15 February 2021

Today is the day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. 32 years ago, it seemed that this was the last war in which our same-age peers had to take part. Moreover, it was not a war, but rather a mistake, misunderstanding, a crime of politicians. This war did not arouse a sense of justice, despite the fact that Soviet men demonstrated heroism and dedication. And it seemed to us that there would be no more wars within our living memory – the whole history of the Afghan "epic" led us to this conclusion. The Soviet Union just began to collapse, and thousands of "Afghans" – Afghan War veterans – found themselves without any social aid and protection from the state... But the Friendship Bridge and General Gromov walking across this bridge, the last to leave the Afghan land, remain in our memory forever...

Three decades have passed. Today the war is a reality for Ukraine. Seven years of fighting in Donbass claimed more human lives than ten years in Afghanistan. And there is no sense of justice either. There is an understanding that the war was unleashed by politicians, and innocent people have to suffer. And again, everything is wrapped up in geopolitical interests. And again, everything is accompanied by massive propaganda and jingoistic rhetoric.

And again, we want to believe that this war is the last one.

This time is an era of unjust wars. Unjust wars hit very hard those who started them and lost. The fate of the USSR, which existed for less than three years after 15 February 1989, should be a reminder to today's politicians.

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