07 January 2017

Today the Holy Orthodox Church commemorates one of the greatest events in the history of mankind – the Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our Lord came to Earth and manifested himself in the flesh so that we could be closer to God, as it once was in the creation of the world. He brought peace and blessings upon the world.

During today's liturgy, the songs of the angels “Glory to God in highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward men”, are evoked. I would like to wish that the Peace and Truce of God be implanted in all our hearts, completely eradicating all hatred, malice, and strife. Based on these feelings, we will never be able to build happy families or happy societies. I wish that the world, and our hearts, are filled with the Peace of God, are lit up by the Star of Bethlehem, and are filled with love, joy, humility giving true meaning to our lives.

Congratulations to all of you on the occasion of this Feast. Peace, kindness and happiness to all of you.


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