14 April 2016
Vadym Novynskyi: the Opposition Bloc was the Only Party that Voted against the New Prime Minister’s Appointment
“The Opposition Bloc was the only Parliamentary Group that voted against the new Prime Minister’s appointment. All the other groups, calling themselves the opposition, voted along party lines rather than personal conviction. Thus, it remains to be seen who is the true opposition and who is just a puppet in the government’s hands.”
13 April 2016
Vadym Novynskyi: by Ending the War, Ukraine will Recover 20% of its Economic Potential
Two years ago, the Government took the path to war and declared an Anti-terrorist Operation (ATO) in Donbass. The ATO has led to tens of thousands of casualties and billions of dollars damage to the infrastructure and environment. To resolve this crisis we have to implement the Minsk Agreement, with the aim of bringing peace to Ukraine and recovering the 20% of economic potential that has been wasted as a result of the conflict. According to the People’s Deputy (MP) from the Opposition Bloc, Vadym Novynskyi, the government is obliged to implement these agreements or hold fresh elections.
17 February 2016
The Country needs a complete change of power and a new, functional political system

Yesterday's farce in Parliament is an attempt by the incumbent authorities to evade responsibility for the most serious crisis since the country got its independence 25 years ago. Our political party did not have, and does not have, the slightest desire to participate in this sham!

17 February 2016
Vadym Novynskyi: there should be a Change of Government – re-Election of the Parliament and the President
Vadym Novynskyi, one of the leaders of the Opposition Bloc spoke to AgroPolit.com in an exclusive telephone interview. He explained that the faction had voted on a resolution expressing dissatisfaction with the cabinet of ministers, but had refrained from voting for its resignation.
06 February 2015
Novynskyi`s Press Office Say He Received The Citizenship of Ukraine Legally
The press office of Novynskyi reported that all the actions for the withdrawal from the citizenship of the Russian Federation envisaged by the legislation of Ukraine have been carried out by the People's Deputy in the established order.

"We consider it necessary to officially announce that the documents on the renunciation of Russian citizenship, including the confirmation of the surrender of the general civil and foreign passports of the Russian Federation, are available for the competent authorities of Ukraine," the deputy`s press office noted.

The press office of Vadym Novynskyi draws attention to the inadmissibility of disseminating false information and calls for careful checking of information before it is made public.
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