14 September 2022
On September 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate the church new year.

Any time line is always an occasion to pause, to reflect on the passage of time and the inviolability of eternity, about our world and about ourselves.

And if every day of the secular calendar familiar to us, unfortunately, takes a person further and further away from God, from any common sense, then the church calendar calls us in a completely different direction - to restore the lost communion with God, to a graceful and peaceful life in accordance with the laws of being.

All church holidays, all the days of memory of our saints call us to listen more often to the words of Divine Wisdom, to go to church more often, to come to the Sacrament of Communion more often, so that our life, pulsing with seconds, calms down in a different dimension, at least for a short time, settles down and renews itself from its original source.

May this new year of life in the rhythm of the Church of Christ become for us a time of finding spiritual peace and joy, a time of creative work, spiritual development, a time of gratitude to God, kindness and mercy to our neighbors.

I heartily congratulate all of you, dear brothers and sisters, on the New Year of the Church!

Strength of the Spirit to us, patience, wisdom, faith, hope and love!
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