12 September 2021

There are figures in history who left a memory that is indestructible by time. Prince Alexander Yaroslavich, who went down in history as Alexander Nevsky, became one of such personalities who appeared at a challenging time, in the bloody years of trials that fell to the lot of Rus’. One of the iconic figures in medieval history, the scale of which went beyond the borders of Rus’. Four times elected Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Vladimir, for 14 years – Grand Prince of Kyiv, a commander who did not lose a single battle, a skilful diplomat who maintained relations with European monarchs and with Khan of the Golden Horde, a man who saved Rus’ from the final ruin caused by the Mongol-Tatars, and from enslavement by the crusaders, a sincerely religious person who proved his allegiance to the Church. And all this is during 42 years that the Lord gave him for earthly life! For his merits, Alexander was canonized in the 16th century and our Church glorified him as a Saint. Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky. It is especially important that 2021 is the year of the 800th anniversary of the Prince’s birthday.

Prince Alexander is a truly titanic personality. It is no coincidence that the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg, as well as more than 160 churches in 25 countries (including 11 in Ukraine) were built in his memory. One of the most important military leadership awards of the times of the Great Patriotic War bears his name. The leadership of the Soviet Union referred to the name of Alexander Nevsky, among other prominent commanders, in its call to citizens to fight the Nazis. This is also a figure that unites peoples, rather than separating them, as Alexander belongs equally to the history of Russia and the history of Ukraine.

Happy Feast Day!

Congratulations on the Memory Day of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky!

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