01 May 2016

Today is a wonderful holiday, the most significant, the happiest and the most life affirming of all the feasts. Today millions of Christians, together as a family, will go to church and receive the millennial good news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This news warms our souls and gives hope that the enduring values of Truth and Goodness will triumph, and that peace, tranquillity, stability and prosperity will return to the Ukrainian land. By His Resurrection Jesus Christ has revealed a great miracle to the world and to humankind. It always reminds us of the true goal of our earthly existence, fills our lives with meaning, helps us to overcome adversity and gives us confidence in the future. This is what is really important in this challenging time for our people and country. Let God protect and guide each of us! Let our actions be led by wisdom and tolerance! Pay each other attention, show care, love and loyalty!

Happy Easter! Christ has Risen!

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