfort, intercede and protect us at any difficult moment. She, like a real Loving Mother, Covers us with Her protective mantle, and we, as loving children, must not forget to thank Her for her great mercies and blessings!!!
27 August 2020

Draft Law on Additional Guarantees for Teachers in Context of Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, together with a group of colleagues, Members of Parliament, we submitted for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada a draft Law on additional guarantees for teachers (reference number 3033a), which provides for the support of teachers in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers are one of the most vulnerable categories of citizens. In fulfilling their professional duty, they are constantly in contact with children and parents, putting themselves at increased risk.

We often and rightly speak about healthcare workers who are exposed to high risk of infection. Yet, this also applies to teachers to the same extent. We proposed to extend to teachers the provision according to which a diseased teacher must receive compensation from the state in the amount of 100 minimum salaries (UAH 472,300). If the disease has led to disability, the compensation should be increased to 300 minimum salaries (UAH 1,416,900). In the event of a teacher’s death due to coronavirus infection, his/her family must receive compensation from the state in the amount of 750 minimum salaries (UAH 3,542,250).

24 August 2020

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Dear Friends, 

On this Day of Independence of Ukraine, I would like to wish that our State would gain its true independence – in the understanding that the founding fathers of our country laid down 29 years ago. Without regard to instructions, directives and wishes of foreign mentors and counsellors. Without working in the interests of alien forces, which over the past six years has been presented almost as a standard of “patriotism”.

I wish every citizen of Ukraine would remember that independence is the greatest responsibility – to history and to future generations. I wish every Ukrainian citizen wisdom, peace, prosperity, good health, love and unity. I also wish that they would remember that real friends of Ukraine in the world are not those who come to take advantage of us, covering themselves with good intentions. True friendship is tested by time and deeds. I wish Ukraine had more real, strong and reliable friends!
13 August 2020

Open Letter to the President of Ukraine

Today, I addressed the President of Ukraine with the following statement:

“On 9 August, the Republic of Belarus held its presidential elections. According to preliminary information, the overwhelming majority of Belarusian citizens voted for the current president, Alexander Lukashenko.

At the same time, we witness how certain forces in the Belarusian society are trying to influence the results of the expression of will by means of force.

Ukraine experienced similar processes twice. The events observed in Belarus have a lot in common with the events in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014. First of all, we can speak about interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states by external players, artificial support of protest actions from outside in order to destabilize the situation in the country, up to the change of the existing leadership through violent coup. The incitement to physical confrontation with law enforcement agencies and to protest actions is a sneaky and brutal technology to create a snowball effect of protests that would destroy the Belarusian society. All this is presented as "the will of the people" and "the revolution", although the technologies of such "colour revolutions" have long been known.
10 August 2020

Central Election Commission Left Significant Part of Donbas Residents Without the Right to Vote

On 8 August 2020, the Central Election Commission by its decision left a significant part of the Donbas population without the right to vote. On 25 October 2020, no local elections will be held in Svitlodarska, Toretska, Volnovakhska, Olhynska, Vugledarska, Myrnenska, Sartanska, Avdiivska, Mariinska and Ocheretynska amalgamated local communities. In Luhansk region, residents of Hirska, Lysychanska, Nyzhnioteplivska, Popasnyanska, Severodonetska, Stanychno-Luhanska, Shchastynska and Shyrokivska communities will not be able to vote. This is more than half a million people whose constitutional rights are once again neglected by the central government.

However, most of these populated areas held both presidential and parliamentary elections in 2014, local elections in 2015, and residents of these regions showed an all-time high level of support for the president and his party during the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. And today the authorities give reasons for the cancellation of local elections such as sharply deteriorated security situation in areas close to the delimitation line, which looks extremely unpersuasive.
28 July 2020

Congratulations on the Day of Baptism of Kyivan Rus!

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Today we are praying in commemoration of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Volodymyr, and we mark another anniversary of the most important milestone in our history – the Baptism of Rus. This is a great landmark event that determined the course of our history and the future of our land for centuries. It also enabled Saint Volodymyr, who enlightened our ancestors with the light of Christ's truth, to become equal to the apostles and be famous for centuries.

Back then, having joined the large family of Christian nations, we became part of the great Christian civilization with its remarkable achievements of thought, high spirituality and the richest creative heritage. The Day of Baptism was even more important for us in a spiritual and moral sense. After all, the Baptism is not just a choice, it is not just a rite. This is the Sacrament of a new birth. Birth not in the flesh, but in spirit. In it, the covenant between God and man is restored. This is why today we are celebrating the Day of spiritual birth of our people.

09 July 2020

The Constitutional Court Must Protect the Fundamental Law

Historically, Ukraine is a multinational, multi-confessional and multilingual State. More than one hundred and thirty nationalities live on its territory, speaking more than eighty languages. Multiculturalism and multilingualism are inalienable features of the people of Ukraine, and these features constitute their identity. Therefore, the state language policy is meant to be a reflection of this reality. As the experience of Canada, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium shows, cultural pluralism and multilingualism are the foundations of identity and power in a democratic, multinational and multilingual rule-of-law state. The idea of unity in diversity enabled Switzerland, a country not big in size, to survive and grow stronger.
28 June 2020

Happy Constitution Day!

Today, Ukraine celebrates the Day of its Constitution – the Basic Law, which, in theory, should be an unshakable foundation for civil rights and obligations, a document streamlining relations between government bodies, between authorities and society.

The Constitution reflects the fundamental principle of our social compact: activities of the state are determined by the rights and freedoms of citizen, as well as their guarantees, and not vice versa. It is the Ukrainian people who, having adopted the Constitution, gave restrictive instructions to the state, and not the state that gave us a list of rights and freedoms. And it is the state that is responsible to an individual for how these rights are exercised and protected.
21 June 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation to Pay UAH 4.3 Million to Families of Medical Personnel that Died from COVID-19

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation In Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God will allocate UAH 100,000 to families of each of the 43 medical staff members who died from COVID-19.

Vadym Novynskyi announced this on his Facebook page.

The MP congratulated medical and healthcare specialists on their professional holiday, emphasizing their special role in containing the spread of the infection in Ukraine, as well as their self-sacrificing struggle to save lives of their patients.

'This year, as never before, ordinary people riveted special attention on your work. You are the ones who give hope and those who save people during the worst pandemic in the recent history of mankind. Thanks to your work, thousands of Ukrainians have already recovered from this dangerous disease. Thanks to your efforts, the mortality rate from coronavirus in our country remains one of the lowest in the world. We thank you for that!' said the politician.
17 June 2020

Medical Staff of Dnipropetrovsk Region Received Additional Equipment from Novynskyi's Foundation

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God provided lung ventilators and personal protective equipment to medical staff of municipal hospital No. 7 of Kamyanske town (Dnipropetrovsk region).

The latest delivery included two high-performance Carescape R860 (General Electric) lung ventilators. In addition, personal protective equipment, namely more than 1,000 protective screens and more than 1,000 biological protection suits, were handed over to all healthcare personnel of the town.

'We are grateful to Vadym Novynskyi, a shareholder of Metinvest, for his significant contribution to the fight against the pandemic. The new lung ventilators are significantly higher in class, efficiency and versatility compared to the domestic ones. Availability of this intelligent and very much needed equipment enables the municipal healthcare system to reach a whole new level in rendering the healthcare services, and to be prepared to counteract the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible,’ said Andriy Bilousov, the mayor of Kamyanske town, who was present at the hand-over procedure.
07 June 2020

Happy Holy Life-Giving Trinity

Dear friends, Happy Holy Life-Giving Trinity!

Today we recall the day when a great and unprecedented event happened – the Holy Spirit descended onto the first Disciples of Christ and our Church was born.

It was born not through human effort, but through Divine effort.

Since then, our United Cathedral Apostolic Church has been bearing a true understanding of the Image of God and the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and we, faithful children of Christ, get that the same grace as the apostles did. We get it through successors of the apostles, bishops or priests, anointing us after the baptism with the words "seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit".

And thus we are embarking on the path to salvation and eternal life.

The Church has gone through many challenges since its inception.

And now It is going through trials too. Split, persecution, restrictions, defamation and diseases.
04 June 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation Provides Personal Protective Equipment to Healthcare Staff of Kherson

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God has provided personal protective equipment to healthcare personnel of Kherson region.

The latest humanitarian supply included 1,000 sets of biological protection suits and 1,000 protective screens.

‘We thank the Foundation and Vadym Novynskyi for their regular and consistent assistance to the region in the fight against the epidemic. The provided equipment will be distributed to regional healthcare facilities and will be protecting their medical personnel working at the forefront,’ said Vadym Chaban, the Deputy Head of Kherson Regional State Administration, during the hand-over procedure.
03 June 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation Delivered Equipment and Protective Gear to Healthcare Staff of Mykolaiv

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation In Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God donated lung ventilators and personal protective equipment to medical staff of Mykolaiv municipal hospital No. 1.

The latest humanitarian supply included 2 high-performance lung ventilators manufactured by General Electric, as well as 1,000 sets of biological protection suits and 1,000 protective screens.

'Today it is very important to provide all healthcare personnel with personal protective gear, since they are the ones at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. We are thankful to the Foundation and Smart-Holding for the provided charitable support. Thanks to such assistance, our city today occupies a worthy position in the healthcare field among other cities of Ukraine,' said the mayor of Mykolaiv, Oleksandr Senkevych during the formal hand-over procedure.
01 June 2020

In Blessed Memory of Mykhaylo Lytvynenko

A man of astonishing fate – a composer, a choir conductor, an Honoured Artist of Ukraine, a long-time regent of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra's choir, Mykhaylo Lytvynenko, passed away.

Without overstating it, I call such people the True Ukrainians. After all, he combined wisdom, courage, faith in God, commitment to the Church and endless love for Ukraine. He was really a very bright person: despite all the hardships that fell on his fate, Mykhaylo Lytvynenko radiated kindness itself.

In 1951, he received a sentence of 25 years in camps for his views and beliefs. He was released under an amnesty after the death of Stalin. He was the regent of the choir at St Volodymyr's Cathedral in Kyiv, and after Filaret went into schism, he became the regent of the choir at the Holy Dormition Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. Many people remember Mykhaylo Lytvynenko’s move when, in sign of disagreement with Filaret’s actions aimed at splitting Orthodoxy in Ukraine, he sang “Many Years” to His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr. After that, Mykhaylo Lytvynenko left St Volodymyr's Cathedral, a place 18 years of his life were associated with.
07 May 2020

“The Last Battle” Documentary to the 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory

“The Last Battle” documentary has premiered on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The movie is an attempt to look at the Great Patriotic War through the eyes of veterans themselves. The author of the idea and the director of the film is Aleksey Batkovskiy.

These days we hear a lot about what politicians and historians think about the war. Politicians and historians who are ready to forget and score out, distort and rewrite the past. We see how the seeds of scepticism are sown in the minds of descendants – ordinary men ready to follow some fashion trends and chase after sensations. While asking the surviving veterans about the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, trying to recreate the picture of the Feat from the mosaic of memories – was not just unwelcome, but rather deliberately avoided in recent years.

02 May 2020

Six Years since the Odesa Tragedy

Six years ago, one of the most terrible crimes in the modern history of Ukraine took place. Three hundred people suffered in the events near the Trade Unions House in Odesa, 48 of whom died.

Today is not the time for saying some loud and lofty words in memory of the tragedy of 2 May 2014. The memory of the lost requires concrete actions. Together with the lawyer group CREDENS, we have managed to achieve the initiation of three lawsuits concerning the organization of the bloody massacre in the Trade Unions House by armed groups and specific individuals. The Office of the Prosecutor General merged them into one case and on 16 April announced that it began to study the case files.

I am sure that the investigation of the crime, which has no statute of limitations, will be brought to the end, and the perpetrators, no matter what positions they hold, will be brought to justice and will get the punishment they deserve.

Eternal memory to the victims and sincere condolences to their families!

10 April 2020

Novynskyi's Foundation to Provide Ukrainian Hospitals with Insulating Boxes for Transporting Patients

10 special-purpose insulating boxes for transporting COVID-19 patients, earlier purchased by Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, have been delivered to Ukraine.

The protective/insulating boxes allow the initial transportation to hospitals of persons suspected of being COVID-19 positive. At the same time they ensure a sufficient level of protection for doctors handling such patients.

Each chamber has four built-in flat portals providing easy access to the patient, and two auxiliary portals used for infusion lines and other medical equipment.

Protective boxes of this type can also be used as protection from a "contaminated" environment for transporting patients with weakened immunity. In the coming days, the insulating boxes will be distributed for the needs of Ukrainian hospitals.

10 April 2020

High-precision Diagnostic Systems for Detecting COVID-19 Delivered to Ukraine

High-precision and highly efficient diagnostic systems for detecting COVID-19 disease, purchased in China by Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation in Honor of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, arrived in Ukraine.

Three iPonatic systems have been customs cleared and sent to healthcare facilities of Kherson, Mariupol, and Kryvyi Rih cities.

The systems use the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology. In addition to the diagnosis of COVID-19 coronavirus, they allow the detection of respiratory pathogens of influenza A and B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, human rhinovirus, and mycoplasma pneumonia.

09 April 2020

Mobile Team of Ukrainian Healthcare Professionals Commissioned to Italy

Last Saturday, a mobile team of Ukrainian healthcare professionals set off for Italy to render assistance to their Italian colleagues in the fight against coronavirus. This is an act of humanitarian assistance to the country that is one of the epicenters of the epidemic in Europe today, and the country where Ukrainian expatriate community (diaspora) of thousands of people lives.

In addition to directly rendering the assistance, their mission is to gain valuable experience for Ukraine, which has not yet entered the epidemiological peak. Ukrainian doctors will learn advanced protocols and methods of treating the disease. Best practices will then be implemented at home.  

The delegation includes 10 healthcare professionals from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. These are infectious disease specialists, resuscitators, surgeons, anesthetists, endocrinologists, neuropathologists and medical nurses.
07 April 2020

Congratulations on the Occasion of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dear Friends, Congratulations on the Occasion of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary!

The prophecy about the birth of the world's Saviour came true, unnoticeable for the whole world. The good news – the main news for all the humankind – came quietly, peacefully and joyfully, like everything genuine and great, without loud statements and pompous words. The world changed in a flash, because full faith of the human, the Virgin Mary, to God was revealed.

Today, unconditional faith in Christ of each of us can be a decisive force that will help overcome all troubles and diseases in this world. Trust in God, His Providence and holy will is the main condition of our faith.

02 April 2020

Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Novynskyi's Foundation Provided a Hundred Thousand PCR Tests and Protection Gear to All Regions of Ukraine

Today, on behalf of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), clergymen in all regions of Ukraine provided medical staff with the tests (DialPlexQ™ 2019-nCoV), which Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation purchased in South Korea.

In addition to the tests, UOC bishops handed over to hospitals additional personal protective equipment meant for medical staff in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv regions. Earlier, hospitals in these regions also received thousands of high-class biological protection suits and respirators from Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation.

Kherson region was one of the first regions to receive the testing systems. To date, 40 systems for 4,000 tests, 1,060 protective goggles and 550 reinforced medical masks have been delivered here.

31 March 2020

Medical Staff in Six Regions Received Up-to-date Protective Gear from Novynskyi's Foundation

Hospitals in Donetsk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya and Kharkiv regions received up-to-date high-class biological protection suits and respirators (N99 and N95) from Vadym Novynskyi's International Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God. Very soon, 100,000 tests (DialPlexQ™ 2019-nCoV), which Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation purchased in South Korea, will be delivered to medical laboratories.

‘Only by joining together we can defeat our common mischief, can provide help to healthcare professionals and protect people,’ said Vadym Novynskyi, the founder of the Foundation.

He also emphasized that the immediate plans of Smart-Holding and the Foundation include an additional purchase of biological protection suits, medical masks, respirators, disinfectants and other sought-after medical equipment.

31 March 2020

Lung Ventilator and a Hundred of Reusable Protective Suits for Medical Staff Provided to Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital

The Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy and the founder of the Foundation, Vadym Novynskyi, provided the doctors of Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital with the latest-generation lung ventilator designed to simultaneously operate for two patients, as well as a hundred of reusable protective suits and a hundred of protective goggles.

The medical equipment was handed over to representatives of the clinic by the Primate of the UOC, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy at his residence in Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. The Head of the Church blessed the medical staff of the clinical hospital, as well as all representatives of the medical professions in Ukraine: ‘God's blessing to all healthcare professionals, all those who work hard today, who show love for their neighbours every day. This is especially valuable when these neighbours are in trouble. May God bless and protect you!’


30 March 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation Bought 100,000 Coronavirus PCR Tests for Ukrainian Hospitals

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation has purchased in South Korea and delivered to Ukraine 100,000 DialPlexQ™ ️PCR testing systems for the diagnosis of coronavirus in laboratory conditions.

In the coming days, the testing systems will be handed over to Ukrvaktsyna state enterprise and will be distributed countrywide to specialized infectious diseases laboratories that have the necessary conditions for storage and handling of such reagents.

This was reported by Yevgeniy Zagorulko, a representative of Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God. He also explained that the purchased set of the testing systems contains all the necessary components for the most accurate method of detecting coronavirus - PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). That is why there is no need for additional reagents. The testing time takes from 105 to 120 minutes. It may vary depending on the laboratory, its equipment and personnel.

27 March 2020

Delivery of 100,000 DialPlexQ™ ️2019-nCoV Tests from South Korea

Preparation for the delivery of 100,000 DialPlexQ™ ️2019-nCoV tests from South Korea is in progress. DHL delivery service is loading the cargo in Seoul. In the coming days, the testing systems will arrive in Ukraine, where they will be immediately distributed to specialized infectious diseases laboratories throughout the country that have the necessary conditions for storage and handling of such reagents. The delivery was organized through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at the initiative of the Office of the President of Ukraine. 

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God became the only financial partner of the delivery understanding the importance of having up-to-date quick and reliable coronavirus tests in the context of the unfolding pandemic. The total financing amounted to more than USD 1.5 million.
26 March 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation Donated Lung Ventilators and Medical Protection Equipment to Mariupol Hospital

The hospital’s intensive care unit received two lung ventilators, each of which can operate for two patients simultaneously, as well as two hundred reusable professional protective suits and two hundred protective goggles for doctors.

During the equipment hand-over, Vadym Novynskyi said: 'The experience of China prompts that the key to success in the fight against coronavirus is universal strict discipline, tough measures introduced by the state and their rigorous implementation on the ground. This is a fair share of contribution by which each of us can help the state stop this common challenge today. I want to assure you that our Charitable Foundation continues the procurement process. The next shipments of equipment and protective gear have been paid, and as soon as they become available on the suppliers' side, we will be bringing them to Ukraine. Yet, I would very much like to know that this medical equipment is useful to the Mariupol hospital, particularly for rendering such medical aid as planned operations rather than urgent cases. We are praying in hope that the virus will recede after Easter. I am sure that the Lord will not leave us!'

25 March 2020

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy and Vadym Novynskyi Delivered Lung Ventilator and Medical Protection Equipment to Chernivtsi

At the initiative of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy of Kyiv and All Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the UOC) delivered charitable aid to the regional children's clinical hospital in Chernivtsi city to help fight against coronavirus.

The support package included an up-to-date lung ventilator that can operate simultaneously for two patients, as well as one hundred reusable water-repellent protective suits and one hundred protective goggles for the medical staff of the hospital.

When handing over the equipment, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy thanked the Member of the Parliament, the founder of the Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God, Vadym Novynskyi for helping Chernivtsi region.

24 March 2020

Vadym Novynskyi Donated Two Lung Ventilators and Biological Protection Suits to Doctors of Kherson Region

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation provided Kherson Regional State Administration with two mechanical lung ventilators, as well as 200 top-class biological protection suits, 200 masks and protective goggles for local doctors.

This is the first part of the humanitarian aid that was donated by the MP's Foundation to meet the needs of the region.

MP Vadym Novynskyi said about this in Kherson, during a briefing held following a meeting between local authorities and representatives of businesses in the region.

The Head of Kherson Regional State Administration Yuriy Gusev thanked the parliamentarian for the provided assistance. In his turn, Vadym Novynskyi said that the region will receive the next part of the humanitarian aid in the near future, once the procurement process is completed.

23 March 2020

Delivery of Equipment from China

A special aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrives in Kyiv from China tonight, bringing the necessary medical equipment to Ukraine for the fight against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

At the initiative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in the near future, such flights will be flying between Ukraine and the countries where the leading manufacturers of medical equipment, protective suits, respirators, etc. are located.

This flight delivers to Ukraine, among other things, 10 lung ventilators, 850 sets of protective clothing, 1,000 medical glasses for medical staff, as well as 10,000 rapid tests to identify and confirm COVID-19. All this equipment was purchased by Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God. It was purchased in conditions of huge rush and demand higher than possible.
19 March 2020

Nationwide Humanitarian Aid Campaign for Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Combat Veterans, Labour Veterans and Disabled People

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation has launched a nationwide humanitarian aid campaign for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, combat veterans, labour veterans, and disabled people. This was announced by Dmytro Sergeyev, the director of the Foundation.

‘Helping our esteemed heroes – those who liberated our land from fascism – is one of the most important focus areas for the Foundation. On a personal request of its founder, Vadym Novynskyi, the supply of essential food packages was organized in all regions of our presence to support these people during the quarantine period and, if possible, to reduce their need for going out to food stores. In collaboration with local veteran organizations, we developed a plan for targeted delivery of food packages to their homes and in the morning of 18 March the deliveries began,’ said Dmytro Sergeyev.

The first locations where the project started were Kyiv city and Kyiv region. In the coming days, the Foundation's offices in Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odesa and Donetsk regions will join in.

18 March 2020

Challenges for Ukraine

Ukraine has faced challenges that could seriously complicate the economic and social situation for many years to come. Today, the country is experiencing the effect of the maximum number of negative factors: the war, the coronavirus pandemic, the global decline in financial and commodity markets, and the inefficiency of the state system.

A rapid growth of unemployment is expected in the country, and worsening of social standing of citizens is forecasted.

Against the backdrop of these unprecedented circumstances in Ukraine, the war in the Donbas continues. People are dying; buildings and infrastructure of the region are being destroyed. The Minsk Agreements are not being implemented. The War Party is again trying to use the rhetoric of hatred, while attempting to prevent the establishment of peace in the country.

Today it is necessary to take steps that would ensure unity within the country. Political parties should forget about their ratings. Strife and hatred must give way to the solidarity of citizens in the face of more serious and terrible challenges. We must all be united by three priorities, each of which is important and intrinsically valuable.
18 March 2020

Lung Ventilator for Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation in Honour of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God purchased a top-class lung ventilator for extended respiratory support of patients in the resuscitation unit and intensive care unit (Servo-I universal, Maquet Gettinge Group) and handed it over to Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

As WHO officials pointed out on numerous occasions, lung-related complications (pulmonary edema) are the main cause of death among patients with COVID-19 coronavirus.

The ventilator is suitable for both adult patients weighing up to 250 kg and newborn children. It supports multiple lung ventilation modes, and also provides artificial lung ventilation with feedback and with possibility to adapt the flow to the patient's needs in all operation modes through enclosed monitoring of ventilation parameters. 

04 February 2020

Downsizing to 300 MPs will Cut Representation of Ukrainian People in Legislative Branch

Today, the rate of representation by parliamentarians is approximately 10 MPs per 1 million Ukrainians, while in European countries it stands higher: 14 – in France, 15 – in Poland, 16 – in Italy etc. In addition, the quantitative composition of the Ukrainian parliament (450 MPs) is also far from the highest rate compared to neighbouring countries.

The goal of saving budget funds is, of course, a noble one. However, I believe that the primary task of the parliament as a representative body is to maintain access of the Ukrainian people to governing of the state. Especially in the context of unreasonably high salaries of executive officials and officials of state-run enterprises.

In my opinion, before making amendments to the Constitution, it would also be necessary to cut the minimum number of MPs required for a constitutional representation or constitutional appeal. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to collect 45 signatures of parliamentarians with a one and a half times fewer number of MPs in the downsized Verkhovna Rada, which means that our voters will be limited in their rights.
19 January 2020

Happy Epiphany!

The Lord, once baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, sanctified them with His immense righteousness, and granted us revival and rebirth by the Holy Spirit. On this day, we praise the Lord and recall the sacrament of our own Baptism, the beginning of our path to salvation. We recall how our souls became filled with God's Grace and the Holy Spirit, and how we ourselves and our lives changed forever. After all, it is said that everyone who was baptized into Christ put on Christ.

That means once we were baptized in the name of Christ and the Holy Trinity, we were embodied in Christ spiritually: in His truth, holiness, gentleness, humility, obedience, patience, abstinence – in a new man created by God’s model in truth and the reverence of message. And today our soul is especially happy because of that, and there is a feeling of light and ease at heart. 

On this holiday, I want to wish you, my friends, to remain true Christians, faithful to our Mother Church, to love and be loved, to enjoy life and give joy to others in spite of anything. I wish that you be able to do good not by force, not by direction, but by the command of the heart.
17 January 2020

Vadym Novynskyi's Commentary on Draft Law “On State Regulation of Activities in the Organization and Conduct of Gambling”

In the sixth year of the armed conflict, when tens of millions of Ukrainians are waiting for decisions from the parliament for termination of the war and getting out of poverty, the Verkhovna Rada is busy with overtly lobbist draft laws, which is unacceptable for a civilized state.

On Thursday, again without prior discussion, the parliament supported in the first reading draft law No. 2285-d "On state regulation of activities in the organization and conduct of gambling."

What do we, as a country, show to the world with such a decision? That the income of casino owners is more important for us than overcoming the humanitarian crisis and restoring our state sovereignty.

In a situation where 80% of citizens consider the war and poverty to be their main troubles and expect the authorities to focus on solving these particular problems, and where only 11% of Ukrainians support the legalization of gambling, the authorities must give an answer to society why their priorities are so radically far from public demands.
16 January 2020

Venice Commission’s Recommendations Not Taken Into Account in New Law on Secondary Education

Today, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the new edition of the Law "On Complete General Secondary Education" in its second reading. The Law again failed to implement the recommendations of the Venice Commission, although the government promised to take them into account. At the same time, the Law reproduces the provisions on the language of studies, which earlier elicited criticism of the Council of Europe.

Now only the peoples named the indigenous ones in the draft Law, primarily the Crimean Tatars, will be able to receive full secondary education in their native language. National minorities whose languages are the official languages of the EU will be able to study in their native language from 20 to 60% of the education period.

Yet, Russian-speaking and bilingual Ukrainians will find themselves in the most difficult situation: they, along with Russians, are said to be equal to “other national minorities” and will be able to study Russian in schools only within 20% of the study time. It is precisely this discrimination that the Venice Commission drew attention to.

28 December 2019

Peace Team is Our Common Mission in 2020

The expiring 2019 was a year of new hopes for all of us. Firstly, because the “party of war", which had been keeping Ukraine hostage to its voluntaristic, nationalistic policy of hostility and theft for five years, suffered a crushing defeat in the presidential and parliamentary elections. And secondly, the peace-building process finally moved forward from the dead centre. We received a real chance for peace and the return of the Donbas to Ukraine.

The Normandy Summit (between Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia) in Paris on 9 December 2019 is an important turning point. The four leaders agreed on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and put their signatures under the Normandy Group's general communiqué, the first document of the Group for the years of the war. Thus, all the clauses of these agreements have been re-confirmed and legitimized once again. It also means that the signatories of the Paris Communiqué not only declare, but also take their personal responsibility, on behalf of their states and peoples, for the establishment of peace in Ukraine. Such a result of the Paris negotiations is an undoubted success for each participant, and for all the countries. In addition, it is a personal success of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who fulfils the will of millions of citizens of Ukraine – the will to peace.
20 December 2019

UAH 3 Billion of Budget Revenues Do Not Compensate for Irreversible Social Consequences From Legalized Gambling

The legalization of gambling can cause a sharp increase in gambling addiction among young people and a collapse of moral standards in society.

Draft Law No. 2285-d on state regulation of the activity in the sphere of organization and delivery of gambling (in fact, the initiative of the authorities to allow the presence of casinos and gambling halls in Ukrainian populated areas in direct access for citizens) has been submitted to the parliament. The lifting of the ban on gambling will lead to an increase in the number of crimes and higher risk for the state to lose control over the situation.

UAH three billion of budget revenues from entities involved in organization and delivery of gambling, an amount declared within the government's program, are definitely not a driver of economic growth. They are modest revenues, and they do not compensate for the threat of sliding into extreme poverty for millions of Ukrainian families who will face gambling addiction.
11 December 2019

Vadym Novynskyi's Commentary on the Normandy Four Summit

I am following the debates around the Normandy Four summit and what I see is a continuous stream of criticism: some say that the summit turned out to be completely void and brining no concrete results, others – about the loss of Ukraine, about the wrong behaviour of Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In fact, one is probably blind if he or she does not see the concrete successes of the summit. Just six months ago, the “minimal successes” now criticized were generally unthinkable – the process of resolving the situation in the Donbass was at an impasse. Through joint efforts, the parties managed to overcome the impasse (created exactly by those who today are trying to hypocritically shout about "betrayal" and "surrender" and threaten with Maidan protests). Is this not a reason for a high assessment of the summit?

President Zelenskyy acted with dignity. Yes, he was worried. Yes, he improvised during the press conference, and not always successfully. However, he showed firmness in negotiations with more experienced partners and clearly outlined the interests and priorities of Ukraine. At the summit, he was by no means a weak negotiator. For him the summit became a kind of “baptism by fire” in international politics.
08 November 2019

Comment on Volodymyr Borodianskyy's Statement about the UOC's Forcible Renaming

An interview with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine Volodymyr Borodianskyy given to the Religious Information Service of Ukraine, where he discourses upon the forcible renaming of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, shows that the current government and the so-called “servants of the people” have many of those who continue to think in the spirit of political Poroshenkovism, which is based on extreme nationalism, militarism, and attempts of the state’s gross interference with the affairs of the Church.

Borodianskyy reiterates the messages of the previous authorities that the UOC has ties with the aggressor state, and therefore should indicate a direct dependence on the Moscow Patriarchate in its name.

Some representatives of the new authorities forget that the credit of trust received by the “Servants of the People” party during the 2019 election campaigns is a consequence of citizens' reaction to the humanitarian policy pursued by the previous President. Voting for Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his party, Ukrainian people voted primarily for the restoration of civil peace, for ending the policy of dividing Ukrainians into the “right” and the “wrong” ones, and against persecution on a language or religious basis.
28 October 2019

75th Anniversary of Liberation of Ukraine from German Invaders

Dear friends!

Today's date – the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Ukraine from the German invaders – is another reason for us to bow our heads to the feat of those who saved our land at the cost of incredible efforts and their shed blood. Millions of lives were given in order to liberate Ukraine from the bearers of a man-hateful ideology that considered the Slavs, Jews and representatives of other peoples as “non-humans” to be destroyed or enslaved. 75 years ago, during the Great War, people began to value the concepts of “peace” and “human life” in a new way.

Unfortunately, today we live in a society where the spiritual heirs of Nazism once again raise their heads, and where politicians do not feel shy calling to reconsider the results of the Great Patriotic War. Just a while ago, desecration of the symbols of the Victory and the memory of Heroes was encouraged at the level of the country's top leadership, and institutions aiming to reconsider our recent past were funded at public expense. Ukrainian people have made an appraisal of these forces in the attempts of the latter to rewrite the history, and again showed their wisdom.
26 October 2019

From the Steinmeier Formula to the Ukrainian Formula of Peace

All resolutions about peace and high-profile political statements fade against a backdrop of the war that has been tormenting Ukraine for six years now. More than ten thousand of those who died, millions of those who suffered and became destitute, irreconcilable political confrontation and multi-billion economic losses – this is a real price Ukrainian people are paying for cowardice, hypocrisy, political faintness and cynicism of politicians. The country remains with a lacerated wound ripped up with trenches, checkpoints and the economic blockade.

I believe that in the near future the Normandy group (if its summit is not disrupted by a group of political "hawks", for which, alas, there are pre-requisites seen) should arrive at a specific document – an agreement, a plan, as you like, in which mutual guarantees for the fulfilment of earlier undertaken obligations to end hostilities, to restore the state border of Ukraine and help Ukraine to overcome the consequences of the war would be given. The main thing is that it must be a binding document.

The truth is one thing: either the war, no matter what slogans it is covered with, or the establishment of a stable peace and the path to general reconciliation. We simply ought to use our chance for peace.
02 October 2019

Novynskyi's Comment on the Signing of the Steinmeier Formula

On 1 October, after a lengthy debate, the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk came to an agreed position on the peacebuilding process. I understand that this compromise was far not easy. Yet, we all got a chance for effective top-level negotiations in the Normandy format, and a chance for the political reinforcement of agreements to cease the hostilities, as well as a chance for the return of the Donbas to Ukraine. We simply ought to use this chance.

There are and there will be no winners and no losers in the new peacebuilding process, because peace and peaceful development are a common value and a shared goal that will make Ukraine strong and united. A major challenging task is ahead of us, that is to lift the economic blockade, to synchronize actions, to implement mutual guarantees of security, to ensure a fair expression of will for all residents of the Donbas (let us not forget that they are the citizens of Ukraine), to restore the sovereign border and further develop the Donbas in a full-fledged manner as an integral part of our country.
07 September 2019

Exchange of Prisoners

The exchange of prisoners has taken place. For dozens of people, a real nightmare of prisons and camps has come to an end. Their families will keep celebrating this day for a long time as an important event in their life, as one of the most joyful days. After all, real human destinies, real people, their feelings and sufferings are behind the exchange process.

With this exchange of prisoners, a process of normalization of relations between Ukraine and Russia begins. The Orthodox Church has played an important role in these processes and in the restoration of peace. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy have taken great efforts to make today's exchange happen, and the capacity of the Church is not confined only to this.

I congratulate all those who have gained their long-awaited freedom today! This is a very important, very tangible step towards a real peace, which, I am sure, will soon come to the Ukrainian land, and relations between Ukraine and Russia will again become good neighbourly and fraternal relations, as they used to be throughout our history.
30 August 2019

Rights of Opposition Bloc MPs Breached by Majority on Rada’s First Working Day

On the first working day of the Verkhovna Rada of the IX convocation, the rights of seven legitimately and duly elected MPs from the Opposition Bloc were violated. Well in advance and in line with a prescribed procedure, a group of seven MPs from the Opposition Bloc submitted their applications to the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada regarding their membership in parliamentary committees. These applications were reflected in the working materials of the preparatory group of MPs. The personal composition of the committees was preliminary approved by this group at a meeting attended by representatives of all the political parties, which was reflected in the Draft Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada submitted by the preparatory group before the first working day of the Verkhovna Rada of the new convocation. However, later the names of the Opposition Bloc MPs were excluded from the Draft Resolution put to the vote in the session room of the Parliament, without prior coordination with them. The MPs’ right to work in the Verkhovna Rada committees, which is guaranteed by the Laws of Ukraine "On the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine", "On the Status of People's Deputy of Ukraine" and "On Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine", was grossly violated. In addition, most importantly, the constitutional right of voters to have representatives in the supreme legislative body was flagrantly breached for those voters who delegated their power to the people's deputies from the Opposition Bloc.

28 August 2019

Happy Feast of the Holy Assumption!

Dear friends!

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the feast of the Holy Assumption of the Mother of God!

Virgin Mary was the Most Holy Temple, in which the Holy Spirit dwell. The Son of God received human nature in Her. It would seem, what is the reason to celebrate and rejoice that the Mother of God left this world? 

Yet, the fact of the matter is that She did not die as ordinary people die. Her death was not death, but a blissful assumption – the transition to eternal life. The Lord Himself came to take her soul, and the body of the Blessed Virgin Mary was ascended to heaven. On that day, we did not lose Her, but found Her at the Throne of God, the most powerful defender.

Since the first days of the Baptism of our people, the Most Holy Mother of God has been especially revered in our land. The heart of our Orthodoxy – the Holy Assumption Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – is revered by Christians around the world as one of the abodes of the Holy Mother.

Other shrines of Ukraine – Pochayiv and Svyatogorsk Lavras, many monasteries and churches throughout Ukraine are also dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God. Our ancestors believed in Her intercession and protection, and always turned to Her for help in the most difficult moments of life. She never left anybody without consolation and help.

25 August 2019

Happy Miner's Day!

Happy Miner's Day!

Today, Ukraine celebrates a professional holiday – the Miner's Day, the day of those who represent one of the most difficult, dangerous and, at the same time, one of the most respected professions. Thanks to miners' labour, steel-making works and thermal power plants keep operating, the country's economy is getting stronger and the comfort of citizens is ensured. I want to convey my most cordial congratulations to miners of Chervonograd and Novovolynsk, Vatutino and Pavlograd, as well as the entire Donbass – a huge coal region divided today by the war and dirty political games.

Today, we also celebrate the 150th anniversary since the founding of Donetsk city, the heart of the Ukrainian Donbass.

Dear Donetsk residents!

This is a double holiday for you, as the history of Donetsk's development is inextricably linked with coal mining. Today, we are separated by the front line, checkpoints, human tragedies, crimes of politicians, and interests of external forces. Yet, we have a lot that unites us: our common history, family ties and friendship, Orthodox values and traditions. I believe that the war will end soon, and we will take joint efforts to heal the wounds, to learn to trust and believe each other again.

24 August 2019

Сongratulation on the Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear friends!

I congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine, the birthday of Ukrainian statehood. Let our state regain its true independence, lost in recent years, and let it become reputable and influential.

In 1991, the founding fathers of the state saw Ukraine as a country where the development of all languages and cultures, equal rights of all citizens, of all faiths would be guaranteed. Unfortunately, 28 years later, attempts were made to replace their words and thoughts with hundred years old nationalist constructs. Independence has become a decoration, and the future of Ukraine is being decided without its participation by the so-called "strategic partners." However, the citizens of Ukraine understand that we have our own interests and goals: we need peace in the Donbass, peace with our neighbours, peace inside the country.

Ukraine will necessarily be united and revived with our Orthodox values, mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual help. I wish you, my dear compatriots, faith in Ukraine and its bright future, love, peace and, most importantly, wisdom.

Happy Holiday!
19 August 2019

Congratulations on the Feast of the Transfiguration!

Two thousand years ago, Christ revealed His divine essence to humankind through the miracle of the Transfiguration. The light of Christ shone then on the Mount Tabor, and today it shines the same way as it shone then. It shines in the heart of every Christian believer.

The Transfiguration is the pathway that Christ commanded each of us to go. A human being is transformed or transfigured by the word of the Lord, from prayer to God, from inner communication with Him, from that bright grace that visits praying hearts.

The light of the Transfiguration of Christ never fades in the hearts of those who sincerely love Christ, who follow Him, who live according to His commandments. And let no darkness and enmity shadow it in our souls.

Congratulations, dear Orthodox Christians!

Peace, light and love to all of us!
17 August 2019

Congratulations on the Fifth Anniversary of the Enthronement of His Beatitude Onufry

Today marks five years since the day when His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine stood at the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

This event has truly historical significance for the fate of the canonical Orthodox Church and the entire Ukrainian people.

The election of the high priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church coincided with the difficult trials that befell our country. War and turmoil, attempts to draw the Church into political confrontations, gross interference of politicians in the affairs of the Church, artificial heating of the church schism and the beginning of persecution against canonical Orthodoxy ...

His Beatitude Onufry in this situation acted as a true peacemaker, not succumbing to temptations and passions and not taking the side of one or another force in a civil conflict. For five years, he has been tirelessly praying for peace and, by personal example, calls on the citizens of Ukraine to the most important thing - reconciliation and love, and the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church that he leads continues to carry out its saving peacekeeping mission in all the territories of now divided Ukraine, thereby invisibly preserving and her unity.

I want to express deep gratitude to him for everything that he does for all of us - the multimillion flock of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, each time "laying down his soul for his sheep."
14 August 2019

Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Dismissed Criminal Prosecution of Vadym Novynskyi

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine has stopped criminal prosecution of Vadym Novynskyi, an MP and a leader of the Opposition Bloc Party, which was initiated as part of the so-called "Church case".

This was reported by Novynskyi's lawyer Oleg Tatarov.

An investigator from the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine dismissed the case by the relevant resolution of 26 July 2019. Thus, the Prosecutor's Office complied with the requirements of an order issued by Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv on 25 June 2019, by which the PGO was ordered to complete the pre-trial investigation within a month’s term and to execute one of the procedural actions as stipulated by article 283 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine: either to close the case or to bring the indictment to court, the lawyer said.
12 August 2019

Azovstal is 86 Years Old

Today steel-makers of Mariupol have a holiday. 86 years ago, on 12 August 1933, blast furnace No. 1 of Azovstal Iron & Steel Works gave the first cast iron to the country. This day can rightfully be considered as the birthday of Azovstal Works, one of the flagships of Ukrainian industry.

I sincerely congratulate employees of Azovstal and all Mariupol residents on this date. I wish you that the noble profession of a metallurgist always enjoys people's love and respect. May your labour find its worthy appreciation in society, so that the fruits of your labour would strengthen the economy of Ukraine and contribute to its reputation in the world. So that you and your children could confidently look into the future that you are building, in spite of any difficulties, demonstrating real responsibility for the prosperity of our country. I wish you peace, luck, good health and simple human happiness! All the best!

Happy Birthday to Azovstal, dear Mariupol residents!
18 July 2019

Vadym Novynskyi and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra on the Feast Day of St. Sergius of Radonezh

I sincerely believe that only the authority and influence of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church can return peace and prosperity to Ukraine. Only the Church will help overcome war and hard times, and we will again live in peace and friendship with all our neighbours.

Today, some politicians are trying to prove that only they can find agreement with our biggest neighbour. Yet, in reality, all this is a banal elections PR. Not only gas, common border and economy connect our peoples. We are truly united by our common history and our Orthodox faith.

I am especially pleased that on the day of memory of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the prayers and thoughts of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill were about Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

Happy Feast, my friends!
17 July 2019

Happy Metallurgist Day!

This professional holiday is very important for Mariupol because Mariupol is the steel making capital of Ukraine and every family is directly connected with Azovstal or Ilyich Iron & Steel Works. This is the holiday of the entire city and of every Mariupol family.

The craft of a steel maker is the labour of very courageous, strong in spirit and noble people.

In 2014-2015, in difficult conditions for the city and local companies, under the explosions of the shells, steel makers proved to be true patriots and stayed it out. Deep respect to them for this, for their laborious, courageous and noble act.

The economic strength of Ukraine is being forged by their labour, the traditions of our metallurgical plants were created through their valor. Our employees are our greatest value. I sincerely wish to all of us to see the war stop and shelling cease, so that we can move freely throughout Donetsk region. Without checkpoints and without risk to our own lives. Whatever is said, the development of human society is impossible without iron and steel industry.
16 July 2019

Social Responsibility to the City and Its Citizens is Our Key Priority

Today, I attended a working meeting at Kommunalnik, a municipal utility enterprise.

While staying in Mariupol and talking to its residents, I heard positive feedback about the performance of this enterprise. People say that domestic waste is removed strictly according to the schedule, waste containers are kept clean, and special dust collecting vehicles are operating in the city. It is a pleasure to live and work in a clean city.

As a shareholder of Metinvest, I am sincerely pleased that the new stage of development of Mariupol is being successfully implemented thanks to the synergized efforts of city mayor Vadym Boychenko, his team, and our company, for which social responsibility to the city and its citizens is very important.
16 July 2019

Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Ukrainian SSR

29 years ago, on 16 July 1990, the Verkhovna Rada, fulfilling the will of the Ukrainian people, adopted a fateful document – the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Ukrainian SSR. It was an important step towards building of a state, which laid the foundations of the constitutional system. The young Ukrainian state committed itself to become constantly neutral, not to participate in military blocs and to observe three non-nuclear principles: not to accept, not to produce and not to acquire nuclear weapons. The Declaration of Independence Act of 24 August 1991, which, in turn, is based on the preamble of the Constitution, has become a tool for implementing the Declaration of State Sovereignty. These three most important documents consistently implement the will of the Ukrainian people about a strong, independent and neutral Ukraine. It is unacceptable to revise the basic documents and rewrite the will of the people following some immediate needs of individual politicians.

The Opposition Bloc advocates strict adherence to the principles of the rule of law and neutrality that are fundamental to the state. This is the foundation our common home – a multinational, civilized and peaceful Ukraine – stands on.
16 July 2019

Kyryl Vyshynskyi and Other Political Prisoners Must be Released as They are not Criminals

Political persecution of opponents by the authorities must become a thing of the past. Contrary to the expectations of many Ukrainian citizens, as well as political forces that opposed political repression and themselves became objects of persecution by the authorities, the chief editor of RIA Novosti Ukraine, Kyryl Vyshynskyi, has not been released.

The journalist has been held in the pre-trial detention facility for over a year as a political hostage. Since detention, his custody was repeatedly extended. The prosecutor's office delayed the provision of the case files. More than a year has passed, yet the indictment has not been read out. The process of the case consideration on its merits is artificially delayed.

On the same charges of treason, an attempt on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Alexander Yefremov has been in jail for more than three years – his case is artificially delayed in similar fashion. Today hundreds of people in Ukraine are behind the bars on political charges.
14 July 2019

OPPOSITION BLOC – Party that Never Betrayed Its Voters

I am often asked what is the difference between our political force, the OPPOSITION BLOC Party, and the Opposition Platform – For Life Party (OPFL).

I can understand people, because OPFL actively exploits the branding and the rhetoric of the OPPOSITION BLOC, using leading television channels, which belong to the same OPFL, for their propaganda.

OPFL was created by people who actively played up to Petro Poroshenko during his entire period in power and visited his office on Bankova Street more often than their own office. They helped bring Poroshenko to the second round of the recent presidential election. These people were expelled from the OPPOSITION BLOC faction in the parliament, because their unsound ambitions went against the party and the people who voted for the OPPOSITION BLOC in 2014.

Now, the list of OPFL’s members comprises 11 people from Poroshenko's entourage. Their list includes Ilya Kiva, who in 2014-2016 called for the killing of the Donbas residents, and who now is in the party that is supposed to represent the interests of the southeast. The list of OPFL just looks like crossing a grass snake with a hedgehog. Just a while ago, politicians who are now next to each other in the list were slinging mud at each other without any hesitation. After getting seats in the Parliament, this party will immediately split into groups of interests, and they are unlikely to think about the interests of their voters.
13 July 2019

Meeting with Labour Veterans of Azovstal Iron & Steel Works

On 11 July, together with Director General Enver Tskitishvili, I met with labour veterans of Azovstal Iron & Steel Works. 

We discussed the issue of capital repairs of the building that houses the council of veterans of the Works. Over the next year the building will be renovated, its exterior part will be brought in line with modern refurbishment standards. We will plant new trees and flowers, and will make some improvements in the courtyard. 

Our goal is to make it comfortable and pleasant for Azovstal labour veterans to stay in the building, since this is the centre of their community life. This is the place where they spend their time together, share problems and solve common tasks.

The repair work will begin in two weeks.
13 July 2019

Opposition Bloc Stands for Repeal of Genocidal Reforms and Restoration of Domestic Healthcare Sector

We held a meeting with staff members of Mariupol maternity hospital – doctors, nurses and midwives.

These are the first people to meet us in this world when we are born. Their hands give us life. We talked about ending the war and redistributing military expenditures to salaries of healthcare employees and teachers. Without a decent level of medical services and without a decent education for our children, we have no future.

Previously, the state always guaranteed free medical care. This is the right of every citizen of Ukraine enshrined in Article 49 of the Constitution. Yet, the pseudo-reform of the healthcare system led to complete collapse of the sector and made medical services unaffordable for citizens of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian doctors had to leave the country, fleeing from poverty and lack of demand in their homeland.

Our team of the Opposition Bloc stands for the abolition of these genocidal reforms and for the restoration of the domestic healthcare sector.
12 July 2019

Together with Odesa Residents We Pray for Peace in Our Country

Today in Odesa, together with the city mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov, MP Sergey Kivalov, members of the Opposition Bloc factions in local councils of Odesa region, as well as our like-minded supporters, and believers of Odesa city and the region, we walked in the Sacred Procession on the day of memory of the Holy, Glorious and All-praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul, and the celebration of the miraculous Kasperovskaya Icon of the Mother of God – the Heavenly Patron of the Black Sea region.

About 5,000 people took part in the procession with the miraculous Kasperovskaya Icon of the Queen of Heaven. The procession went from the Holy Assumption Cathedral in Preobrazhenskaya Street to the Transfiguration Cathedral in the Cathedral Square. The festive Divine Liturgy in the Holy Assumption Cathedral of Odesa was performed by His Eminence Agathangel, Metropolitan of Odesa and Izmail. A festive prayer service was held on the square in front of the cathedral, during which the clergy and believers offered up prayers for peace in Ukraine and the prosperity of Odesa.

May the wonderworking image of the Kasperovskaya Icon of the Mother of God protect Odesa and all of Ukraine the same way as it saved the city from the enemy troops in 1854, in the Crimean War! We pray for peace in our country.
11 July 2019

Mariupol Can be a Clean and Beautiful City Without Suburbs

On 10 July, I met with residents of Staryi Krym village. We discussed how to improve cooperation between residents, local authorities and local businesses, so that both Mariupol residents and people living in villages adjacent to the city could see the result and could understand that the quality of their life depends on it.

The Opposition Bloc team already has a way to start such a dialogue. During the work of our team in Mariupol, the city noticeably changed: new parks, squares, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Roads are being repaired, the fleet of the municipal public transport is being upgraded. This became possible due to the fact that the Opposition Bloc works at the municipal level, where it is represented by the team of the city mayor Vadym Boychenko, and in the parliament, where we protect the interests of Mariupol residents through our faction. That is why today it is important to develop this cooperation in order to solve the problems of the city and develop it further so that Mariupol is a clean and comfortable city without suburbs.
11 July 2019

People who Went Through the War and Learned the Value of Peace will be Restoring the Country

On 10 July, I had a very necessary meeting with members of Dolg (Duty) civil society organization of soldiers-internationalists living in Mariupol.

We discussed the social situation of military retirees, and the situation with payment of pensions. Yet, the main issue is the demand for the former military in the society. Veterans of war in Afghanistan, like no one else, understand what war means and know the real value of peace, and our duty is to always remember our history.

Due to the latest circumstances in our country, attempts are made to erase and rewrite our entire history. Our political party always resisted and was in opposition to Poroshenko’s policy, because we believe that it led us to the conflict we have. Past authorities were a real genocide against residents of the Donbas. For the previous authorities the war was a means of existence and a means of maintaining their ratings. The war, which lasts for 5 years, was caused artificially. Because of this war, even people in the Donbas looked at each other across the line of demarcation.
10 July 2019

Residents Self-organization Committees as Development Basis for Mariupol

Today we met with representatives of Mirnyi self-organization committee of residents. I call residents’ self-organization committees as population rescue committees, because they were created when tenants were left to fend for themselves, and now, thanks to their own efforts, responsibility, and initiative, they have taken the quality of their life into their own hands.

The result of such management is very worthy. Now a new team has come to power in Mariupol, having new management methods, as a result such a link has appeared: between a residents’ self-organization committee and a deputy of the city council assigned to each self-organization committee of tenants. Thanks to this, among other things, they managed to balance the budget, to optimize expenses and make the municipal expenses transparent so that Mariupol residents could see on what the money is spent.
10 July 2019

Renewal of Assistance Program for Disabled People

On 9 July, I met with members of a civil society organization of Mariupol "Kind hearts are with us". The very existence of such an organization is a great merit of its leader, the incumbent people's deputy of Mariupol Nina Pavlyuk, as well as of the team of city authorities and local companies.

Today, the state has turned its back on adults and children with disabilities. There are no any working programs at all. Yet, they used to work in the past. They perhaps were not as good as we would wish them to be, but still. Now everything is delegated to the local level, and the city budget must cope with all this. Now, together with our team of the Opposition Bloc, we are working to ensure complete decentralization, and to ensure that more money remains in the city for these purposes.

Today we need to revive social enterprises for people with disabilities, to give them the opportunity to work, earn and develop. It was a very good practice in the past and it needs to be revived. Of course, the assistance from the city and enterprises located in Mariupol is important here.
09 July 2019

Construction of Ukraine’s Second Largest Temple Proceeding to Completion in Downtown Mariupol

Today I took part in a prayer service in Mariupol Church of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God.

Looking at the construction progress, I would like to say that once all the planned works are completed, this will be a magnificent cathedral in the city centre. I am sure that this Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin will be a real hallmark of Mariupol.

We will make every effort to have the temple’s construction completed in the coming years, and it will become the centre of the city's religious life. I believe that such projects should be promoted in every possible way. I think that this beautiful centre of spirituality will become a real centrepiece of downtown Mariupol.
07 July 2019

Prospects for Development of Community's Economy Discussed with Residents of Sartana Village

Residents of this village near Mariupol survived the terrible events of the war and revived their home village almost from scratch.

Today we are talking about complete decentralization – both financial and humanitarian one – so that those regions that generate income could manage their own funds. We seek to develop Mariupol and make it not only a city of industrial achievements, but also a city with clean air and European-level public services.

Today, our company Metinvest, together with the city mayor Vadym Boychenko, has developed a number of joint projects that will make it possible to improve the living standards and conditions for local residents. That is why their support for our plans is very important.
06 July 2019

Mariupol Does not Evade IDPs’ Problems

At a meeting with people displaced from the village of Shyrokyne, who were forced to leave their homes because of the hostilities, we discussed the help they needed. In 2014, they turned out to be on the front line, and today Shyrokyne residents are confronted with some hardships.

Our company Metinvest will continue working on the development of Mariupol. We will be providing help in solving their problems. It is possible to restore the destroyed housing, but, unfortunately, it is not possible to return people. This is the most terrible thing. We know that there will never be any winners in this war. That is why we stand for ending it as soon as possible: to follow the Minsk agreements, to exchange prisoners and start restoring the destroyed areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
05 July 2019

Mariupol Environmental Regulations to Rise up to European Standards by 2021

On 4 July, I met with labour veterans of Mariupol Illich Iron and Steel Works. I thanked the foremost workers for their many years of work, for their invaluable contribution and for their passion to their job.

Today Illich Iron and Steel Works has a continuous casting machine that meets new international standards. The works continues to follow this path, so that in 5 years it could have the best equipment that corresponds to the spirit of the times. The steel works’ sinter plant will be completely redesigned, and its emissions will comply with European environmental regulations. In addition, the makeover of the blast furnace shop will be completed by the end of 2021. Some special equipment is planned to be installed there so that the shop stops polluting the environment. This means that in a few years there will be clean air in Mariupol.

Similar plans are being put into life by Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. We do everything to ensure that our employees live and work in comfortable conditions.
05 July 2019

Ukraine Needs to Revive Family Values and Generation Bridge

Mariupol residents need to unite and resolve their common problems through joint efforts.

In our time, it is extremely important to revive family values and the continuity of generations.  This was discussed on 3 July at the holiday on the occasion of the 65thanniversary of a residential building at the meeting of Mashinostroitel self-organization committee of the population (condominium).

On the occasion of the celebration, a concert was held in the courtyard of the building, where all tenants gathered – from young to old ones. It was really warm and cosy there. I really felt like home. I grew up in a similar courtyard. I remember how parents and neighbours got together, played dominoes, chess, talked and sang songs. It feels as if I have returned to my childhood.

65 years from the date of building a house is a good milestone! Such good occasions are needed as they unite people. It is important that older people communicate with young people, pass over their experience and their life values. Nothing can replace the warmth of human communication. The guarantee for prosperity and successful community life lies in close connection between self-organization committees (condominiums), city authorities and deputies of local councils.
05 July 2019

Salary of Teachers in Mariupol Leaves Much to be Desired. Yet Their Work is Invaluable

Instead of carrying out reforms, previous authorities experimented with questions of education, medicine, language and the church, dividing our society. That is why our faction of the Opposition Bloc in the Verkhovna Rada did not support any reform carried out by the past government. Reforms should have a completely different result – the quality of training in the education system, its accessibility and the remuneration of teachers should be improving.

On 3 July, we talked about this with teachers of Mariupol. By the way, teachers supported me in the fact that the language law could inflict the greatest blow to the education system. In Ukraine, in fact, 70 percent of the population use the Russian language in their communications. The state is obliged to support them and all regional languages. A reduction in the number of subjects to study will lead to a drop in the level of citizens' education.
04 July 2019

Labour Veterans to Receive Social Support in Mariupol

On 3 July, I visited Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and met with the team of the enterprise's employees, including honoured labour veterans.

I believe that people who forged the labour glory of Mariupol’s metallurgical plants deserve having decent living standards. More than 30,000 labour veterans of Mariupol will receive a veteran's social card, a targeted social support from our management company Metinvest. 

The program will start working from 23 July, regardless of the election results. It includes healthcare benefits, discounts for medicines and food in retail chains, discounts for household services, as well as one-time financial aid.
04 July 2019

Mariupol Residents Need Insurance Medicine and Affordable, Quality Customer Service Instead of Reform

On 4 July, I had a meeting with the team of Mariupol municipal hospital No.1.

From the very beginning, our entire team of the Opposition Bloc voted against the implementation of the medical reform. Many well-known healthcare professionals do not support those changes that the current reform is bringing. In the first turn, it concerns low wages of medical workers. We believe that finances and authority for organization of medical services should be passed over to local self-government.

A striking example of how medical services are organized at the local level is the Mariupol Cardiology Centre. Now advanced operations are carried out and dozens of lives are saved in Mariupol. We will continue supporting Mariupol's healthcare sector.
04 July 2019

Since the Beginning of Its Operations Mariupol Cardiology Centre Saved 226 Hearts

On 29 June, together with the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, I visited the city’s cardiology centre.

Since the time when the cardiology centre began its work in September 2018, Mariupol doctors operated on 226 people with acute myocardial infarction. A cardiology department, an operating unit and an intensive care unit are currently functioning as part of the cardiology centre.

The medical facility was restored with financial support from companies of Metinvest Group that are the city's primary taxpayers. The centre was also provided with modern European equipment worth UAH 80 million. By the end of this year, a polyclinic is planned to be opened on the basis of the centre. Together with the city authorities, we are planning to solve the problem around the supply of stents, which the Ministry of Healthcare was obliged to provide cardiology centres with.
03 July 2019

Mariupol as Best Example of Cooperation between Businesses and Local Authorities

On 29 June, together with the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, I visited the construction site of the Multicentre and Veselka Park in Levoberezhniy district of the city. The Multicenter will become the largest social office in Ukraine: administrative, utility, social and pension services will be provided under one roof. This will create 120 new jobs.

The total cost of the project is UAH 96 million, where more than UAH 20 million were invested by our Metinvest Group, UAH 40 million were allocated from the city budget, and another UAH 28 million – from the State Regional Development Fund. 

I think that this is the best example of cooperation between local authorities, businesses and the central budget, where both the city and its inhabitants benefit. The renovated Veselka Park, having a total area of more than 3 hectares, became a logical continuation of the Multicentre. The project cost amounted to about UAH 60 million. The final element in the renovation of Levoberezhniy district will be the overhaul of the road along Pobedy Avenue, worth UAH 141 million.
03 July 2019

Flowers Laid on the Tombstone of Honoured Director Vladimir Boyko

On 28 June, the secretary of Mariupol city council Stepan Makhsma, a member of the city council Sergey Magera, an honoured veteran of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Konstantin Kurkchi and myself came to pay tribute to the memory of the human legend, the former director of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

Father Alexiy, the archpriest of Mikhailovskiy district, held a memorial service at the gravestone of Vladimir Boyko. We honoured his memory with a minute of silence.
03 July 2019

We Need to Seek Settled Peace and Implementation of Minsk Agreements

On 28 June, our team and I visited Hnutove entry-exit checkpoint to see what conditions were created for Ukrainian citizens crossing the line of demarcation.

I have repeatedly heard people's complaints about long queues staying for hours at this crossing point. Indeed – at the time of our visit, a queue congested.

I very much understand that peace is really needed for Mariupol, whose inhabitants face this problem every day, and every day live in anxiety. It should not be that way. Today we need to strive for the final pullback of troops. We have high hopes for the new President and the new convocation of parliament in solving this problem.
02 July 2019

We are Running in the Elections to Establish Sustainable Peace and Protect Interests of Mariupol Residents

On 24 June, Mariupol hosted a large-scale forum “Together to Peace” organized by our team of the Opposition Bloc. The forum was attended by the mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boychenko, city council members, labour veterans, and active representatives of the city community supporting the Opposition Bloc’s program aimed at establishing peace and stable development of the city.

I addressed Mariupol residents with the key provisions of my electoral program, which were, are and will be our main goals: ending the war, establishing sustainable peace, economic revival, protecting the interests of working men and supporting canonical Orthodoxy. For five years, the previous authorities did everything to divide Ukraine and divide Ukrainians into the right and the wrong ones. Now it is time to unite it. We will start with Mariupol, the metallurgical capital of Ukraine.
25 June 2019

Happy Patron Saint and Happy Anniversary to His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry!

Today our Church prayerfully pays tribute to Saint Onuphrius the Great, the heavenly patron of His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Onufry.

The importance of the spiritual authority the Most Blessed Metropolitan Onufry has in the Orthodox world could hardly be overestimated.

Thanks to this authority, the clergy and laity remain faithful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the traditions of a truly Christian way of life. They do not lend themselves to tremendous pressure that is put on them in Local Churches.
16 June 2019

Happy Feast Day of the Most Holy Trinity!

Dear Friends!

I wholeheartedly want to congratulate you on the bright and solemn feast – the Day of the Most Holy Trinity!

At the call of the heart and with the grace of the Lord, millions of people gathered today in all Orthodox churches throughout the planet to recollect in a common prayer a great event when an unprecedented thing happened in Jerusalem – the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles, the first Disciples of Christ.

That day our Holy Orthodox Church was born in the Cenacle, and we celebrate the great sacrament of the union of the Divine and the human.

I want to wish all of us God's help. May the Lord, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, give us everything necessary for our Christian life! 

Peace, love and joy to all of us! Birthday greetings to our Mother Church!
10 June 2019

Returning Peace to Ukrainians is Our Top Priority Task, the Cornerstone of Our Political Activity!

Today, during the Trust the Deeds Forum of the United Opposition Forces, its delegates agreed that achieving peace solely through political and diplomatic means is a priority task of the Opposition Bloc.

For five years now, Ukraine has been in a state of war that claimed lives of more than 10 thousand people. About two million citizens became refugees. The infrastructure was destroyed. Yet, this is half the trouble as it can be restored, but you will never return those who died. Therefore, it is very important to stop the civil conflict in the southeast.

Seventy-five percent of Ukrainians want peace to be achieved through political and diplomatic ways. Unfortunately, the previous authorities were blind and deaf. They signed the Minsk Agreements with one hand and the laws that made their implementation difficult – with the other hand. We intend to seek peace solely through peaceful, diplomatic means. No military action, no war until final victory – this cannot happen. Full implementation of the Minsk Agreements is the way to peace!
20 May 2019

Opposition Bloc to Support All Peace Initiatives of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Today, during Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s inaugural speech, our faction welcomed his statement that the main task was to establish a firm peace and exchange prisoners. And for this he is ready for unpopular steps. If the president really follows this path, and not just imitates it, as his predecessor did, the Opposition Bloc will fully support the head of state. To that end, it is necessary to engage in direct dialogue with DPR, LPR and Moscow, which the Opposition Bloc has been calling for for five years now. Compromise is a sign of wisdom, and it should and can be achieved on the basis of our national interests.

We will insist that the package of draft laws on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements be considered by the parliament in the near future. The Opposition Bloc has developed 11 bills – on amnesty, on the integration of the Donbas, on the resumption of social security for residents of the region and others.
12 May 2019

Orthodox Women's Feast – the Holy Myrrh-Bearers’ Remembrance Day

Today, and all the upcoming week, we celebrate the Orthodox Women's Feast – the Remembrance of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers.

In times past, our pious ancestors congratulated their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters these days. The role of a woman has always been special one. The sacrament of God-birth was revealed through the woman. Through a woman, the Lord gave each of us to appear. Traditionally women are the keepers of the family hearth. The Myrrh-Bearers were the first ones whom the Lord revealed the secret of His Resurrection. Then the Holy Companions of Christ brought this good news to the apostles and to the entire humankind.
08 May 2019

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated 94-Year-Old War Veteran Volodymyr Kuzovenko on Victory Day

Today, on the eve of celebrating the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, I met with 94-year-old military intelligence officer Volodymyr Kuzovenko to congratulate him on the holiday, and also to pay respect and gratitude for his feat.

Volodymyr Kuzovenko is a war veteran, a retired major general. At the age of seventeen, he volunteered for the front in 1941 and went through the whole war. He was wounded four times. After the war, Volodymyr Kuzovenko served for 35 years in intelligence. He was awarded three orders of the Patriotic War, orders of the Red Star, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, 2nd and 3rd degrees, orders "For Service to the Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces" and more than 30 USSR medals.

During the war, Volodymyr Kuzovenko was a tank crewmember. When surrounded, he had to call fire strike upon himself. In heavy fighting, he knocked out two enemy tanks and six self-propelled guns, although he paid for it with many combat wounds.
02 May 2019

The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation supported families of victims in the May 2 tragedy

Five years that have passed since the tragic events of May 2, 2014 in Odesa, finally believed the relatives of the victims of the Odesa tragedy in the inhumanity of the current Ukrainian authorities. Families of those killed in the House of Trade Unions are completely deprived of social support from the state. Moreover, all five years, Odesa residents, with the labels of “traitors to the Motherland”, which were previously attached to them by the current authorities without a trial, have been kept in remand prisons of Odesa, Mykolayiv and Kherson without convictions.

At a regular meeting with the relatives of the victims, the MP of the VII convocation, Svitlana Fabrykant, and the OPPOSITION BLOC team of Odesa Oblast handed over certificates to the families on the rehabilitation of children and outlined ways to help those whose loved ones are held in custody until the end of the investigation. Support was provided by the leader of the OPPOSITION BLOC parliamentary faction Vadym Novynskyi and his International Charitable Foundation in honor of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. The results of several meetings with relatives of the victims on May 2 were summed up by Svitlana Fabrykant, a member of the Vadym Novynsky team.
02 May 2019

The Second of May Tragedy in Odesa

On 2 May 2014, Odesa saw a disaster that resulted in more than 250 victims, including 48 dead. During 5 years since then, the authorities have failed, and to be more correct, they did not want to find and punish either the perpetrators of this crime or its instigators. So far, the investigation has not given a single intelligible and honest answer.

I believe that such an obvious foot-dragging in the investigation process points to the likely organizers of the massacre. We said this earlier and we are saying it now: in our opinion, those responsible need to be looked for among the ranks of the outgoing authorities.

We hope that with the change of the authorities, Ukrainians will be able to feel safe again in their own country, and crimes of the authorities, which led the country in 2014-2019, will be investigated and those guilty ones will be punished.

Our political force will make every effort so that the memory of the victims is not forgotten, that their family members and friends receive worthy support, protection and respect, and most importantly – that justice triumphs, and all those guilty are given the deserved punishment. Moreover, a real and not fabricated truth about the 2nd of May tragedy ought to become known to the general public and generally recognized both in Ukraine and in the world.
28 April 2019

Holy Fire Brought from Jerusalem to Kyiv was Passed Over to Donetsk

For the first time since 2014, which is since the beginning of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, the Holy Fire, brought to Kyiv from Jerusalem, was handed over to Donetsk. This is a signal to our brothers and compatriots staying in the territory not controlled by Kyiv: we remain united, no matter how they try to separate us. For people on the other side of the delimitation line, this is a chance to have a sense of inclusiveness and belonging to the great Feast, to feel unity with their brothers within the ambit of a single Church.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church plays an important role in the process of uniting the country. The Donetsk and Mariupol Diocese remains united despite the ongoing hostilities in the Donbas. Yet, the real unification of the country should begin with spiritual unity. Such steps can give much more to achieve peace than statements by politicians practicing in eloquence instead of taking concrete actions.

The news of the Resurrection of Christ and the accompanying miracles bring peace and love, uniting believers, rather than deepening enmity between the citizens of one state. The process of overcoming confrontation and the path to Peace begin with such particular steps.
25 April 2019

Vadym Novynskyi: the Language Law is Discriminatory

It seems that the parliamentary majority’s MPs still have not learned the lessons of Petro Poroshenko’s defeat in the elections. In the first place, Ukrainian people voted against attempts to impose the ideology of cave nationalism on society at the state level, including a forced use of one language, one worldview and one behaviour pattern.

The language law that was put to vote today will only split Ukraine, rather than uniting it. It plants a time bomb under the unstable Ukrainian society as it is. Moreover, this law can further expand the gap between parts of Ukraine, not to mention the Donbas and the Crimea, which are not controlled by the Ukrainian government now. It seems that some MPs have forgotten that "those who live in a glass house should not throw stones."

24 April 2019

New Authorities’ Task is to Stop War and Overcome Split

Last Sunday, Ukrainian people gave an appraisal of what happened to Ukraine over the past five years. The matter is not so much in Petro Poroshenko. The whole matter is in the system that he was in charge of.

The people of Ukraine strongly opposed artificial division into the East and the West. They opposed the war, poverty, and hypocrisy. They spoke against nationalism as a state ideology. Against the persecutions of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Against experimenting with language, rewriting history and turning fascists into heroes. Against complete loss of independence, and against external control. Against corruption and political persecution.

Ukrainians almost unanimously took stock of and gave their appraisal to the authorities’ deeds.
17 March 2019

Feast of Orthodoxy

Dear friends! Today we all celebrate the Feast of Orthodoxy! 

This feast was established in honour of the triumph of the Orthodox faith over heresies, when, after a long period of persecution from heretic iconoclasts against Orthodox Christians in the 8th century the persecutions finally stopped and the Orthodox faith triumphed again. 

Representatives of the authorities were behind those ferocious persecutions against Orthodox Christians. Yet, time judged who was right and who was not... 

Now, we are experiencing a similar situation in Ukraine. As more than 1,000 years ago, when iconoclastic rulers persecuted Orthodox Christians causing a terrible schism in the canonical Church, now their followers, anti-church rulers, organize persecution of the canonical Church and artificially provoke religious schism and hostility on religious grounds. 

As in those times in the past, now representatives of the authorities, who are far from the true faith and spirituality, are attempting to make the Church of Christ serve their political interests. 
04 March 2019

Oppositional Odesa Forum

On 1 March, I took part in the Oppositional Odesa Forum.

The Forum brought together MPs and local councillors, civil society activists, teachers, clergymen, students, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and retirees. The main unifying force to begin with was the understanding that we cannot give the current authorities a single chance to be re-elected for a new term.

To this end, at the coming presidential elections all like-minded people must rally and support a candidate who will restore peace, revive the economy, cancel all anti-popular reforms, reduce disastrous utility tariffs and will put an end to language-based and religious discrimination.

Efforts of the current authorities only worsened our life compared to 2014. It was only President Petro Poroshenko who improved his own life, while they ensured our life “in a new fashion”, having exacerbated acute socio-economic, humanitarian and political crises in Ukraine, having cynically split our society.
27 February 2019

The Opposition Bloc faction insists on creation of a temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to investigate corruption in Ukroboronprom

On the grounds of a high-profile investigation into the creation of criminal schemes around the state concern Ukroboronprom, involving the closest circle of President Petro Poroshenko, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and bring those responsible to justice. Tomorrow's plenary day should begin precisely with the consideration of this issue by the Verkhovna Rada in order to soon look into the facts that were published by Ukrainian journalists.

Why do we consider the creation of the investigative commission to be so important? Since for quite a long time we have not had any trust to the Prosecutor General's Office, to the Specialized Anticorruption Prosecution, to the National Anticorruption Bureau or the State Bureau of Investigations controlled by the Presidential Administration. These law enforcement agencies repeatedly demonstrated that all the corruption cases against government officials or the President’s circle were soft-pedalled. That is why the creation of a temporary investigative commission to address this issue is the first and most important step.
20 February 2019

Implementation of the Minsk Agreements is the only way to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty throughout Ukraine, including Donetsk and Luhansk regions

On 18 February, discussing some of Ukraine’s vital problems in the HARD with Vlashchenko TV program, I expressed my opinion on the necessary actions that could help avoid a deepening split in the Ukrainian society and return peace to the country. Talking about the issues of the humanitarian sphere, most essential for different regions of Ukraine, it is necessary to underline a fundamental difference in the approach to their solution used by the current president and proposed by our team of the Opposition Bloc. By the way, these same principles lay the basis for the program of our candidate Aleksandr Vilkul.

For the humanitarian sphere not to be the line of demarcation in the Ukrainian society, all the regions of Ukraine must be respected: not only Lviv, but Donetsk region too. A new Constitution needs to be adopted, according to which humanitarian issues will be delegated to the regional level to be further considered and decided by the regions themselves.
16 February 2019

Mission of the European Parliament Recommended the Verkhovna Rada to Give Quotas to Opposition for Management Positions in Parliamentary Committees

In my speech at the round table on 15 February 2019 attended by the European Parliament Mission and dedicated to improvement in the efficiency of the Ukrainian parliament and harmonization of the legislation of Ukraine, I, as the head of the Opposition Bloc faction, said that in accordance with the "European Ukraine” Coalition Agreement of 2014, the Opposition Bloc is the only faction that has been deprived of controlling functions, and to this day representatives of the faction have not headed and do not head now a single parliamentary committee.

The ruling coalition has distributed all leadership positions among themselves. Our MPs are neither in the management of the Accounts Chamber nor in the Central Election Commission, nor in the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In fact, the only real opposition, as represented by us, is deliberately deprived of the opportunity to influence the work of the law-making body.
14 February 2019

“Neither War nor Peace”: Minsk Agreements Four Years Later

The Minsk Agreements, it would seem, formulated a fairly clear road map how to achieve peace in Donbas, in the country and in the region: ceasefire, the adoption of the necessary laws, granting of a special status to Donbas within Ukraine, holding of the elections and return of control over the entire length of the state border to Ukraine. However, it turned out that the Minsk Agreements became a utopia. Peace never came, and there are several reasons for that.

Reason one. Lack of independence among politicians. There are not only the Ukrainian Joint Forces (ATO forces) and armed formations of the self-proclaimed republics warring in the East of Ukraine. There are interests of big world players behind each side. Ukraine is under the US protectorate. “DPR” and “LPR” (the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples’ Republics) are plainly puppet formations whose policies are completely subordinate to Russia. Accordingly, the conflict in the East of Ukraine is an extrapolation of the conflict relations between Washington and Moscow. That is where the keys to peace lie.
12 February 2019

Vadym Novynskyi to Provide Legal Counsels' Assistance to All Police Officers Subject to Repressive Measures from Poroshenko Regime

Today, we are witnessing political pressure put on those who, in fulfilling their professional duty, did not give Petro Poroshenko’s technologists the opportunity to make an outright provocation.

The police refused to play dirty political games and did not indulge the passions of aggressive “activists” from among the nationalist groups patronized by the authorities. Hooliganism must be suppressed, banditry must be eradicated and political terrorism must be barred.

Criminal cases were initiated against some police officers, while the rest were forced, in the worst traditions of Stalin's times, to dissociate themselves from their teammates and their views. Those in power do not notice how they themselves promote permissiveness for extreme radicals and demotivate law-enforcement officers.

In this situation, I decided to offer assistance to those against whom the authorities applied their repressions. I am ready to provide the police officers under investigation with the best legal counsels and to pay for their services.
11 February 2019

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation to Provide UAH 15 Million for Operating Room Equipment at the Heart Institute

This year, the International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God (ICF) will provide almost UAH 15 million to create and equip a unique operating room at the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Within the framework of the project, special surgical and angiographic equipment will be purchased for one of the operating rooms of the medical institution. This will make it possible to do cardiac surgery using advanced minimally invasive and endovascular technologies. The project is unique for Ukraine.

In such an operating room, a patient will be able to receive all the necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures in one place. This will significantly reduce the number of surgical intervention stages, as well as the time of patients’ general hospital admission and recovery. Here, various specialists will be able to simultaneously carry out several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for one patient.
08 February 2019

Petition to Recognize Unconstitutional the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion

Today, my colleague Aleksandr Dolzhenkov from the Opposition Blocfaction, and myself submitted a petition to the Constitutional Court on behalf of 47 MPs requesting to recognize unconstitutional the adopted law on freedom of conscience and religion.

Referring to Article 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine, we advocate that everyone's right for freedom of religion should be exercised and adhered to. The unconstitutional Law of Ukraine "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations", adopted on 17 January 2019, contains a number of provisions that testify to government’s interference with and deliberate over-regulation of religious organizations' activities. This is an outrageous breach of our citizens' rights. We, the MPs from the Opposition Bloc faction, believe that the law passed with gross violations of the rules of procedure is contrary to the Constitution of Ukraine! In addition, it grossly infringes the rights of one of the denominations, the canonical Orthodox Church, and is aimed at its discrimination. The essence of this law is to do so that to facilitate the transition of parishes from the canonical Orthodox Church to the newly created, the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which is essentially a political organization.
07 February 2019

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on Voting to Amend the Constitution on the EU and NATO

An anti-Ukrainian decision to amend the Constitution adopted today is completely politically illiterate and serves the purpose of Poroshenko’s election campaign! In fact, the President and his entourage are not interested in the EU and NATO. They are interested in staying in power for another five years. Yet, we have already seen five years of continuous lies, unfulfilled promises and disastrous impoverishment of Ukrainians. Ukraine will succumb to five more such years!

The only faction that voted against this anti-Ukrainian decision was our faction of the Opposition Bloc party. All of us voted against it because we are confident that this decision was made unlawfully, without taking into account the opinion of Ukrainian citizens. According to the Constitution, only the Ukrainian people have the right to change the state’s foreign policy course enshrined in the Basic Law. There is only one way to find out the opinion of Ukrainians that is to hold a national referendum.
05 February 2019

The main task of the Verkhovna Rada, the President and the Government of Ukraine is to establish peace in Donbas and the territorial integrity of the country.

Yesterday, at the conciliatory council meeting between the heads of parliamentary factions, I reminded my colleagues that once again during four years we, the Opposition Bloc party, insist that the Verkhovna Rada adopt the package of laws necessary to implement the Minsk Agreements and fulfil the commitments undertaken by Ukraine on 12 February 2015. Over this time, while the Minsk Agreements are not implemented, thousands of people, both civilians and military, have died in our country, but despite this, not a single step has been taken to establish peace in Donbas. 

The second most important issue for consideration in the Verkhovna Rada, admitting of no delay, is to address urgent economic problems of the population, I believe. We must pass laws that will be improving lives of Ukrainians, will be improving their well-being.
04 February 2019

Vadym Novynskyi's Charitable Foundation Financed Projects Worth UAH 195 million in 2018

The International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God (ICF) of Vadym Novynskyi provided more than UAH 195.5 million for humanitarian and charity projects in 2018.

Last year, with the financial support from the Foundation, charitable projects in the field of historical and cultural heritage, health care, and protection of motherhood, childhood and family were implemented. The Foundation also became a co-organizer of festivals, conferences, competitions and other events.

One of the Foundation’s activity areas is support to an orphanage at Buncheny Ascension Monastery. More than 400 orphans live and are brought up there, including children with disabilities and serious illnesses, HIV-infected among them. This project is more than three years old, and the Foundation provides monthly assistance for the maintenance of the shelter. In 2018, it amounted to more than UAH 16 million.
25 January 2019

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on the World Economic Forum in Davos

This week I took part in the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

The main topic of discussion on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum was globalization in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. Its idea was described by the founder of the World Economic Forum, the German economist Klaus Schwab.

Unfortunately, Ukraine came to a halt at the stage of the third industrial revolution, which approximately corresponds to the 70s of the last century in global industry. We are not moving anywhere and we are not developing. Our economy is stagnating and unfortunately, the government’s reports about its growth are nothing more than manipulation of statistics. However, no one in the world will be waiting for us. Investment will come to Ukraine only after we put an end to the war and begin to build a rule-of-law state.

During the Forum, I also attended the Ukrainian Breakfast organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. The topic of discussion about Ukraine was focused on the challenges facing Ukraine and the choices lying ahead with the upcoming presidential elections.
22 January 2019

Vadym Novynskyi Said in PACE about Violations of the European Convention on Human Rights in Ukraine

Yesterday, speaking at the debates of the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, I drew the attention of parliamentarians of European states to violations of the basic document of the Council of Europe – the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Ukraine.

The opposition bloc challenged in courts the closure of polling stations in the Russian Federation as a gross infringement of the electoral rights of Ukrainian citizens living in the Russian Federation, but the Supreme Court decided on the legality of such actions, arguing that three million Ukrainians will be able to vote in neighbouring states: Finland, Kazakhstan and Georgia. I consider this decision politically motivated: the authorities did not allow citizens, who left for work and who were fleeing the war, to go to the polls, because they do not intend to vote for the current president. 
18 January 2019

Vadym Novynskyi Commented on Adoption of Anti-Church Law by the Parliament

Yesterday, resorting to the most flagrant violations of the Law of Ukraine "On the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" and to the mass “button punching”, the Verkhovna Rada voted on the so-called “anti-church” law no. 4128-d, discriminating and infringing the rights of the majority of confessions and religious organizations of Ukraine and, above all, of the only canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church headed by His Beatitude Onufriy, Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine.

This bill was written at the dictation of the Presidential Administration and the only reason for its appearance is to please the presidential election campaign, under pressure from law enforcement authorities and local authorities to ensure a massive transition of parishes from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to an artificially created Orthodox Church of Ukraine.
06 January 2019

Vadym Novynskyi: Opposition Bloc Challenges in Court Unlawful Deprivation of Three Million Citizens of Their Voting Rights

We continue our fight for the rights of voters. Our team of the Opposition Bloc has filed a lawsuit with the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal in Kyiv about illegality of the Central Election Commission's decision to close polling stations in the Russian Federation. In violation of the Constitution of Ukraine and electoral legislation, on 31 December, the Central Election Commission (CEC) closed down five polling stations in the Russian Federation, depriving at least three million Ukrainian citizens of their voting rights. Let me remind you that these polling stations are located in the diplomatic missions of Ukraine, that is, on the Ukrainian, and not the Russian, territory. Ukrainian diplomats and not the Russian authorities were dealing with organization and holding of the elections there.
03 January 2019

Novynskyi’s Comment on Threat of Kyivo-Pecherska and Pochayiv Lavras' Seizure

As it has become known from reliable sources, representatives of the Presidential Administration gave some unofficial instructions to the management of the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve and Kremenets-Pochayevsky State Historical and Architectural Reserve to terminate the lease agreements with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. By the hands of these museums' officials, the authorities commit an illegal takeover of the two Orthodox shrines – Kyivo-Pecherska and Pochayiv Lavras. In addition, regional and district administrations received instructions from the Ministry of Culture about organization of mass “voluntary” communities’ transitions to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the regions. If the Ukrainian courts legalize this illegal takeover by their decisions, this will be a signal that the possibilities of the Ukrainian justice for the protection of religious rights have become exhausted. We will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

02 January 2019

Official statement of the Opposition Bloc party and the party's faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine regarding the closure of all polling stations in the Russian Federation by the Central Election Commission

We consider this decision to be unconstitutional and anti-Ukrainian one. By this decision, about three million Ukrainian citizens living in the Russian Federation are practically deprived of their right to vote. It is symbolic that the Central Election Commission made this decision on the day when the presidential election campaign started – almost on New Year's Eve.

It was the deadly economic policy of Petro Poroshenko that forced millions of Ukrainians to leave the country in search of earnings. Now he makes it clear for them that their Ukrainian passports no longer mean anything, since their votes in the upcoming elections may prevent him from prolonging his term in office.
31 December 2018

Happy New 2019 Year

Dear friends!

Happy New Year!

We are entering the new 2019th year with faith and hope.

With faith that in 2019 we will be able to change our lives for the better.

And with hope that peace and accord will return to our land, while hatred and split will no longer be in our everyday life.

That common sense will triumph, and new authorities will be in power in Ukraine, which, at last, will be thinking about the Ukrainian people and about the interests of the state.

I wish that in the New Year joy and prosperity be settled in every Ukrainian family.

Together we will overcome all difficulties and challenges, and Ukraine will be a prosperous, strong and successful country!

Happiness and love to all of us!

Happy New Year!
26 December 2018

Vadym Novynskyi and His Colleagues Demand that President Reports on Results of Imposed Martial Law

Today, the martial law introduced at the behest of Petro Poroshenko a month ago in ten regions of Ukraine has ceased to have effect.

From the very beginning, my fellow members of the party and the Opposition Bloc faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and I myself sharply criticized the martial law regime. We consider it as a PR-action of the President and as an attempt to cancel or postpone the 2019 presidential election in Ukraine.

Thanks to the perseverance and civic stance of MPs, including those from the Opposition Bloc, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not support Petro Poroshenko’s initial idea to impose martial law throughout the country for a period of 60 days, which in itself deprived the political technology of any meaning.

However, today, after 30 days and after the formal repeal of the martial law in certain regions of Ukraine, we demand from the President and the National Security and Defence Council a response to a number of questions that have arisen.
20 December 2018

Prayer Service Near the Verkhovna Rada Against Infringement of Religious Rights of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s Parishioners

A prayer service of parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church against the infringement of believers' rights is taking place near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Thousands of people have gathered.

People addressed the parliament: “We pray that the Lord will give you reason,” “People's deputies! Are you servants of the people or their executioners? Believers of the UOC are your people.”

Unfortunately, the Verkhovna Rada has already voted on one of the anti-church bills – No. 5309 on the forcible renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, despite the constitutional prohibition of discrimination of any confession.

I believe that with this anti-Orthodox vote, the authorities completely set themselves against the people.

In the morning, in violation of the procedural regulations, the coalition put on the agenda the bills intended to destroy the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
17 December 2018

President Began a Dangerous Game Leading to Incitement of Inter-Church Strives

We expect that pressure on the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church will only be increasing, since the President needs to show how the parishes of the UOC en masse move to the pro-presidential church created by him. Such steps will lead to incitement of inter-church strives and to consequences tragic for the state.

This is evidenced by a statement made by representative of Petro Poroshenko Bloc’s faction during the today's conciliation council in the parliament saying that during the week it is necessary to adopt two bills aimed at changing the name of the only legal and canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and at legalizing transitions of UOC parishes to the church "of Poroshenko’s patriarchy" under pressure from the Security Service of Ukraine.

Our party will defend the unity and interests of believers of the only canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church by all legal means. 
16 December 2018

Vadym Novynskyi’s Comment on the So-Called Unification Council

The election of Metropolitan Epiphanius as the “primate” of the so-called Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a personal defeat of President Petro Poroshenko, who insisted on electing one of the apostates from canonical Orthodoxy, Metropolitan Simeon.

By the way, in 2014, Petro Poroshenko already attempted to “push through” Simeon’s candidacy when the new head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was elected — then Poroshenko personally asked me to support this choice. In addition, Poroshenko carefully conceals his agreements with Phanar: after all, this is not about true autocephaly, but rather about an attempt to put the Ukrainian Orthodoxy under the command of Constantinople and in parallel to create a “puppet” Church managed from the Presidential Administration.

Nevertheless, we are experiencing dramatic times that will definitely be gone and left in the past, and Poroshenko’s shady undertaking called the “local church” is set up for following the fate of the renovationist Church in the Soviet Union. They say that history repeats itself as a tragedy and as farce. We have endured the tragedy. It seems that this time meddling of the authorities in church affairs has turned into a farce.
15 December 2018

Vadym Novinsky’s Comment on the Opposition Bloc's Congress

Today, the Opposition Bloc has held its VIII Congress, by which decision the Charter of the party has been changed. The Political Council has become a new governing body, and my friend and colleague Boris Kolesnikov has been elected as its head. 

The Opposition Bloc represents the interests of voters all over Ukraine, and not just voters from the southeast of the country. We were, are and will be the only ideological opposition to the incumbent authorities. We consistently and fundamentally uphold our traditional values: we declaim against Ukraine’s accession to NATO, against re-writing the history and glorifying soldiers of OUN and UPA, against the discrimination of citizens based on language. We were the first ones to support the Minsk agreements. We did and keep doing everything to restore peace in our country. 

A statement of support to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church headed by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry was included in the final resolution of the Congress, which also condemned the authorities’ attempts to interfere in internal church affairs. 
13 December 2018

Vadym Novynskyi: Opposition Bloc Disputes Constitutionality of Parliamentary Decree on Tomos

Yesterday, my colleague from the Opposition Bloc’s faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Aleksandr Dolzhenkov, and I registered a constitutional petition with the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to commence proceedings on compliance with the Supreme Law of Ukraine of the Verkhovna Rada's resolution "On support of the appeal of the President of Ukraine to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on the provision of a tomos of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine" dated 19 April 2018.

I said and wrote it many times that these lawless steps contradict the laws of Ukraine and the canons of the Church. The Church is not an attribute of independence of a state and not a political organization. The Church lives by its own laws, which are thousands of years old.

The actions of President Poroshenko and those of the MPs who voted for this resolution contradict Article 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine – the authorities violate the basic human right that is the right to freedom of conscience and religion.
10 December 2018

Authorities Put Pressure on Clergy and Parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

On 9 December 2018, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, having no legal grounds and exceeding their official powers, prohibited Metropolitan of Donetsk and Mariupol Hilarion from crossing the line of demarcation at the official checkpoint Novotroitskoye. They prevented him from getting to the Holy Assumption Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery in Nikolskoye village, Volnovakha district of Donetsk region, for making a prayer on the feast of the Icon of the Mother of God “The Sign” on 10 December. His electronic pass was simply annulled by the SSU, and law enforcement officers called "... a special order from Kiev ..." as an explanation of the reasons.

Law enforcement officers act in a surprisingly shortsighted manner in conditions when, in fact, only the UOC remains the last link between the controlled and uncontrolled territories, having parishes and pastoring the flock on both sides of the line of demarcation.

We have to admit that this incident with His Grace Hilarion became just another example among hundreds of other examples of pressure put on the clergy and parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
07 December 2018

Torture Used Against Illegally Arrested MP of Several Convocations Aleksandr Efremov

During a hypertensive crisis, doctors were denied access to him and his life was put at threat.

The European Court of Human Rights recognized this as torture in the Lutsenko vs. Ukraine case.

Starobelskiy Court did not establish a single criminal episode, but extended Efremov's arrest for the fourteenth time, in violation of the law.

By now, Aleksandr Efremov has been in his cell for more than 800 days without any court verdict. Unfortunately, political repressions against opponents and those otherwise-minded are a stable attribute of the current authorities.

We appealed to diplomatic missions and international human rights organizations with a request to influence the situation. I consider Petro Poroshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko personally to blame for this. And such outrageous situation is a direct result of the so-called presidential “reforms” of justice and the judicial system.

Now the authorities are preparing the next step in usurping the judiciary and the next step in restricting the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. 
04 December 2018

Opposition Bloc Faction Urges Parliament to Focus on Protection of Citizens’ Constitutional Rights and Freedoms

Yesterday at the conciliation board’s meeting I, as the head of the Opposition Bloc faction, raised a question about the responsibility of those in power and president Poroshenko personally for the economic consequences from imposing the martial law.

First of all, it is necessary to find out what price Ukrainian people and the economy of Ukraine will pay for the martial law. Traditionally, the authorities did not estimate the consequences of their actions and did nothing to protect citizens from possible deepening of the economic recession and from failure to fulfil social obligations, in particular, due to the budget under-performance, possible default or devaluation of Ukrainian hryvnia.

I want to ask the president, the National Security and Defence Council and those who voted for this shameful decision in the Verkhovna Rada: did they consider the losses that would be incurred by the national budget from imposing the martial law, how much less revenue would the state receive? I have no doubt that the martial law will affect every Ukrainian family, especially the population of the regions where it was introduced.
30 November 2018

President Poroshenko Reinforces Onset on Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Today, at 8 a.m., the Security Service of Ukraine and the prosecutor's office, supported by special police forces, began searches in an out-of-town household of Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Pressure is being put on the vicar of Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel. Investigative activities are carried out into a completely void and obviously fabricated case. Moreover, His Grace Pavel is not the only one who is being persecuted. In recent weeks, we have witnessed unprecedented pressure from law enforcement officers on representatives of the hierarchy and priesthood of our Mother Church — for the sole purpose of committing treason and moving from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the single local Ukrainian Orthodox Church (SLUOC) newly created by Poroshenko’s administration. “Conversations” are under way, criminal cases are opened. I am sure that all these cases will fall apart completely at the pre-trial stage, as well as hundreds, if not thousands, of other cases fabricated by the authorities against unwanted people and people opposing the authorities.
28 November 2018

Novynskyi Demanded Immediate Settlement of Situation with Captured Ukrainian Sailors from the President

Until the Ukrainian sailors return home, it is too early to believe that the incident near the Kerch Strait has been completely settled. We call on the authorities to hold direct negotiations with the Russian Federation about immediate release of detained and convicted Ukrainian seamen on the basis of mutual legal assistance agreements between the two states. Instead of making excuses and finding those to blame, we need to find compromise with the Russian side on the existing problem. This is the only way to return our guys, and President Poroshenko is personally responsible for their fate.

It is important to say that the hysteria with the imposition of martial law without sufficient legal grounds, which followed the incident, is a disgrace and a desperate attempt by the President to remain in power at any cost. The one who, in fact, sent our sailors into captivity, is now giving interviews here and there, having forgotten about the main task that is the return of the crews of Ukrainian ships. Well, it is no wonder. Poroshenko’s regime needs a never-ending flow of “Kremlin's prisoners” to remain on the agenda of anti-Russian sanctions and to be in the focus of world media's attention. 
27 November 2018

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on Results of Voting on Martial Law in Ukraine

Yesterday’s voting in the Verkhovna Rada on imposing the martial law showed the utter defeat of Petro Poroshenko. He failed to implement his original plan and establish a dictatorship in the country, to limit the effect of the Constitution and cancel or postpone the presidential elections. Judging by how the issue was voted, the very idea of ​​martial law becomes nonsense and mockery of the “strategic genius” of people from the President’s closest circle.

Instead of 60 days of martial law country-wide (which would lead to an automatic postponement of presidential elections for an indefinite period), the Verkhovna Rada approved martial law in the “soft” format – for 30 days in 10 regions with a clear prescription to hold the presidential elections on 31 March. The presidential team was so sure that its version would be resignedly accepted by MPs that even before the vote they had given the original text of the Presidential Decree for publishing. Today the country could see in surprise how “Uryadovyi Kuryer” was released with the document that was not amended. Petro Poroshenko suffered the largest political setback.
22 November 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Elected Head of Opposition Bloc Party’s Faction

Last Tuesday, I was highly honoured to be elected as the head of the Opposition Bloc party's faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

I want to assure both my colleagues and our fellow party members and supporters that I will do everything to justify this high credit of confidence.

I would also like to comment on the events that accompanied my election, namely, the expulsion of two MPs from the faction.

I would like to say that the Opposition Bloc is not just two or even forty-three MPs. The Opposition Bloc, first, means thousands of people's deputies at all levels across the country. These are tens of thousands of party members and millions of our voters and supporters. Therefore, the departure of several deputies from the faction is not a tragedy for the political force.

Indeed, it is very difficult to part with people with whom a certain stage of your life has passed, especially the one that is as challenging as the last four years. However, I reiterate that no tragedy has happened for the Opposition Bloc political party.
12 October 2018

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on Decisions of Ecumenical Patriarchate’s Synod

Yesterday I commented on the first news from the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul for Ukraine TV channel.

My main impression is that the Synod’s decisions are dictated solely by political motives, but in no way are they intended to restore the unity of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and in no way are they caused by care about the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine. Also, a political motive of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities is seen here.

The worst consequence of these decisions is that from now on, I think, for the next 100 to 200 years, any unity of Orthodoxy on our land is out of the question. The split will only get worse.

Obviously, the decisions themselves are contrary to church laws and canons. The Ecumenical Patriarchy’s waiver from legal binding of its own Synodal Letter on the transfer of the Metropolia of Kiev to the Moscow Patriarchate looks as if the United Kingdom abolished the independence of India these days, which it had granted to the country in 1947.

Moreover, the statute of limitations on disputes regarding the abolition of the charter of accession of the Kiev Metropolia to the Russian Church dated 1686 expired 300 years ago.
10 October 2018

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on NACP Statement about His Incorrect Declaration Revealed

From a report in the press and on the NACP (National Agency on Corruption Prevention) website, I learned that it is about the fact that in my 2015 and 2016 declarations I did not indicate the cost of the premises that I rent and in which my reception office is located, as well as the value of shares in some companies. The Agency sees "signs of a criminal offense" in this.

I know that I filled the declaration in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation, and I regard the statement by the NACP about revealing "signs of a criminal offense" as a continuation of the authorities’ unlawful pressure on a political opponent. Moreover, in this case, representatives of the Agency demonstrate complete incompetence, “creatively” construing their own recommendations. 

The declaration lists all the companies whose shares I own directly and in which I am the beneficiary, including registration numbers, addresses and the number of shares that belong to me. Information about the ownership of shares has been declared by me for many years in a row, during my entire tenure as an MP. Anyone can verify this by reading my declaration on the NACP website.
01 October 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Elected as Head of the Party of Peace Movement

Dear friends, the Grand Council of the Party of Peace national movement was held on September 28. The governing bodies of the organization were established, and I was highly honoured to be elected as the head of the movement.

In a matter of months since the day when we and other like-minded people initiated the creation of a movement that would unite everyone to achieve peace in our land, thousands and thousands of Ukrainians across the country responded. Civil society organizations, workers' associations and even political parties declared their readiness to unite around this simple, understandable and very important goal.

During these months, our movement has got hundreds of cells in almost every region of the country. Twenty-two regional offices have been created, and our new subsidiaries appear every day.

The idea of peace unites people of the most diverse political views, ages and social status. The idea of peace is now a truly nation-building idea.

I believe that we can build a new, successful and happy Ukraine on the comprehensive idea of peace – peace in the heart of every Ukrainian, peace between Ukrainians, a world without wars and conflicts.
24 August 2018

Congratulations from Vadym Novynskyi on the Independence Day

Independence is not just a word, and not a line in the Constitution. 

Independence is when the people themselves make the most important decisions. 

On the way to real independence, we need to stop the war, to overcome hatred and the split. After all, the Lord said: “the state divided against itself, will not stand”. 

That is why we must come to an agreement and mutual respect. 

And then Ukraine will be prosperous and independent! 

Peace, love and best of luck to us all! 
19 August 2018

Congratulations from Vadym Novynskyi on the Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ

Dear friends! 

Today, we all celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ!

This feast is associated with the event of the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor, when He revealed himself to the disciples no longer in the guise of a common man, but as the Lord radiating divine light and grace.

The Lord showed us the way, since the transfiguration is a real purpose of our life. It is through purification and transfiguration that a person can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore, the feast of the Transfiguration of Christ is so important and is specially honoured in the Orthodox Church.

Congratulations, dear Orthodox Christians! 

Peace and love to all of us!
14 August 2018

Congratulations from Vadym Novynskyi on the Feast of the Procession of the Venerable Wood of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord

Today, we celebrate the Procession of the Venerable Wood of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord and honour the memory of the seven holy Maccabee martyrs.

From today, the Assumption Fast begins, which is short, but strict one.

Our people call this day the Saviour of the Honey Feast Day, because Orthodox Christians bless the honey of the new season in all the temples of our Church. The honey is customarily brought to the church as an explicit manifestation of God's mercy to us sinners.

Happy feast and congratulations on the first day of the Assumption Fast, dear Orthodox Christians!
06 August 2018

Congratulation from Vadym Novynskyi on the Feast of Holy Martyrs – Faithful Princes Boris and Gleb

Today we honour the memory of the holy martyrs, the faithful princes Boris and Gleb, the saints of God, glorified at the very beginning of the heyday of Christianity in our land.

For a thousand years, Christians have revered them as inspirational models, as an example of courageous journey for Christ.

For a thousand years, our Holy Mother Church, using the example of the holy martyrs, has been reminding us how to treat our neighbours, how to correct our lives, how not to fear death, giving your life for love.

Today we praise their feat of faith and ask them prayerfully that all falseness and envy, anger and hatred are eradicated, but true love and brotherly love triumph in Ukraine.

Peace and love to all of us!

Happy Holiday!
04 August 2018

Comment of Vadym Novynskyi on Attempt of the Prosecutor General's Office to Prove the Illegality of Granting Him Ukrainian Citizenship

On 31 July 2018, the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) of Ukraine applied to Pecherskiy District Court of Kiev for permission to withdraw from the State Migration Service of Ukraine documents relating to the granting of the Ukrainian citizenship to me. The reason is more than doubtful: allegedly the documents were not signed by me, and the signature of the President of Ukraine is missing on the corresponding decree.

The above appeal of the PGO is another example of the persecution of political opponents by those in power, with whom I completely disagree on issues of understanding morality and conscience.

The migration service has repeatedly checked compliance with the procedure and the legality of granting me citizenship. Specially for prosecutors, I publish the official response of the migration service, which clearly states that "no violations of the Ukrainian legislation on citizenship issues have been established." 
02 August 2018

Congratulation from Vadym Novynskyi on the Holy Prophet Elias’s Remembrance Day

Today we honour the memory of the Holy Prophet Elias.

The Holy Church is praising this great Saint of God in festive hymns and calls him the "Earthly Angel", "the second forerunner of the coming of Christ", "the foundation of the prophets».

Christians around the world honour him as the greatest of the prophets, with whom few of those who live on earth can compare. After almost three thousand years, God's Prophet Elias is an example of faithfulness, zeal and courage in the confession of true faith.

Congratulations, dear Orthodox Christians! 
27 July 2018

Congratulation from Vadym Novynskyi on the 1030th Anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus

Dear friends! 

Today is not just one of the holidays in the calendar, not just a landmark date of our history. Today is the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus! 

Without exaggeration, this is an event of a global scale that has changed the course of the history of the whole of Europe. Just imagine what the fate of European civilization could be if instead of Christianity Kievan Rus adopted Islam or Judaism then proposed to Prince Vladimir alternatively to Christianity. There is no doubt that the choice made by Prince Vladimir in 988 was civilizational one, predetermining further destiny of both the native state and neighbouring countries for centuries. Yet, this day is important and memorable for us not only for this.

Congratulations, my friends! Peace, accord in minds and hearts, and love to all of us!
23 July 2018

Congratulation from Vadym Novynskyi on 30th Anniversary of Revival of Monkery in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the revival of monastic life in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

After years of persecution for faith and after oblivion, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra was one of the first in the USSR to return to our Mother Church in the year of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. In many respects, the process of spiritual revival in our society began with this. Therefore, the 30th anniversary of the revival of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra is also the anniversary of the end of the "godless captivity", the anniversary of the "new baptism" and the appeal to God.

Over centuries, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra was and remains a sacred place of promise for our people. Here is the heart and soul of our people.

Congratulating you on this anniversary, I want to wish everyone a prayerful intercession from Saint Anthony and all the Kiev Pechersk saints.

Peace and love to us all!
15 July 2018

Congratulations from Vadym Novynskyi on Metallurgists' and Miners' Day

Today, as always on the third Sunday of July, we celebrate the day of metallurgical and mining industries’ workers in Ukraine, the Metallurgists’ and Miners’ Day.

The mining and metallurgical sector of Ukraine is the backbone of our economy. Today, the mining and metallurgical industries mean the filling-in of the national budget. They mean development of cities, building of infrastructure and creation of jobs. This is the stability and prosperity of our country.

Today it is one of the few branches of the Ukrainian economy where there is huge development and growth potential. We need to keep and, most importantly, to increase the vast experience gained by earlier generations because investing in the industry, in modernization of the domestic industry we invest in success of the whole country.

Friends, on this holiday I want to thank you for your hard, but very honourable work. I want to wish you good health, best of luck and prosperity to your families. God's help to you! I wish us peace in our land!

Happy Holiday!
27 June 2018

Vadym Novynskyi, the People's Deputy of Ukraine, Took Part in the 25th Anniversary General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy in Athens

On 26 June 2018, the 25th Anniversary General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy took place in the Hellenic Parliament.

Parliamentary delegations from 27 countries of the world, as well as representatives of the Orthodox Churches, came to Athens to participate in the Assembly. The topic of the meeting was parliamentary democracy and Christian values.

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadym Novynskyi and the representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at European organizations, the chief of administrative staff of Kiev Metropoly Bishop Victor (Kotsaba) represented Ukraine at the Assembly.

The main subject of the meeting was parliamentary democracy and Christian values. The situation in the Ukrainian Orthodoxy was also discussed.

25 June 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry on His Name Day

Today, our Church prayerfully commemorates Venerable Onuphrius the Great, the heavenly patron of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine.

His Beatitude did not seek any honours, nor earthly fame, nor power, but only service to the Lord. By the grace of God, His Beatitude took on leadership of our Church in the difficult days of hardships and schism.

From that moment on, every day of his life, he does what our Lord Jesus Christ said: "whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant" (Matt. 20:26).

By own example His Beatitude proves that power, especially spiritual power, is not a privilege, is not a reward, but rather hard work, a sacrifice, and it is given only to serve the Lord and people.

Your Beatitude! Today, on your Name Day, I want to whole-heartedly wish you that the Lord will strengthen you with His grace in all your ways, in all your endeavours and initiatives.

Happy Name Day, our dear Grace!
22 June 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Honoured the Memory of Those Who Died in the Great Patriotic War and Granted UAH 250,000 to the Museum "Battle for Kiev in 1943"

Today, the 22 of June, is a day of sorrow for all those who did not renounce the historical past and did not betray the memory of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

We laid flowers on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in the National Museum "Battle for Kiev in 1943" and prayed for victims of that terrible war.

Wishing to keep the memory of the great feat of our people, we, together with other like-minded people, initiated a long-term program, where we intend to help the museums of that war restore graves and monuments of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of victory and peace on our Earth. As one of the first steps today we granted a symbolic cheque worth UAH 250,000 to Ivan Vikovan, the director of the museum, for technical maintenance and financial support of the museum's infrastructure. In the future, we plan to increase the support to the museum.

I sincerely believe that keeping the memory of the war and studying the lessons of the war is our sacred duty. We must not allow distortions of the history, much less oblivion of its great and tragic pages.
04 June 2018

Meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

On 1 June, Vadym Novynskyi had a meeting with Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, in Alanya, Turkey.

The main topic of the discussion was the economy in bilateral relations between our countries. They discussed metallurgy, shipbuilding, infrastructure issues, as well as topics of mutual investment between Ukraine and Turkey.

By the way, Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu is the former president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and a PACE keynote speaker on the Holodomor of 1932-1933. There is every ground to call him a great friend of our country.
19 May 2018

International Conference Experience of the Balkan Countries in Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts

On 18 May, we jointly with the Ukrainian Politics foundation held a large-scale international conference Experience of the Balkan Countries in the Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts in Zagreb, Croatia.

The participants of the conference were politicians, diplomats and experts from Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria and Ukraine. Overall, about forty people took part in the event. The overwhelming majority from the Balkans were politicians and public officials, both current and former ones, who had been most directly involved in resolving the armed conflicts that had erupted in the Balkans in the early 1990s, and in the post-war restoration of the affected regions.

The discussion at the conference was hot, but extremely informative one. The main conclusion derived was that there were no universal solutions. Each country had its own specific problems, and each country solved its conflicts in its unique way.
06 May 2018

Congratulations from Vadym Novynskyi on Saint George's Day

The word "victory" has one important meaning. Victory means life "after trouble", "after mischief". This is not so much the end of the war as the beginning of a new life.

Saint George is one of the most honoured Christian saints and the patron of the Orthodox host. Saint George and the Dragon legend is filled with the greatest sacred meaning, belief in the victory of the forces of the Good over the Evil, whatever this Evil is associated with – war, crisis, devastation, greed and corruption of authorities, senseless foreign policy or antisocial domestic policy. For each of us, the Evil has its own shape and its outlines, but for each of us Saint George is the inspiration for the fight against this Evil.

Sometimes history sends us symbols that are decoded only after a while. Victory over Nazism was gained precisely in the days of commemoration of the memory of Saint George. The German Instrument of Surrender was received by a man named Georgy...

I believe that the heavenly patron of the Orthodox army will grant Ukraine victory over its troubles and enemies – both external and internal ones. The Good always triumphs. I congratulate you on this great holiday, friends!
02 May 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Honoured Memory of Those Who Died in Tragedy of 2 May 2014 in Odessa

Today, on 2 May, we again observe a minute of silence to honour the memory of those who died in Odessa Trade Unions building and in clashes in Grecheskaya Street four years ago. We still do not know the entire truth about what happened on that day. We still do not know who is to blame for this tragedy and who orchestrated and ordered it.

Some thugs from among radicals propose to celebrate this day as the "Day of Victory over Odessa". I think this is an indirect indication of where to search for the perpetrators behind the events of 2 May 2014. However, all these nationalist groups are under reliable patronage and guardianship of the authorities, and crows do not pick crow's eyes, as they say...

I believe that the perpetrators of the tragedy, both on 2 May 2014 and in the ongoing tragedy of 2014-2018, will be named, condemned and punished. There is no forgiveness or oblivion to such atrocities. Justice will necessarily triumph. Sooner or later.

Peace to us all and may the Lord rest the souls of those who died in that terrible tragedy.
22 April 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated All Women on Myrrh Bearers' Holiday

Today we honour the memory and feat of life of the Myrrh bearing women, the holy companions of Christ, who served the Teacher not only with their fortune, but also with the works of their hands, devoted to Him with all their hearts, who accompanied Him not only during travel, but also on the way of the cross, on Golgotha and near the Cross itself.

They became examples of the sacrificial service to the Lord. They were the only ones who remained faithful to Christ until the end and who later became the first witnesses of the Resurrection.

Today is a true women's Orthodox holiday! Assistant, faithful companion, keeper of the hearth, tender mother, loving wife, caring daughter – all these wonderful qualities were bestowed on a woman since her appearance in the works of God.

Our dear Orthodox sisters in Christ! On this bright day, I heartily congratulate you and thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and the Church, for your love and courage and for your dedication. As long as there are real women in our society, it will be full-fledged and our future will be cloudless.

Wish you peace and goodness!
19 April 2018

Vadym Novynskyi: Church Affairs Should be Solved by Church Hierarchs Solely

“Poroshenko’s speech is absolutely false and untruthful. It is replete with such “facts” that simply do not exist. I would like to advise him to read history, who was the first to use the phrase “Russian world”. He says that he is someone from the hierarchs of the Moscow church who invented it. But this is not true, Nestor the Chronicler, a resident of Kyiv, was the first to use this phrase in the Tale of Bygone Years. The president knows neither history nor laws, but tries to lead the church,” Vadym Novynskyi emphasized.

He stressed that the Opposition Bloc voted against this unconstitutional appeal to His Holiness Patriarch of Constantinople. “We have prepared our appeal to the Patriarch, which has already been signed by all the MPs of the Opposition Bloc faction, other MPs are also signing it. We are convinced that the solution to the problem of schism lies not in the creation of some quasi-churches, about which the president is telling so beautifully and colorfully now. The schism can be overcome through the repentance of those who have gone into schism and return them to the bosom of the Mother Church. There can’t be another way,” the MP stressed.
17 April 2018

Vadym Novynskyi: Instead of Interfering in Church Affairs Poroshenko Would Rather Think How to Restore Peace and Overcome the Split in Society

“A year left before the elections, and the president has nothing to say about his successes, so he decided to speculate on the church theme. He has been engaged in it for all the four years,” the MP noted. 

Vadym Novynskyi reminded that recently Ukrainians heard a lot of Petro Poroshenko’s statements on the issues on which he has no influence. “He appeals to the UN Security Council with the purpose of reforming it, he calls to prohibit the construction of the North Stream-2. There are a lot of such issues when he comes up with initiatives, but has no influence on their solution. Similarly, Poroshenko has no influence on the decision whether the Ecumenical Patriarch will grant autocephaly to the UOC,” Vadym Novynskyi stressed. 

The opposition politician advised Petro Poroshenko to carefully re-read the Constitution of Ukraine. “It says quite clearly – the church is separated from the state, and politicians have no right to interfere in church affairs,” the parliamentarian added. 
07 April 2018

Holy Fire Brought to Kiev with Vadym Novynskyi's Assistance

Holy Fire Brought to Kiev with Vadym Novynskyi's Assistance

Vadym Novynskyi commented on the event:

"Holy Fire is in Ukraine! At 19:00, our plane with a delegation led by Metropolitan Anthony landed at Borispol airport. We have brought this fire with wishes for each family, so that it could warm you. So that during this challenging time, which our country and every Ukrainian family is going through, this fire could warm your souls, could burn your anger and schism. So that only love and joy would be in the heart of every Ukrainian! I want to congratulate everyone on this bright holiday, wishing you a peaceful sky above your head, peace in your soul and love in your families. May your heart be filled with joy for the risen Christ forever!"
07 April 2018

Vadym Novynskyi’s Greetings on the Annunciation Day

I sincerely congratulate you on this holiday that is one of the lightest and most liked by people, the Annunciation Day. It is a holiday of hope, a holiday of faith and renewal: since the Good News, which was revealed to the Virgin Mary, marks the beginning of a new world, new knowledge and new history. Archangel Gabriel said to Mary: "Do not be afraid, Mary, for You have found grace with God!" On the Annunciation Day, we all overcome fear and gain Joy, Hope and Grace, and with them, we receive inspiration for further deeds, for intense and active life.

The fact that this year two holidays – the Annunciation and the Resurrection – go one after other in the calendar is especially symbolic and fills our hearts with special feelings.

I want to believe that right now we are on the eve of big events that should restore peace and revive Ukraine, lead to its revival, stability and prosperity. I believe that we will achieve this through our joint efforts and with God's help! 

29 March 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Initiates the PARTY OF PEACE Social Movement

Our politicians talk too much about peace, but they do too little for peace to triumph on our land. If you listen to our parliamentarians, they are all for peace and unity of the country.

Yet, what do they mean by these words? For somebody, peace is a state of "no war", a state when cannonry does not hammer, when shots are not heard and no blood is spilled. For others, according to George Orwell, "war is peace".

Yet, there are a lot of those who believe that peace comes when every soldier – from one side and the other – steps over his pain and declares his readiness to thrust out his hand to his former enemy. In the name of the future. When all parties begin to think not about revenge, but about what unites them.

It is for the sake of such a stable peace in Ukraine that we, like-minded people, initiate the PARTY OF PEACE social movement. It will unite various groups, organizations and individual citizens.

23 March 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Considers Break of Economic Relations with Russia Harmful for Ukraine

The consequences of the severance of economic ties between Ukraine and Russia have already had a negative impact on the Ukrainian economy, and the situation will only worsen in the future. The consequences are the fall in the GDP, the closure of a huge number of enterprises in Ukraine that were oriented to the Russian market, the reduction of a large number of jobs and the outflow of the country's labour pool. Reorientation to other markets does not compensate for Ukraine's loss of the Russian market. 

It will not be possible to break off trade relations completely without physically blocking the borders. That means that the market regulates itself despite the relations between the governments. A promised expansion of the Ukrainian market driven by the EU market did not take place and is not expected – on the contrary, the quotas for Ukrainian goods severely restrict us. Hence, rejection of the Russian markets, for which the world's largest corporations are competing, seems to be even more senseless.
16 March 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Considers That the Blockade of Donbass Comes at a High Cost for Ukraine

The blockade comes at a high cost for Ukraine: connection with companies located in the territories that are temporarily not controlled by Ukraine, which before the blockade operated under the Ukrainian laws and paid taxes to the budget of Ukraine, has been definitively lost. Ties with the population of Donbass, which were maintained through links with companies/businesses in those territories, have been lost. The reason for the blockade was a maleficent intention of the political elite of Ukraine, for which the population of the east of Ukraine is not gainful from the electoral viewpoint – they will never vote for the incumbent authorities.
06 March 2018

Vadym Novynskyi Comments on the Law on Anti-Corruption Court

The Law on the High Anti-Corruption Court, voted for by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading, was adopted with some violations both of a procedural nature and in essence. In particular, according to the law, the admission of judges to the High Anti-Corruption Court will be made under the supervision of the Presidential Administration, which will further put the judiciary under the influence of the President of Ukraine. Another part of the judicial branch will be placed under the control of the President. Nothing prevents them from fighting corruption under the existing law enforcement framework, without creating additional judicial authorities. Nevertheless, the fight against corruption does not happen, but is rather imitated.
31 January 2018

Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation Granted Over UAH 65 Million for Charity Projects in 2017

In 2017, the International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God of Vadym Novynskyi granted more than UAH 65 million for humanitarian and charity projects. The Foundation traditionally supported projects aimed at revival of Orthodox values, restoration of historical, religious and architectural landmarks. 

Last year, the ICF continued its support program for 500 child inmates of the orphanage of Buncheny Ascension Monastery (Chernovtsy region). In April 2017, the ICF joined Help the Heart Beat charity project implemented on the basis of the state institution Heart Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Vadym Novynskyi's Foundation continued the implementation of the program launched in 2012 to rehabilitate children and young people with cerebral palsy.
24 January 2018

PACE Calls on Ukraine to Overhaul Its De-occupation Law

The current session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg has been marked by a very important event, which, I hope, will have serious impact on the peace-making process in Ukraine.

A Lithuanian parliamentarian, Egidijus Vareikis, gave a report on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine in connection with the hostilities in Donbass. The report gave a truly dramatic picture of the humanitarian tragedy that the Ukrainian authorities are trying to turn a blind eye to.  

The resolution of PACE calls upon Ukraine to revise a recently adopted so-called "De-occupation Law", so that it is based on the Minsk agreements, and fully meets the humanitarian needs and ensures social protection of population in the territories not controlled by the Ukrainian government and in the conflict zone.

08 December 2017

Meeting of the PACE Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons on 8 December 2017

Today I took part in the meeting of the PACE Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons in Paris. It is very important to highlight a profound and comprehensive report by Egidijus Vareikis from Lithuania on the humanitarian consequences of the war in Ukraine. Mr Vareikis showed a great level of responsibility, sincere humanism and even courage in preparing the report, having held himself from using clichés and dogmas about the war in the east of Ukraine, which are usual for Western politicians. A truthful idea goes through the report: the current Ukrainian authorities, to a large extend, do not care about suffering and hardships faced by millions of civilians from Donbass, most of which did not participate in the events of the past few years and were not prepared for the disaster. 
30 November 2017

A short overview of the main topics from the latest attended TV programs

About the European integration:
- I talked a lot with citizens of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Everyone says that they expected some kind of breakthrough, some definite development from joining the EU. 
What is the outcome in the end? 
There is no economic development, only the construction of hotels and shopping centres is in progress. Virtually all the plants that produced strategic products have been shut down.

On the draft budget of Ukraine for 2018:
- Our faction and I personally will not vote for this draft. 
We submitted our draft budget, which provides for the allocation of more than UAH 100 billion for social needs. 
Including an increase of the minimum wages to UAH 5,000 and an increase in the minimum pension to UAH 3,200. 
And there is money for this! 
14 October 2017

Vadym Novynskyi's Greetings on the Day of Intercession of the Holy Virgin

The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos is a great Orthodox holiday of the miraculous phenomenon of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

This phenomenon and this sign meant salvation for inhabitants of the city from invasion, misery and deprivation.

In difficult days of turmoil, the days of war and schism, we pray to the Most Holy Theotokos that she stretched her veil above our land, above all of us, and peace and love return to our homes and hearts.

Today we Orthodox people joyfully celebrate Thy glorious coming among us, O Mother of God, and gazing upon Thy most pure image, we say with compunction: Shelter us with Thy most precious protection, and deliver us from all evil, and pray to Thy Son, Christ our God, that He save our souls.

Happy Holiday!
03 October 2017

Vadym Novynskyi: We are Establishing an Inner-Party Platform in the Opposition Bloc

Under the conditions when the President is clearly seeking to build an authoritarian regime with full control over courts for the sake of ensuring the desired result in the elections, I regret that some of my faction colleagues helped the plans of Bankova and voted for the transfer of the judiciary to full presidential control.

I will demand the convocation of the political executive committee's meeting and the party congress in order that the regional organizations and ordinary party members give their assessment of what has happened in the Rada. I express my disagreement with the decision of some of our faction's members, with the leadership of our faction, and I declare that together with my like-minded people we are going to establish an independent platform within the opposition bloc.

Our goal is a firm opposition to the coalition of war. At the same time, I want to state it clearly: we are not talking about the split in the party.

21 September 2017

Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God

Today we celebrate the Nativity of the Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary!

Saint Fadei described this wonderful event as follows: "The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin is the beginning of salvation history. It is not yet the Lord Himself, who is the Saviour of the world, that is born, but His Most Blessed Mother, not the Sun of the world itself is rising, but only the pre-dawn time is coming, as if the morning wind brings the good news of the soon sunrise to all the ends of the world."

On this day, we glorify You, the Most Holy Virgin, and honour your saint parents, and glorify your birth.
15 September 2017

Vadym Novynskyi's Meeting with Lord Risby and Lord Oxford

Yesterday a meeting with members of the British House of Lords, Lord Risby and Lord Oxford, was held.

Sir Richard Risby is the Chairman of the London-based British Ukrainian Society. Together with his colleague he visited Ukraine with the purpose of holding a number of consultations and meetings with Ukrainian politicians to help the British establishment shape a multi-sided and more accurate picture of the developments in Ukraine.

The main topics of the meeting were the challenges faced by our country. The necessity to build a rule-of-law state with a developed civil society, the need for a genuine triumph of rights and freedoms for all citizens, fair political competition, fight against corruption and, most importantly, attainment of peace in Donbass.
12 September 2017

Irresponsibility and Populism of Ukrainian Politics

Politics is, primarily, a huge responsibility, the ability to "subordinate your passion to your mind".

Unfortunately, for three days we have been observing a situation of utter irresponsibility and a "parade of ambitions" demonstrated by Ukrainian "politicians" – both supporters of the incumbent President Poroshenko, as well as those who raise the banner of ex-governor Saakashvili.

At the same time, ordinary citizens of Ukraine do not feel anything except shame and disappointment. Is this the ideal of the democracy that was promised to them three years ago? Is this that "Europe", part of which, judging by the assurances of the first persons of the state, Ukraine has become?

Both sides went beyond common sense and morality. Now, there is no use in crying over your hair if you have lost your head.

30 August 2017

Ukraine: a Long Journey to Peace

Political disputes over Ukraine's fulfilment of its obligations under the Minsk Agreements are facing a number of insurmountable arguments. However, any sociology shows that the overwhelming majority of citizens of Ukraine express the desire for peace and understand the non-alternative nature of the Minsk Agreements.

Ukraine has got tired of the war. For the fourth year people are dying, victims number in tens of thousands, the economy has been put on a war footing, propaganda is imbued with the spirit of militarism and soldiery. It is worth admitting fairly that the Minsk Agreements themselves are not so much a panacea, but rather a temporary anaesthetic.

Ukraine needs to begin a discussion about a more capacious formula of peace, which would encompass the issue of co-existence of citizens within a single state. There is still a serious work ahead to restore not only the economy of the East of Ukraine, but also trust between people.

24 August 2017

Vadym Novynskyi on 112 TV Channel

On the air of 112 TV channel we talked about peace, about the notorious red lines in the speech of the President. If the authorities are trying to forbid the opposition to criticize themselves, making this in the form of an order, then they understand that things look completely bad for them.

Here are some keynotes from the program:

- I consider myself a true patriot of Ukraine. I live honestly, comply with Ukrainian laws, I pay taxes and I wish well to my country. While the one who has stolen even one penny from the state budget can never ever be called a patriot. The same as those who are running in camouflage with bats in their hands and terrorizing the country, they cannot be called patriots.

- The President says that criticism of those in power is playing into the hands of the aggressor. Do you propose that we wrap our mouths with cellotape and only say what a good president we have? This is against my heart and my conscience. This will not do!
24 August 2017

Congratulations to Ukrainians on the Independence Day!

When we talk about Ukraine's independence, we often do not think what kind of contents or sense we put in the very term "independence". The founding fathers of every country want to see it strong, influential, comfortable, authoritative and just. The generation of the founding fathers is followed by the next generations of politicians who should continue and further develop the initiated project.

According to the generally accepted approach in the history, a generation corresponds to 25 years. That means a new stage for Ukraine must begin this year. Ukrainians as a nation are in the process of consolidation.

Obviously there is a large number of tasks for us ahead. We must bring peace and sustainable development back to Ukraine. We must rebuild the economy that was destroyed (not only by the war, but also by senseless actions of the authorities). We must overcome mistrust and discord, poverty and corruption.
23 August 2017

Vadym Novynskyi is Guest of Pikhovshek LIVE TV Program

Yesterday I was on NewsOne TV channel in Pikhovshek LIVE program. The discussion was quite informative and substantial. Here are the keynotes of my answers to Vyacheslav Pikhovshek's questions:

- The Minsk agreements need to be implemented in order to commence the peace process in our country and to begin real consolidation, unification of the country. I will not tire of repeating that there are no alternatives to the Minsk agreements. There is no alternative to diplomatic solution to the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. It will not be solved in the military way. This is now acknowledged by everyone, but our authorities do not hear this.

- There is a large amount of hatred and intolerance in society now, which are supported by those in power. Every day blood of Ukrainians is spilled on both sides of the demarcation line. It is necessary to put an end to this conflict.

18 August 2017

Vadym Novynskyi Honoured the Memory of Barcelona Terrorist Attack Victims

Terrorism knows neither borders nor nationalities. It does not matter where a terrorist act took place – in the Saint Petersburg Metro, in Nice, London or Barcelona – this terrible evil must be condemned and dealt with by the whole world. Otherwise, this terrorist war will continue for a very long time, and there will be no end to it.

I am convinced that Ukraine must take an active part in the fight against terrorism on a global scale, and for this our special services should cooperate with all special services of the world. Yet, the first and the main step, the main contribution to overall security is to achieve a reliable, steady and so long-awaited peace in our own country.

14 August 2017

Prayer Service and Sacred Procession on the day of the Christianization of Rus

Today, on the day when we honour the Procession of the Venerable Wood of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord and on the first day of the Assumption Fast, let us recall the most significant and momentous event of the departing summer – a prayer service and the Sacred Procession in Kiev on the day of the Christianization of Rus'.

One hundred thousand people from all the eparchies of our country gathered on this day on the Saint Vladimir Hill near the monument to Saint Vladimir, the Grand Duke, Equal to the Apostles, the Evangelizer of Rus'.

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine led the prayer service and then the Sacred Procession. One hundred thousand believers in Kiev and millions throughout the country prayed for overcoming the turmoil and the split on our land, and most importantly, for the return of the long-awaited peace to Ukraine.

16 July 2017

Happy Metallurgists' and Miners' Day!

Today we are celebrating one of the most important professional holidays in Ukraine – the Metallurgists' and Miners' Day!

Teachers give us knowledge for the future, doctors give us medical treatment, military men defend us, and metallurgists and miners forge the economic power of our country!

A century and a half ago, it was mining and metallurgy that transformed the image of our country forever over several decades turning it into one of the most industrially developed and advanced ones.

And since then, day after day, at the blast furnaces and open-hearth furnaces, at crushing plants and processing plants, all of you representing these challenging and courageous professions, from generation to generation, from grandfathers to fathers and children, pass over your commitment to your cause, respect for your work and faith in the future, which you can build with your own laborous hands.
03 July 2017

Persecution of UOC Believers

On 29 June 2017, Kolomyya District Court held a hearing on police inaction and unlawful actions of the participants in the illegal takeover of the Annunciation Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the Feast of the Trinity Sunday.

The court complied with the complaint from the community of the Annunciation Church. However, during the court hearing, representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and right wing radical organizations behaved aggressively and applied physical force against the parishioners of the church.

Moreover, after the end of the court session, the priest of the Annunciation Church, Vitaliy Dimnich, was beaten in the courtroom.

We have to state that persecutions and attacks on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are not reducing, but rather growing up and taking an increasingly violent nature.
28 June 2017

Happy Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Dear friends!

Today we are celebrating one of the most important public holidays – the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

On this day, it is customary to recall our civil rights and duties, to recall that the law should always prevail and that the state should serve every citizen.

However, we should rather remember this constantly, every day.

Unfortunately, in everyday life, the rights and freedoms of citizens are roughly violated, and the Constitution is put into dependence on the memorandums of the International Monetary Fund, or even simply into dependence on the whims of those in power.

We have to state that there is no article of the Constitution that has not been violated or questioned lately, at least once!

25 June 2017

Your Beatitude! Our dear, blessed Grace!

For almost three years since the time of your election to the Primatial Service, you, sparing no effort, have been carrying a heavy cross of care for your people.

Your philanthropy, your humbleness, your wisdom are an inspiration for millions of Ukrainians in their desire to live and create in peace with themselves and with God.

You are a wonderful example of gentleness and humility, and your entire service is the embodiment of the call for turning from the evil and taking root in the good in order to live on the solid foundation of Christian morality.

Today our Church prayerfully commemorates Venerable Onuphrius, Heavenly Patron of Your Beatitude.

Your Beatitude! I would like to cordially congratulate you on your Name Day.
22 June 2017

Great Patriotic War, 76 years since

Seventy-six years ago, on 22 June 1941, the Great Patriotic War, the bloodiest and most destructive war in the history of our Motherland, began.

The war entered every house, every family, having ploughed people's peaceful life with tank track, with bombing, occupation, echelons, death camps, famine and slave labour, once and for all. Every family has its own story, its own destiny, but they all share one thing – the price that our people paid for the Great Victory.

Today is our true day of remembrance and sorrow for all the dead and all those whose life was crippled by that terrible war. Every second Ukrainian who went to the front did not return home. Every second of those who survived, returned disabled. Ukraine lost every fifth citizen over these black 1,418 days.

Their act of courage is unfadable! The memory of them is eternal!

15 June 2017

Attempt to Penetrate MP Novynskyi's Reception Office

On the night of Thursday, 15 June 2017, an attempt of unauthorized entry into the reception office of Vadym Novynskyi, a People's Deputy of Ukraine, was registered.

At around 3:00 in the morning, moving along the roofs of adjacent residential and administrative buildings, an unidentified person attempted to penetrate the reception office of the MP located on the second floor of the office building at 7A Igorevskaya Street.

After the alarm was triggered, the abuser disappeared, but was recorded by the security cameras.

At present, several versions of what has happened are being considered: from the possible preparation of an assault attempt to an attempt by the secret services to organize an unauthorized surveillance of the MP by installing special equipment. 

12 June 2017

Vadym Novynskyi on Air at NewsOne TV Channel on 8 June 2017

On Thursday, 8 June 2017, I was on the air at NewsOne TV channel. Here are some of the topics that we touched upon in our discussion:
  • People who will not think about their own pocket or just about themselves, but rather about the country and its citizens should come to power in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are no such people in power now.
  • For many years, the Ukrainian politics has been like a vicious circle where politicians, while being election candidates, are giving out promises, but having come to power, immediately forget about them.
  • The sooner the elections to the Verkhovna Rada are held, the better it is for Ukraine, because the current Parliament is the parliament of war. The coalition and those who have joined it are conducive to making war, and not to building and creating.
18 May 2017

Verkhovna Rada Refused to Put to Vote Anti-Church Draft Laws

Today, from early in the morning, tens of thousands of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church throughout the country have been praying for the admonition of the parliamentary members. In just the last few days, more than 300,000 signatures under appeals to people's deputies were collected. All because the session agenda for today, 18 May, included two anti-church, and one can say with certainty, anti-Ukrainian draft laws that could ultimately split the country and plunge it into a bloody confrontation on religious grounds. Their appearance on the agenda of the forthcoming plenary week caused a sheer storm of indignation both among the parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and representatives of the majority of other confessions in the country.

People began to unite in order to rebuff these undertakings of pseudo-patriots. Believers from all over the country gathered at the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. And they did it. Their opinion, their voices were heard.
09 May 2017

Victory Day Greetings!

Dear friends!

9 May has been and will remain the Day of the Great Victory for us.

No matter how many efforts those feigning blissful ignorance would put to devalue this day, to change its essence and its name, it will remain the bright and genuine celebration, reminiscent of the fact that any war comes to an end and peace always wins.

Understanding of this is now more than ever important for our people, for the whole Ukraine.

Happy Victory Day!

09 May 2017

On 9 May Vadym Novynskyi Honoured Memory of Those Fallen in the Great Patriotic War in the Park of Glory

On 9 May, together with veterans and colleagues, we visited the Park of Glory in Kiev and laid flowers to the Eternal Flame and to the monuments of Ivan Kozhedub, Sidor Kovpak and other heroes of Ukraine.

Like millions of Ukrainians across the country, we paid the tribute to the memory of and expressed our respect to all those who fought for their Motherland and made the Great Victory possible.

Later, in the same Park of Glory, a memorial service to those fallen during the Great Patriotic War was held by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy of Kiev and All Ukraine near the grave of the Unknown Soldier.
08 May 2017

Reburial of Those Fallen in the Great Patriotic War in Gatnoye Village

Traditionally, on the eve of the Victory Day, reburial of the Red Army soldiers fallen during the Great Patriotic War took place in Gatnoye village of Kiev region. For many years, Dnieper-Ukraine searching group has been searching for them. Today, the remains of 110 soldiers were buried during the solemn mourning ceremony.

I believe that the Great Patriotic War shall not be deemed ended until the last fallen soldier is buried.
02 May 2017

Vadym Novynskyi and Other Members of Opposition Bloc Honoured Memory of Odessa 2 May Tragedy

On May 2, Odessa has been mourning for the third year. Three years ago, a tragedy struck the city. Fire killed 42 people and six other died in clashes on the streets. From early morning, people are coming to the Kulikovo Field and bringing flowers to the door of the Trade Unions Building serving as an improvised memorial.

We, the opposition, have also come to Odessa to pay tribute to the victims. The authorities were preparing provocations against us. They were bringing thugs to the city against us and were waiting for us at the airports and on the highways. 

The authorities had little interest in the security and order in the city. The main thing was to stop, stifle any activities of the opposition.
30 April 2017

Greetings on the Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women!

Today, on the second week after the Easter, every Orthodox Christian prayerfully recalls the feat of several women whom we traditionally call the Myrrh-bearers.

I wish you love, good health and happiness to your families! And most importantly – I wish peace to you, your homes and all of Ukraine!

Happy holiday, our dear women!
28 April 2017

Novynskyi's Foundation Joined "Help the Heart Beat" Charity Project Implemented by the Heart Centre

Vadym Novynskyi's International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God (ICF) has become a partner of the charity project Help the Heart Beat implemented on the basis of the state institution Heart Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the current year, the ICF has financed the purchase of implants for 4 small patients – children aged 3.5 to 11 years from Kiev, Kharkov and Rovno regions. 
25 April 2017

Vadym Novynskyi's Speech at the PACE on 24 April 2017

On 24 April, at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Vadym Novynskyi urged the PACE Committee of Ministers to take measures to ensure progress in the investigation of the 2nd of May Odessa tragedy. No any notable results were achieved in the investigation during the three years. No less important was the issue of implementing the Minsk Agreements, particularly the fulfilment of the Agreements by both sides of the conflict. In addition, Vadym Novynskyi also paid special attention of the PACE to the issue of observance of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine, as well as to the need to strictly abide by the Assembly's demands to the Ukrainian authorities formulated in its January resolution on Ukraine.
16 April 2017

Metropolitan Anthony and Vadym Novynskyi Brought the Holy Fire to Ukraine

On Saturday evening, an official delegation from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church arrived in Kiev by a special flight from Jerusalem to bring the Holy Fire to the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine. Delivery of the Holy Fire became possible thanks to the help and participation of the Ukrainian businessman and people's deputy from the Opposition Bloc Vadym Novynskyi.
03 April 2017

Terrorist Attack in Saint Petersburg

Victims of terrorist attacks have no nationality, and there is no excuse for the perpetrators of terrorism. Terrorism is devoid of any morality and it knows no borders. It is ruthless, devoid of logic and sense, and only by unifying, can we counteract this evil.

We ask God to rest the souls of the victims of this tragedy and to give strength to all those who continue to love them and for whom the deceased will always remain an integral part of their lives.

23 March 2017

Completion of Restoration Work on the Aedicule (Edicule) in the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, Jerusalem

On Wednesday, 22 March, the week of the Veneration of the Cross, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (also known as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) in Jerusalem held an official ceremony to mark the completion of the restoration work on the Aedicule. I had the honour of attending this ceremonial event.

For the first time in over 200 years, restoration work was carried out on the most sacred monument in Christianity. The cost was met by private investors who contributed according to their available resources.
17 March 2017

Having Announced Transport Blockade of Eastern Donbass, the Government Capitulated to Radicals

The transport blockade has caused, and will continue to cause, enormous damage to the Ukraine’s economy. Many of the losses will not be recovered.

The figures speak for themselves. The total number of large, budget-revenue-generating companies and local economic mainstays that will be directly affected by the blockade of Donbass is over 150! This does not include the hundreds, if not thousands, of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.
17 February 2017

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated Representatives of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works on 120th Anniversary

Vadym Novynskyi took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works (Metinvest) in Mariupol.

Congratulating the employees of the steel plant on the landmark date, Vadym Novynskyi said: "Neither the blast furnaces, nor the rolling mills, nor the workshops are the main value of the plant. The main value is the team of Ilyich Works. I believe that the plant's employees are real patriots of their country, their city and the region. Through their hard work, employees of Ilyich Works strengthen the economic might of the country, forge its economic independence."
17 February 2017

The World is Changing

Vadym Novynskyi. A Member of the Ukrainian Parliament — on global changes and how Ukraine should adapt to live in peace and prosperity

The world as we know it is changing dramatically — the last time such changes took place was probably a quarter of a century ago when the established alliances and blocs of states were collapsing, borders were changing and new countries were being created. We are now once again witnessing a change in the world order and trends: instead of a liberal democracy the world is turning to conservative values — albeit with a touch of militant populism.
17 February 2017

Le monde évolue

Vadym NOVYNSKYI, le député du parti populaire, soulève le problème des changements mondiaux et des éventuelles solutions pour l'Ukraine afin de vivre dans la paix et prospérité.

Le monde d’aujourd’hui évolue avec une vitesse incroyable. Certainement, les derniers changements d’envergure ont eu lieu il y a un quart de siècle, quand s'écroulaient les unions établies entre les pays et les pays eux-mêmes, quand on a créé de nouveaux états et de nouvelles frontières. Aujourd’hui, nous assistons à une évolution de l'ordre mondial et de nouvelles tendances sur le champ politique. La démocratie libérale cède sa place aux valeurs plutôt conservatrices, limite légèrement touchées par le populisme, parfois agressif.
08 February 2017

Vadym Novynskyi made a Pilgrimage to the Holy Relics of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

Last week, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy and Vadym Novynskyi made a pilgrimage to the Italian city of Bari to the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, and to the Greek island of Corfu, where we venerated the relics of Saint Spyridon, Bishop of Trimythous.

These two saints are revered by the entire Orthodox world. Every day many believers address their prayers to them.

During our pilgrimage, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church prayed for peace in our country, and asked our Almighty Lord to return peace to the Ukrainian people!
06 February 2017

Humanitarian Aid

Last week, companies that are part of the Metinvest Group sent hundreds of tons of goods to the disaster area. These were staples needed for the sustenance of people affected by the escalation of violence.

In addition, last Thursday and Friday, we, Opposition MPs, sent further humanitarian supplies: medicines, food, blankets, heat guns, personal hygiene items for children and adults and fuel for power generators. We also supplied construction materials that proved to be particularly in demand.

We have helped, and always will help, whenever and wherever it is required by life circumstances. I will never tire of repeating that our main task is to reinstate PEACE on our land. 
03 February 2017

Comment from Vadym Novynskyi on the "Avdeevka crisis"

Unfortunately, the "Avdeevka crisis" continued yesterday. It continued in spite of the agreements and guarantees of a cease-fire. The agreements were broken. They were broken by both parties: Avdeevka, Donetsk and Makeevka all suffered from severe shelling where volley fire systems, large-caliber artillery and tanks prohibited by the Minsk Agreements were used. Yesterday, people were killed again. A lot of people. 

It is time to stop, it is time to put an end to the bloodshed, it is time to stop building political careers and making profits by using hatred, anger, suffering and human woe. Ukraine needs PEACE! Donbass needs PEACE! We all need PEACE! 
31 January 2017

Vadym Novynskyi’s Commentary on Avdeevka

Avdeevka and Yasinovataya are towns from the Anti-Terrorist Operation area in eastern Ukraine where armed clashes have been taking place over the last few days.

There have been dozens of fatalities including peaceful civilians on both sides of the demarcation line. Who is right and who is wrong? Each party has their own vision of the truth but you will never get back the human lives that have been lost. People are not the only ones who are being killed. The infrastructure is being destroyed, the factories have been stopped or closed down. Avdeevka is facing a humanitarian disaster.

Today, Ukraine, Ukrainians and especially Donbass need peace. Full stop.
26 January 2017

Vadym Novynskyi at PACE: This Report is a victory for the Opposition

On 25 January, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) voted on the Monitoring Committee’s Report Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Ukraine.

I consider this document to represent a real victory for the Ukrainian opposition and a confirmation of its recognition in Europe. 
24 January 2017

Vadym Novynskyi's Comment on the Report at the PACE Session

I am in Strasbourg at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

We have prepared a report on the unsound situation surrounding the Ukrainian church.

The Government's persistent interference in the affairs of the Church including attempts by politicians to outlaw the largest religious confession (the Ukrainian Orthodox Church), the constant attacks on bishops, the submission of draft laws discriminating against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the Verkhovna Rada – this is the contemporary reality in Ukraine. 
07 January 2017

Merry Christmas!

Today the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates one of the greatest events in the history of mankind – the Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our Lord came to Earth and manifested himself in the flesh so that we could be closer to God, as it once was in the creation of the world. He brought peace and blessings upon the world.

Congratulations to all of you on the occasion of this Feast. Peace, kindness and happiness to all of you.
31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Dear friends and readers! 

Every New Year's holiday is the time for reflecting on the old and welcoming in the new. We all really hope that the coming year will be better than the last. We all want to believe that only peace, goodness, joy and love await us. 

I wish you peace in your hearts, peace to your friends and peace to your families and homes! Peace, happiness and prosperity to Ukraine!
29 December 2016

Vadym Novynskyi's Meeting with Nicos Anastasiades, the President of the Republic of Cyprus

On 29 December, a meeting was held between Vadym Novynskyi and Nicos Anastasiades, the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

During the course of the discussions, a number of issues relating to the internal political situation in Ukraine, as well as aspects of the European Union's participation in the political settlement of the situation in Donbass, were covered.

Mr Anastasiades, as the Head of a European Union Member State, particularly stressed the need for all parties to implement the Minsk Agreements and underlined the absence of alternatives for achieving peace in Ukraine. 
24 December 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated Patriarch Ilia on the 39th Anniversary of Enthronement

On 24 December, a delegation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) headed by Metropolitan Onufriy of Kiev and All Ukraine arrived in Tbilisi. They celebrated the 39th Anniversary of the Enthronement of Patriarch Ilia. Being a member of the delegation, Vadym Novynskyi congratulated His Holiness on the occasion of this great date.
22 December 2016

Commentary of Vadym Novynskyi Regarding his Participation in Ukrainian Delegation in PACE

"I have become a member of the Ukrainian parliamentary delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on behalf of our faction of the Opposition Bloc party. I have multiple international meetings with my fellow parliamentarians from various countries of Europe. We often exchange our views, information, assessments of what is happening. It was logical to supplement this alternative diplomacy with such a distinguished political and communication platform as the PACE."
13 December 2016

Vadym Novynskyi met with His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem

Restoration of the Aedicule (Edicule) in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is nearing completion. The Aedicule, a small domical chapel in the centre of the Temple's Rotunda, contains the Holy Sepulchre – the most hallowed Christian shrine. World renowned experts have been involved in the restoration. The most advanced, and in many ways unique, technologies are being applied. The repairs are due to be completed by Easter 2017.

Vadym Novynskyi discussed moderate participation in the reconstruction of the Aedicule with His Holiness Patriarch Theophilos.
07 December 2016

The Truth will Always Find Its Way

"I believe that lies have short legs and that the truth will always find its way.

In my periodical opinion article for the Ukrainskaya Pravda, I spoke about some specific methods of the current government in the fight against political opponents, as well as described the details of how the so-called "case" is being framed up, which the authorities hope to use to ram up political and economic repressions against me."
04 December 2016

Celebration of the Entry of the Most Holy Virgin into the Temple

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

It is a wonderful winter family-friendly celebration of our Church of Christ.

Congratulations, my friends! I wish you peace, kindness and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s protection!

16 November 2016

Details of a Case, Under Which the General Prosecutor’s Office Contemplates Scrapping the Parliamentary Immunity of Vadym Novynskyi (Video)

This footage casts light on the details of the 2013 headline-making case about the detention of two members of the religious community by people connected to Metropolit Drabynka. The event is directly connected to the so-called “church” case whereby representatives of the former authorities pressurised His Beatitude Vladimir to relinquish his leadership of Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The case is currently being investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office which submitted a request to The Verkhovna Rada to scrap the parliamentary immunity of the People’s Deputy Vadym Novynskyi so that he can be questioned.
16 November 2016

A third Maydan may not be necessary, elections are

As Kyiv girds herself for what some are already calling the “third Maydan,” Ukrainians have long since concluded that the first two didn’t work out so well. On Saturday, as many as 100,000 demonstrators are expected in the capital’s main square, and the government is already making its own preparations to contain them by closing streets and deploying police. We have seen this movie before.
15 November 2016

Vadym Novynskyi On “The Big Interview” TV Programme With Yevgeniy Kiselev (Video)

On 14th November 2016 Vadym Novynskyi was a guest on Yevgeniy Kiselev’s "Big Interview" on News One TV-channel. The programme covered a wide range of topics including the authorities’ attitude towards the Opposition Bloc Party, Vadym Novynskyi’s opinion on the potential scrapping of his parliamentary immunity and the overall situation in the Ukrainian economy. 
03 November 2016

Vadym Novynskyi’s Comments on the Prosecutor General’s Request to Lift His Parliamentary Immunity

So far, I have not received any request from the Administrative Office of the Verkhovna Rada to lift my parliamentary immunity. Neither has the Prosecutor General’s office raised any charges against me since October 31, the date on which I received a formal response from this authority.

So, what is the Prosecutor General’s Office trying to accuse me of? According to Lutsenko, it is my so-called involvement in putting “illegal pressure on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to remove the now-deceased Metropolitan Volodymyr from his post.” The Church knows my attitude towards His Beatitude who had been undergoing medical treatment, which I supported. Only the unscrupulous would have the heart to say that I wished him ill. 
28 October 2016

A Speech by Vadym Novynskyi During the Ceremonial Ship Launching, Dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the Kherson Shipyard

Dear Kherson residents! Dear plant workers, veterans and guests! I congratulate you on this remarkable date – the 65th anniversary of the founding of our plant in 1951. Over 300 vessels have been built during this period, including the 40 vessels produced over the past decade. It is notable that a new vessel is being launched today, on the anniversary, as a response to those who do not believe in the prospects for the shipbuilding industry. 
21 October 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: We are Ready to Work with Any Political Force for the Implementation of the Minsk Memorandum

On 19th October the “Normandy Group” met for another round of negotiations. The Parties agreed to complete a roadmap for the implementation of the memorandum, and that is an undeniably positive development. Another important result is the outlining of concrete steps on how to proceed: local elections will be held in Donbass, and controls of national borders will be restored. 

05 October 2016

Vadym Novynskyi met with Grzegorz Schetyna

On 5 October 2016, Vadym Novynskyi had a working meeting in Warsaw with Mr Grzegorz Schetyna, the Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and the leader of the Civic Platform opposition party in Poland.

At the meeting, the parties were able to discuss a wide range of issues relating to the situation in Ukraine and Ukrainian-Polish relations. 
28 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi met with Maurizio Gasparri, Vice President of the Italian Senate

During the meeting, the parties discussed several topics relating to Ukraine including the Minsk Agreements, the situation regarding freedom of speech in the country and the persecution of the opposition.

In particular, Vadym Novynskyi noted: "I think it is very important to convey to our European partners an alternative point of view on what is happening in Ukraine".
25 September 2016

Searches at Smart-Holding

Today, over two hundred people in camouflage stormed Smart-Holding’s Head Office and other companies that are part of the ‘Smart Holding’ group (of which I am a beneficiary). Not only causing criminal damage, this violates all legal procedures and ethical standards. I consider that such actions are designed to put maximum pressure on me as a member of the opposition. 

23 September 2016

The west looks on as corruption and bigotry rule in the 'new Ukraine'

Two years ago, the west looked at Ukraine with enthusiasm. These days, the sentiments are closer to despair and fatigue. My country has not had the European breakthrough that was promised. Those who came to power in Kiev to the applause of western elites now hope that their international partners will turn a blind eye to the way they run the country.
22 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Ukrainian People Have the Right to Know What the Ukrainian Government and the IMF Have Agreed

In cooperation with colleagues from the Opposition Bloc Party, we have filed a draft decree at the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine with a request to the Government to disclose the content of the agreements reached with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to unofficial reports appearing in the Ukrainian mass media, state-owned assets have been sold at knockdown prices (including profitable businesses), tariffs have been raised, pensions frozen and, most importantly, agricultural land has been offered for sale to foreign investors.
15 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Core Task Now Is to Neutralise the Opposition of ‘Hawks’ Within the Country

It is time for all Ukrainian politicians to realise that seeking a compromise in Donbass is not a reaching compromise with Putin. It is a compromise within Ukraine and for the sake of Ukraine’s future. The core task now is to neutralise the opposition of ‘hawks’ within the country. We need fundamental change and to rescue the national economy. We need to overcome hostilities and misunderstandings, to work towards peace and social reconciliation.
02 September 2016

Conservative Politician

"I live according to the law and my conscience. I am not going to flee the country, although many would like me to". - interview of Vadym Novynskyi to Korrespondent
01 September 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: do not Fabricate Criminal Cases against the Opposition in Order to Confiscate Their Businesses

Today the mass media have been active in circulating a report first published on Ukrainska Pravda’s website. The article states that the Prosecutor General’s Office (GPU) of Ukraine, is allegedly preparing a request to the Verkhovna Rada to lift my parliamentary immunity. I can say the following: I am not aware of this, or anything related to it. To the best of my knowledge, there is no basis for stripping me of my immunity, as there are no accusations against me on which I might be charged.
18 August 2016

Waiting for the Political Autumn

In the summer of 2016 society overcame its fear. People showed they had the courage to stand up and be counted. The Holy Cross Procession organised on the initiative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, combined the West and East of Ukraine. Thousands of believers and millions of compassionates participated, showing how the forces fighting for peace and unity, and against war and discord, are organised.

When several months ago I wrote about post-revolution, I meant that Ukraine was on the threshold of the new relations, with qualitatively new processes inside society. These processes emerged in the summer of 2016. 

16 August 2016

Investigation into Odessa Tragedy Officially Enters International Arena

Today Vadym Novynskyi, Yurii Boiko and Mykola Skoryk laid flowers outside Odessa’s Trade Union Building to remember the tragedy of May 2nd 2014, completing what they were prevented from doing on the anniversary of the ‘Odessa Khatyn’.

They talked to some of the bereaved families and told them that two sets of documents had been filed at the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. These documents provide evidence of the Ukrainian government’s failure to make a prompt and impartial investigation into the events of May 2.
27 July 2016

Sacred Procession

Today, the Procession that united believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Svyatohirska and Pochayevska Lavra, ended in Kyiv. Pilgrims had walked 1,200 km from the East and West of Ukraine and the procession culminated in a service on Saint Volodymyr’s Hill. Prayers for unity, peace and reconciliation in Ukraine were also held inside the walls of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and were dedicated to the Day of Kievan Rus' Christianisation.

27 July 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: the Sole Purpose of the Religious Procession is Peace and Order in the Country

The Kiev Holy Cross procession is an entirely non-political event. Since time immemorial, when countries have faced crises and instability, the faithful have gathered together for religious processions. And now with the ongoing fratricidal war in our country (yet to be resolved by politicians), the Orthodox Church has blessed this religious procession for peace and reconciliation in Ukraine. Symbolically, the pilgrimage will begin from two opposite corners of the country: one group will start at the Sviatohirsk Lavra in the East of Ukraine, and the other from the Pochaiv Lavra in the West. They will converge on Kyiv for a joint procession, which symbolises the unification of our country.
22 July 2016

Vadym Novynskyi’s Commentary on Searches at Smart-Holding Group Companies

"Today, unlawful searches are being conducted once again in a number of companies that are part of the Smart-Holding Group. Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine, under the guise of questionable court decisions, have entered company offices, stating that their purpose is to investigate the issue of alleged “involvement of the company in the financing of terrorism.”

It is quite clear that it is a brazen, illegal attack on me as a beneficiary of the group of companies. The sole reason is my unbending political and public stand against the current Government, and my activities as patron of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
21 July 2016

Novynskyi: the Authorities are Trying to Take Control of the Church

Vadym Novynskyi spoke to RIA Novosti Ukraina (Ukrainian News) about the disaffection in society, the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church and this summer’s Holy Cross religious procession.

Although representatives of the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) were the only people who attempted to reconcile the opposing parties during the Maiden (2014), it is the only canonical church that has become a thorn in the flesh of the politicians who have since come to power. The violent seizure of churches attacks on members of the clergy, and persecution of the faithful – all this has become the sad reality for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has the largest number of followers in Ukraine. 
17 July 2016

С Днем металлурга и горняка!

Уважаемые металлурги и горняки!

Поздравляю вас с профессиональным праздником!

Убежден - металлургическая отрасль Украины была, есть и будет основой экономической стабильности страны. Именно она позволяет национальной экономике выстоять перед обрушившимися на нее в последние годы глобальными и внутриполитическим вызовами. Именно она продолжает обеспечивать высокий уровень занятости, наполняемость бюджета, а также рост интеллектуально-промышленного потенциала страны.

11 July 2016

Comment on Statement by Parliament Speaker Andrey Parubiy on All Ukrainian Religious Procession

Today the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Andrey Parubiy, at the Coordinating Board Meeting of the Parliamentary Factions openly called for a crackdown against those citizens who support the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s peaceful, non-political Sacred Procession. This statement, voiced by the leader of the supreme legislative body of the state, is another piece of proof that the current authorities shamelessly trample on the Laws of Ukraine. They consider slander and discrimination against our citizens based on their religious position as a normal practice.

30 June 2016

Vadym Novynskyi commented on the Decision of the Pan-Orthodox Council "On Autonomy and the Means of Proclaiming It"

The Pan-Orthodox Council, which was concluded on 24 June 2016 on Crete, adopted a decision "On Autonomy and the Means of Proclaiming It", among a number of important decisions regulating the life of the Church. In fact, it has been recognized that a Church can gain autonomy, as well as autocephaly, only with the consent of the Principal Church (Mother Church). This provision has put an end to insinuations that were actively promoted by individual heresiarchs, and some narrow-minded politicians, and demagogues in Ukraine.
25 June 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Commented on Parliament's Address to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople

Why did the Verkhovna Rada lay itself open to universal ridicule and adopt the Address to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew? The document adopted by the Parliament is not only null and void from a legal point of view (as it contravenes the applicable law and was signed by the speaker, A.Parubiy, contrary to the Regulations), but it is also disastrously illiterate from a historical, canonical and theological viewpoint.
19 June 2016

Happy Holy Trinity Day

Blessed art Thou, O Christ our God, Who hast revealed the fishermen as most wise by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit - through them Thou didst draw the world into Thy net. O Lover of Man, glory to Thee!

Happy holiday my friends! Happy Holy Trinity Day! Happy birthday to our Church!

17 June 2016

Today We Must Unite Around Our Common Goal

Vadym Novynskyi in his interview to "Segodnia" newspaper talked about political activity of the Parliament faction "Opposition Bloc" and forecasted further development of Ukraine.
06 June 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Congratulated Journalists on Their Professional Holiday

Dear Journalists! Thank you for the important work you do every day to keep people informed, aware and accountable. The importance of your role is difficult to overestimate, particularly in these times of crisis. The words that journalists are the “fourth estate” are far from empty. We, both politicians and journalists, must respect the important public trust we hold and the huge responsibility it entails. We all have a duty to convey information and facts accurately to the public.
27 May 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Joined Political Executive Committee of Opposition Bloc

Delegates of the VII Congress of the Opposition Bloc approved a revised charter and elected the governing bodies of the party. Vadym Novynskyi joined the political executive committee of Opposition Bloc. The Congress delegated the task to the party's executive committee of starting the process of consolidation of all opposition forces, politicians, opinion leaders and representatives of local authorities who have an interest in the future of the country.

09 May 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Laid Wreath on the Grave of an Unknown Soldier

On May 9, 2016 Vadym Novynskyi together with other leaders of the Opposition Bloc Party went to the Eternal Glory Park (Park Vechnoy Slavy) to honour the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the Great Victory. The Opposition Bloc Deputies laid flowers on the grave of the Unknown Soldier. “It is everyone’s duty to honour the memory of those who gave their lives fighting against fascism” declared Vadym Novynskyi.
09 May 2016

No One Is Forgotten - Nothing Is Forgotten!

Vadym Novynskyi: "I don’t know any family from Leningrad to Vladivostok, from the Arctic Circle to Central Asia, who did not suffer from this horrible war. That is why it is our moral duty to preserve the memory of Our Great Victory!" 
08 May 2016

Tomorrow is the Anniversary of our Great Victory

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Our Great Victory. Many good, kind and exalted words will be said. For some people, it is a day of celebration, with feelings of excitement and commemorated with “the commissar’s ration,” the soldiers 100 grams of vodka. However, a lot of criticism will also be levelled at our holiday. It is a day when some people will pour scorn and hatred onto everything honourable associated with the Victory.
07 May 2016

Reburial Ceremony of World War II Heroes

A Commemoration Service to mark the reburial of the soldiers who died defending Kiev has been held at the Liberation Memorial in the village of Hatne, Kyiv region. World War II veterans were among those who attended, as were leaders of the Opposition Bloc.  
02 May 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: Concerned Government Blocks our Entry into Odessa

Representatives of ‘Svoboda’ and ‘AutoMaidan’ have prevented Vadym Novynskyi and Yurii Boiko, Deputies (MPs) from the Opposition Bloc, from leaving the terminal at Odessa Airport. The aim of these protestors was to prevent the Opposition delegation from attending a service commemorating the 48 people who died, and 247 people injured, during the 2014 clashes in Odessa. 

The Remembrance Service was due to be held in Odessa at 14:00. Not wanting to escalate the situation, the Parliamentarians flew back to Kyiv. 

01 May 2016

Happy Easter!

Today is a wonderful holiday, the most significant, the happiest and the most life affirming of all the feasts. Today millions of Christians, together as a family, will go to church and receive the millennial good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Happy Easter! Christ has Risen!
30 April 2016

Metropolitan Antonii and Vadym Novynskyi Bring Holy Fire to Ukraine

On April 30, the eve of Easter Sunday, the Holy Fire was brought on a special flight from Jerusalem to Kyiv.

A lamp with a flame from the Holy Fire was delivered to Ukraine by the Bishop of Boryspil and Brovary, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Antonii and the Ukrainian Member of Parliament from the Opposition Bloc Vadym Novynskyi. Novynskyi has sponsored this event for several years. 
29 April 2016


I am a Ukrainian patriot. I made my choice consciously and I am not going to change my mind. I followed my convictions, when I became a Ukrainian citizen, no matter how many of my detractors claim the contrary. I live and work here, I pay taxes here, and I abide by the laws here. My future is here. I care about the fate of the country that I now call home.
26 April 2016

Vadym Novynskyi Once Again Covered the Issue of His Citizenship

“There is not a grain of truth in the so-called ‘petition’. It is a lie from the beginning to the end. It is a pity that such a tool, which is expected to draw the President’s attention to truly important issues, has turned into a farce and become an instrument in Ukraine’s political and economic struggle. This indicates the weakness of online resources." 
13 April 2016

Vadym Novynskyi: by Ending the War, Ukraine will Recover 20% of its Economic Potential

Two years ago, the Government took the path to war and declared an Anti-terrorist Operation (ATO) in Donbass. The ATO has led to tens of thousands of casualties and billions of dollars damage to the infrastructure and environment. To resolve this crisis we have to implement the Minsk Agreement, with the aim of bringing peace to Ukraine and recovering the 20% of economic potential that has been wasted as a result of the conflict. According to the People’s Deputy (MP) from the Opposition Bloc, Vadym Novynskyi, the government is obliged to implement these agreements or hold fresh elections.
04 March 2016

The transfer of Sofiya Kyivska’s Refectory to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate will leave it without its UNESCO Heritage Status – MP Novynskyi

Attempts by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture to make the leadership of the National Reserve Saint Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv conclude an agreement with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate for the free use of the national architectural monument – the Refectory (Malaya Sofiya) - will jeopardize the existence of an integral site and will lead to its losing its status as a UNESCO world heritage site, thinks Vadym Novynskyi, an MP and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Spirituality.

06 February 2015

Novynskyi`s Press Office Say He Received The Citizenship of Ukraine Legally

The press office of Novynskyi reported that all the actions for the withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation envisaged by the legislation of Ukraine have been carried out by the People's Deputy in the established order.

"We consider it necessary to officially announce that the documents on the renunciation of Russian citizenship, including the confirmation of the surrender of the general civil and foreign passports of the Russian Federation, are available for the competent authorities of Ukraine," the deputy`s press office noted.

The press office of Vadym Novynskyi draws attention to the inadmissibility of disseminating false information and calls for careful checking of information before it is made public.