06 June 2016

Dear Journalists!

Congratulations on Journalist’s Day, your professional holiday!

Thank you for the important work you do every day to keep people informed, aware and accountable. The importance of your role is difficult to overestimate, particularly in these times of crisis. The words that journalists are the “fourth estate” are far from empty. We, both politicians and journalists, must respect the important public trust we hold and the huge responsibility it entails. We all have a duty to convey information and facts accurately to the public. 

I would like to wish you the strength of will and ability to be honest and sincere even in the most difficult situations. I also hope that your work will help consolidate our society. This is the common goal of politicians, journalists and social activists. Unfortunately, intolerance to alternative points of view and the sanctioning of radicalism and persecution have become a part of our lives. Do not ignore this, and do not be afraid to report the news accurately and honestly. There is no such thing as “lies for the greater good”. Let each of your works set an example to your colleagues. Be intellectually inquisitive and intolerant of false demagogues.

I hope you find fulfillment from, and worthy remuneration for, your creative endeavours.

Once again, I congratulate you!

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