25 June 2017

For almost three years since the time of your election to the Primatial Service, you, sparing no effort, have been carrying a heavy cross of care for your people.

Your philanthropy, your humbleness, your wisdom are an inspiration for millions of Ukrainians in their desire to live and create in peace with themselves and with God.

You are a wonderful example of gentleness and humility, and your entire service is the embodiment of the call for turning from the evil and taking root in the good in order to live on the solid foundation of Christian morality.

In the hard days of strife, split and turmoil, your moral authority and firm canonical position are a support for many people in their everyday life and a hope for the future spiritual resurgence.

Today our Church prayerfully commemorates Venerable Onuphrius, Heavenly Patron of Your Beatitude.

Your Beatitude! I would like to cordially congratulate you on your Name Day.

I wish your Beatitude health, goodness, joy, peace, happiness in everything and all-powerful help of God in your further salvatory service.

Many Years to you, our dear, blessed Grace!

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