09 May 2017

Dear friends!

9 May has been and will remain the Day of the Great Victory for us.

No matter how many efforts those feigning blissful ignorance would put to devalue this day, to change its essence and its name, it will remain the bright and genuine celebration, reminiscent of the fact that any war comes to an end and peace always wins.

Understanding of this is now more than ever important for our people, for the whole Ukraine.

What is more, the Victory Day is a day when we realize: our history is full of glorious achievements, and constant stressing of our troubles and defeats, the calendar of mourning dates is a way to nowhere.

This is the day that does not allow all of us to lose our human face – because on this day we can and should, with clear conscience, with gratitude and peace in the heart, look into the eyes of our ancestors, our forgoers who won the bloodiest, and the most brutal war in the history of humankind.

Happy Victory Day!

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