23 July 2018

Every nation has its own national shrines. However, there are not so many centres on the globe that have an unquestioned international spiritual authority and attract thousands of people from all corners of the world every day.

For Orthodox Christians, the Holy Dormition Kiev Pechersk Lavra, one of the four abodes of the Holy Mother, and the place where the monasticism of Holy Russia was born, has been one of such centres for centuries.

Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the revival of monastic life in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

After years of persecution for faith and after oblivion, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra was one of the first in the USSR to return to our Mother Church in the year of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. In many respects, the process of spiritual revival in our society began with this. Therefore, the 30th anniversary of the revival of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra is also the anniversary of the end of the "godless captivity", the anniversary of the "new baptism" and the appeal to God.

Over centuries, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra was and remains a sacred place of promise for our people. Here is the heart and soul of our people.

Congratulating you on this anniversary, I want to wish everyone a prayerful intercession from Saint Anthony and all the Kiev Pechersk saints.

Peace and love to us all!

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