17 July 2022
Dear friends!

This year's Metallurgist and Miner's Day in Ukraine is celebrated under unordinary extremely difficult conditions. The professional holiday is overshadowed by war, grief, and suffering. A number of factories and plants, which were considered flagships of industry yet yesterday, lie in ruins. But the work of metallurgists is still one of the most honorable and respected in Ukraine.

From the very beginning, metallurgy was and remains the heart of Ukrainian industry, the engine of the economy. The work of metallurgists is not only produced metal. The restoration of Ukrainian cities, the revival of Ukraine will primarily depend on you.

In this difficult time, I congratulate you, dear friends, on the Day of the Metallurgist and Miner and wish, above all, the speedy arrival of peace - the foundation of everything. The current year has taught us to value peace in the same way as our grandfathers valued it, who went through a harsh war eight decades ago. And if we are faced with trials, I am sure that we will pass through them with honor. You are people of a courageous profession, familiar with the heat of red-hot furnaces, who, even before the war, looked into the face of danger and made difficult decisions every day.

I wish you to see the smiles of your family and loved ones again as soon as possible, never to worry about their safety, to live a dignified and full-fledged life, observing the fruits of your labor. Let love return to your souls, scorched by war. Good health, well-being and happiness to you!

And may the Lord protect you and your loved ones in this severe moment of difficult trials.
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