07 June 2020

Dear friends, Happy Holy Life-Giving Trinity!

Today we recall the day when a great and unprecedented event happened – the Holy Spirit descended onto the first Disciples of Christ and our Church was born.

It was born not through human effort, but through Divine effort.

Since then, our United Cathedral Apostolic Church has been bearing a true understanding of the Image of God and the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and we, faithful children of Christ, get that the same grace as the apostles did. We get it through successors of the apostles, bishops or priests, anointing us after the baptism with the words "seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit".

And thus we are embarking on the path to salvation and eternal life.

The Church has gone through many challenges since its inception.

And now It is going through trials too. Split, persecution, restrictions, defamation and diseases.

Yet we, those faithful to the Church of Christ, live by faith in the promise that the Saviour gave us: I will create My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against It.

Therefore, being behind the fence of the true Church, we, like sheep, hold on to our Shepherd, who laid down and keeps laying down all of Himself for us, and we will not be afraid of any life's adversity. 

Dear friends, let us stand in truth, glorify God and enjoy life.

God's blessing, peace and love to all of us.

Happy Holiday, dear Orthodox Christians!

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