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I consider achievement of sustainable peace in the Donbass as a key element of my program. People should no longer lose their loved ones. It is time to boldly look into the future without checkpoints and military equipment.
Another priority task is to introduce a mechanism of state compensation to civilians affected by hostilities: compensation for destroyed housing, damaged property and compensation in the event of loss of family members. I insist that the state is obliged to provide payments to such people, taking into account the circumstances of each of them.
I will be representing the interests of Mariupol residents in the Verkhovna Rada and I am convinced that Mariupol should become a showcase of the renewed Donbass.
Mariupol residents deserve having the best city in the Azov Sea area. We need government programs that will help develop the city. Large businesses operating here are ready and will be able to contribute to the future of the city even more. Yet, the city needs foreign investors to arrive, especially in the field of urban infrastructure. Here, a clear answer should be government guarantees that will be drawn in for specific projects.
Another factor for successful development of the city will be the signing of a ten-year memorandum guaranteeing investment support to Mariupol from companies that are local economic mainstays. This primarily applies to the development of facilities that are socially significant for Mariupol residents.
Resort city
It is necessary to change the status of Mariupol from the near front-line monocity to an urban resort by the sea. The sea should become a new growth point for the city. 

  •  Support, at the state level, of the expansion of Mariupol's administrative borders westwards. Mariupol should become a driving force for the development of not only the city's community, but also all the surrounding territories.
  •  Support for the expansion of the coastline in order to set up new beaches and embankments, including the construction of comfortable housing for city residents.
  •  Initiative to give Mariupol a special economic status as a strategically important city of Ukraine. The goal is to implement efficient pilot projects, including projects in the construction industry.
All this will provide a solid foundation for the development of a tourist destination.
Implementation of the concept of Mariupol as a resort city is impossible without a developed transport infrastructure.

  •  Ensuring full scope of government funding for the reconstruction of Mariupol-Zaporozhye highway (“road of life”)
  •  Promotion and support, at the state level, of the idea to organize civil air service for Mariupol. The new airport should become one of the starting points for the development of the tourist potential of the city by the sea. 
  •  Optimization of railway connection options for city residents and visitors
Mariupol needs clean steel-making industry and clear sky. These two conditions will make up a unique strength of the city. Priorities in this area are:

  •  Creation of conditions, at the state level, to continue deep technical re-equipment programs for steel-making companies in order to minimize environmental impact.
  •  Revision of the environmental tax administration mechanism. 100% of the tax should remain in industrial cities and should be directed to solving their problems.
Support for small and medium-sized businesses
The state should support private entrepreneurial initiative. Mariupol has enormous potential for creating powerful economic clusters that will bring expanding opportunities for the development of the city by the sea.

The priority task is to create a concept for supporting micro- and small businesses that will help create jobs and reduce the outflow of labour migration from Ukraine. 
Youth education is what makes the city attractive to everyone. The main task here is to facilitate the continuation of the program to modernize educational institutions of Mariupol in cooperation with large industrial enterprises.

  •  To expand cooperation programs between the city's vocational schools and industrial enterprises
  •  To promote construction of the students’ campus for visiting students
  •  To promote the idea of building a modern avant-garde style library in the city.
All this will keep the intellectual potential of the city. Young people will stay here if they are provided with a wide range of choices of specialties/profession, and a high level of education.
Mariupol has the right to quality healthcare services and will receive the best medical practices and personnel.

  •  Providing targeted financing for multidisciplinary hospitals, including the purchase of advanced medical equipment.
  •  Implementation of state health insurance programs, including those for socially vulnerable groups of citizens.
  •  Implementation of governmental and municipal programs to reduce the cost of the most demanded medicines for pensioners and veterans.
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