18 August 2017

Terrorism knows neither borders nor nationalities. It does not matter where a terrorist act took place – in the Saint Petersburg Metro, in Nice, London or Barcelona – this terrible evil must be condemned and dealt with by the whole world. Otherwise, this terrorist war will continue for a very long time, and there will be no end to it.

Terrorist chaos is spreading around the world and no one can assume where the next attack will be. In the global world, alas, both the hazards and crimes are also global. In our country people die every day. Therefore, we perfectly understand the pain of the relatives of the deceased.

I am convinced that Ukraine must take an active part in the fight against terrorism on a global scale, and for this our special services should cooperate with all special services of the world. Yet, the first and the main step, the main contribution to overall security is to achieve a reliable, steady and so long-awaited peace in our own country.

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