28 October 2016

Dear Kherson residents! Dear plant workers, veterans and guests!

I congratulate you on this remarkable date – the 65th anniversary of the founding of our plant in 1951. Over 300 vessels have been built during this period, including the 40 vessels produced over the past decade.

It is notable that a new vessel is being launched today, on the anniversary, as a response to those who do not believe in the prospects for the shipbuilding industry.

Naturally, one cannot but say a few words of reproach to the current Ukrainian government, which did not, and does not, realise the importance of shipbuilding for Ukraine’s economy and national prestige. By creating one job in the shipbuilding industry, we provide employment opportunities for seven other people in related areas. The plant management has repeatedly addressed the government with specific proposals related to the revival of shipbuilding in Ukraine. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a reply – from either the current prime minister, or his predecessor.

The fact that a new vessel, which is unrivaled within its class in Ukraine, has been launched today shows that, despite a decline in industrial production, the management of the plant and the shipbuilding holding company have maintained the workforce and the scientific and engineering potential of the shipyard. Today we are not ashamed to look in the eye of the plant veterans and say that we are making every effort to enrich your achievements and be worthy heirs to your endeavours.  Thank you for maintaining the plant’s glory. I would like to assure you that the present-day shipbuilders will continue to build on Kherson’s reputation as one of our country’s shipbuilding centres.

The plant’s current success would not have been possible without its management. In particular, I would like to express my special gratitude to Vasyl Viktorovych Fedin who was able to lead the workforce during these very challenging times. Congratulating you on this remarkable day, I would like to wish you peace, prosperity and new successes.

And finally, to all you plant workers – well done and thank-you for your past achievements, and best wishes for your future endeavours!

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