30 November 2017

About the European integration:
- I talked a lot with citizens of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Everyone says that they expected some kind of breakthrough, some definite development from joining the EU.
What is the outcome in the end?
There is no economic development, only the construction of hotels and shopping centres is in progress. Virtually all the plants that produced strategic products have been shut down.

On the draft budget of Ukraine for 2018:
- Our faction and I personally will not vote for this draft.
We submitted our draft budget, which provides for the allocation of more than UAH 100 billion for social needs.
Including an increase of the minimum wages to UAH 5,000 and an increase in the minimum pension to UAH 3,200.
And there is money for this!

The Law on de-occupation of Donbass:
- I believe that adoption of this law will not bring anything good to Ukraine because it will actually mean, first, withdrawal from the Minsk accords, which also means the freezing of the conflict and the continuation of the war.

- Everyone who promotes this law, the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, the People's Front and everyone who votes for it, are the "party of war".
And we, those who want peace, belong to the "party of peace".
We, people of peace and common sense, are the majority in Ukraine, and we will definitely win!

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