06 February 2017

Work in the name of peace and people is the most honourable act. Last week, several cities found themselves on the brink of disaster in Donbass. In such situations, we cannot sit idle, watch from the sidelines and try to enrich ourselves. We must roll up our sleeves and help as much as we can.

Last week, companies that are part of the Metinvest Group sent hundreds of tons of goods to the disaster area. These were staples needed for the sustenance of people affected by the escalation of violence.

In addition, last Thursday and Friday, we, Opposition MPs, sent further humanitarian supplies: medicines, food, blankets, heat guns, personal hygiene items for children and adults and fuel for power generators. We also supplied construction materials that proved to be particularly in demand.

We have helped, and always will help, whenever and wherever it is required by life circumstances. I will never tire of repeating that our main task is to reinstate PEACE on our land.

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