25 March 2022
At the request of Zaporizhya city authorities, Vadym Novynskyi Charitable Foundation provided assistance to the city hospital of emergency and medical care and the city hospital №9. These hospitals provide round-the-clock medical care to victims of hostilities.

The fund purchased 60 vacuum therapy devices and 1,050 sets of consumables worth over UAH 15 million.

*Vacuum therapy is a modern method of wound healing. Vacuum therapy devices are used to clean the surface of wound damage and accelerate healing of skin.

We thank all doctors who save lives beyond the limits!

In total, Vadym Novynskyi Charitable Foundation and Smart Holding businesses have allocated over UAH 135 million to support Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

Metinvest Group, whose shareholder is Smart Holding, provides significant assistance to Ukraine at this difficult time.
You can read more about the Group's humanitarian projects at https://bit.ly/3Hfj71O
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