18 November 2022
"Smart-Holding, as a strategic investor in Ukraine, despite the destruction and damage caused by the full-scale war, plans to continue investing in domestic businesses and search for new opportunities," said Julia Kiryanova, speaking on November 17 at the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

The businesses of Smart-Holding investment group, taking into account the coverage of the territories of presence and the number of sectors of the economy, reflect the state of industry and production during the ongoing full-scale war throughout the country. Businesses have been significantly damaged, but a large part of them survived and continue working. Their restoration, already in a modernized technological form, requires significant investments.

"The war significantly affected the investment attractiveness of Ukrainian assets and today they are undervalued. However, we firmly believe in the victory of Ukraine and its economic revival. Ukraine has a huge resource potential, which should give our country a powerful economic impetus towards industrialization of the 21st century - modern, ecological , and with great added value," Julia Kiryanova noted. "We believe in Ukraine and are making our contribution to the victory and recovery of the economy!"

The Company sees its contribution to the development of the economy in the restoration of the metallurgical industry and its renewal in accordance with the principles of decarbonization (Metinvest group); increasing the volume of Ukrainian gas production and development of new deposits, simultaneously with search for partnership with a strategic investor; the development of the industrial park in Mykolaiv and a number of projects for processing of agricultural products with to further export products with high added value.

The CEO of Smart-Holding also noted that important prerequisites for the inflow of investments should be ensuring the rule of law, inviolability of property rights and zero tolerance for corruption. Critically important will also be government stimulus measures - development of targeted investment funds, state mortgage program, energy efficiency fund, free trade opportunities, tax incentives, development of logistics opportunities, and industry support programs. As one of the examples of such measures, Julia cited the strategic state program to support shipbuilding, which at one time made Turkey, Japan and South Korea world leaders in this industry.


SMART HOLDING is one of the largest investment groups in Ukraine. The interests of the Group focus on the industries that are the key ones for the economy of the country. The companies of Smart Holding invest in metals and mining, oil and gas sectors, agriculture, shipbuilding, real estate and energy.

The strategy of Smart Holding is aimed at efficient management of a diversified investment portfolio in order to increase its value in the long term.
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