30 September 2021

September 30 is the day of remembrance of the holy martyrs Vira, Nadiya, Liubov (Faith, Hope, Love) and their mother Sophia, who lived in Rome and suffered for Christ in the second century.

“Sophia” is translated from Greek as “wisdom”. Saint Sophia sought to instil in her daughters such moral guidelines that would help them in any life situation. She even gave them their names in honour of the main Christian virtues.

Faith is the foundation of our entire life. That is what fills it with content and meaning, sense.

Hope gives us strength to go forward and improve. You cannot build a bright future without it.

Love and its fruits are all the best and most beautiful things that surrounds us in this life. The acquisition of love is the pinnacle of spiritual perfection.

We all have a lot to learn from the wise mother – Saint Sophia.

A healthy and prosperous life both for a single family and for the whole society can only be built on a solid foundation of our centuries-old moral values.

Only faith, hope and love will save Ukraine. This is the moral basis for development and the guarantee of the preservation of our country. The experience of many trials, great victories and bitter defeats teaches us that the happy future of the entire nation depends on the spiritual and earthly well-being of every family. This should be the main goal and task at all times.

I congratulate all of you on this holy day! I wish us all wisdom, faith, hope and love!

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