Progress of Ukraine

Growth of Ukraine
18 November 2022
The country's industrial restart: "Ukraine's resource potential should become a platform for modern industrialization of Ukraine", - believes Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart Holding
"Smart-Holding, as a strategic investor in Ukraine, despite the destruction and damage caused by the full-scale war, plans to continue investing in domestic businesses and search for new opportunities," said Julia Kiryanova, speaking on November 17 at the ...
Growth of Ukraine
09 November 2022
Metinvest Pays Almost UAH18 billion in Taxes in First Nine Months of 2022
Despite the war, Metinvest Group continues to provide unwavering economic support to Ukraine. Taking into account associated companies and joint ventures, in the first nine months of 2022, the Group paid almost UAH18 billion in taxes and fees to budgets ...
Growth of Ukraine
11 September 2022
“Metinvest Together! psychological service” helps over 1,100 employees
Metinvest Together! psychological service was launched as a response to life challenges, to help the company’s employees during the war. The project is a success, judging by 1,113 individual and group support sessions as well as a number of positive ...
Growth of Ukraine
08 September 2022
"Metinvest" once again confirms the fulfillment of its debt obligations, having paid the coupon for Eurobonds-2027
Metinvest B.V. (Netherlands) reaffirms the continued fulfillment of its debt obligations, in particular to bondholders, despite the war in Ukraine.
Growth of Ukraine
07 September 2022
Speech by CEO "Smart Holding" at the economic forum in the Polish city of Karpach
"The beneficiary of the Marshall Plan is not only Ukraine. This is the Plan for the Reformation of Europe" — the speech of the CEO of "Smart Holding" at the economic forum in the Polish city of Karpacz
Growth of Ukraine
02 September 2022
Smart Energy Group paid 1.84 bln UAH in taxes in the first half of 2022
In the first half of the current year, the companies of Smart Energy Group paid a total of 1.84 bln UAH in taxes to the budgets of all levels, including 772.4 mln UAH of rent payments for the subsoil use.
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