28 October 2021
Dear friends,

I congratulate you on a truly warm and bright holiday – the day of the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis. It was on this autumn day in 1944 when the territory of our country was completely freed from the “brown plague”, when the last German soldier was driven out of Ukraine. The reunification of the Ukrainian lands became final.

However, the liberation of Ukraine did not become the day from which a peaceful life could be counted. The Great Patriotic War continued, more soldiers died, and elimination of collaborator groups continued in the rear. Yet Ukraine was already free!

On this day, we will all remember our forebearers – our grandfathers, fathers, and great-grandfathers – who defeated the enemy and defended our today’s right to life. Victory and everything that is associated with it enables us to remain humane in the current conditions, despite attempts to rewrite history and shift emphasis.

I congratulate you on this day! I wish you peace, good health and new achievements. We all stand on the shoulders of the titans who defeated the enemies of humanity in a fierce battle. We all bow our heads to their memory!

Congratulation on the Day of Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders!
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