07 April 2020

Dear Friends, Congratulations on the Occasion of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary!

The prophecy about the birth of the world's Saviour came true, unnoticeable for the whole world. The good news – the main news for all the humankind – came quietly, peacefully and joyfully, like everything genuine and great, without loud statements and pompous words. The world changed in a flash, because full faith of the human, the Virgin Mary, to God was revealed.

Today, unconditional faith in Christ of each of us can be a decisive force that will help overcome all troubles and diseases in this world. Trust in God, His Providence and holy will is the main condition of our faith.

Any panic and hysteria will keep away from you, no illnesses will be threatening you, and no trials will overcome you if your faith in the Lord is strong.

Let us rejoice at the light that Christ gave us, and let us be going towards this light with confidence that the darkness will soon dissipate and the Sun of Truth, our Lord and God Jesus Christ will triumph forever!

I wish joy, health, strong faith, light and goodness to all of you!

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