19 December 2020

Saint Nicholas is one of the most beloved saints of our Church. He put into life the main Commandments of God: love God and love your neighbour as yourself.

To love means to sacrifice oneself to another person. This is God's pathway. So, the saint showed us this path with his miraculous deeds and selfless service to people.

The saint guessed, without words, what a person needed and tried to help. Only a heart filled with love is capable of this. A holiday is always an opportunity to do something kind and pleasant: to make your loved ones happy, to help those far away. So, let us not lose this opportunity.

May the warmth of our hearts warm those who need help, care and words of support. May peace always abide in our souls and our homes. May our loved and our dearest ones always be nearby. May faith in goodness never leave us.

I wish peace, love and joy to all of you!

Happy Holiday!

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