10 July 2019

On 9 July, I met with members of a civil society organization of Mariupol "Kind hearts are with us". The very existence of such an organization is a great merit of its leader, the incumbent people's deputy of Mariupol Nina Pavlyuk, as well as of the team of city authorities and local companies.

Today, the state has turned its back on adults and children with disabilities. There are no any working programs at all. Yet, they used to work in the past. They perhaps were not as good as we would wish them to be, but still. Now everything is delegated to the local level, and the city budget must cope with all this. Now, together with our team of the Opposition Bloc, we are working to ensure complete decentralization, and to ensure that more money remains in the city for these purposes.

Today we need to revive social enterprises for people with disabilities, to give them the opportunity to work, earn and develop. It was a very good practice in the past and it needs to be revived. Of course, the assistance from the city and enterprises located in Mariupol is important here.

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