06 July 2022
Vadym Novynskyi resigned as a deputy
I have decided to resign as a People's Deputy of Ukraine and focus on humanitarian projects, on developming the national economy, serving the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and restoring destroyed churches.
08 March 2022
Vadym Novynskyi's Position on Armed Aggression of Russian Federation
Vadym Novynskyi, shareholder of Smart Holding investment group and a People's Deputy of Ukraine, expressed his position to Radio Svoboda on Russia's armed aggression and spoke about the assistance of the Group's businesses to the country at this difficult ...
26 April 2021
Vadym Novynskyi Urged the Parliament and the Government to Reinstate Benefits and Social Assistance to Chornobyl Clean-up Veterans
Vadym Novynskyi, the People's Deputy of Ukraine (MP), a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Reintegration of Donbas, highlighted this on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. ...
23 February 2021
Vadym Novynskyi's Statement on the Latest NSDC Decisions
The latest decisions of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to ban broadcasting of TV channels and impose sanctions against some citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, as well as against a list of legal entities accused of financing terrorism, raise major concerns. The NSDC is an important collective body in the structure of the presidential power, and it is entitled to consider such questions and impose sanctions, within the framework stipulated by the Constitution and legislation. And sanctions indeed are a powerful and effective tool for protecting the national security of Ukraine. However, it is unacceptable that the NSDC is used as an instrument of pressure on journalists, public figures and leaders of political parties.

05 February 2021
‘I consider the current situation in the media environment and around the television channels as extremely unhealthy and alarming,' Vadym Novynskyi commented on the TV channels’ blocking
A truly unhealthy situation with freedom of speech and the activities of the mass media has developed in Ukraine. The closure of three television channels, as well as the Nazi radicals' attempts to attack NASH TV channel, are an alarming signal to society that the practice of silencing of dissent, which was so actively harnessed during the Petro Poroshenko time, is coming back to the country. Journalists who have opinions different from the official ones are labelled as “separatists”, “vatniks” (sort of Pro-Russian jingoists) and “agents of Moscow”. The channels are accused of "working for enemy propaganda" without a court order and thorough examination. A new wave of “witch hunt” commences.

In this situation, the first thing attention should...
11 December 2020
Office of the Prosecutor General Denied Opening of a Crime Case Against Vadym Novynskyi
Yesterday, some media outlets released information about “the opening of a case against people's deputy (MP) Novynskyi", referring to RBC-Ukraine as the information source. Today, the Office of the Prosecutor General gave its official clarification ...
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