15 February 2021

Dear friends, congratulations on the Great Feast of the Presentation of Lord Jesus at the Temple!

The Presentation of the Lord at the Temple is one of the most joyful and long-awaited feasts. It is the forerunner of a new life, a spiritual spring.

On the fortieth day after his birth, Baby Jesus was greeted by Simeon the elder at the temple.

With the words "now lettest thou depart" the saint professed the joy on the occasion of the end of the waiting time.

The whole life of humankind before the coming of the Lord was a weary waiting for the joy from a long-awaited meeting. With the advent of the Saviour to this world, the fear of the unknown was defeated, and a new life began.

Today it is important for each of us to feel the closeness of God and realize that our meeting with Him is already taking place here in this world.

Meeting with the Lord is the essence of every person's life.

I wish you all hope and peace!

May the day when the old world received its Saviour be the beginning of a joyful, bright and pure life for us too!

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