28 August 2022
Dear brothers and sisters,

I heartily congratulate you on the Great Feast — the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Passover of the Mother of God.

On this day, the sadness of parting is combined with bright joy. Death loses its power, even its name, and becomes Dormition — a quiet sleep before a joyful meeting with God.

As long ago as at the dawn of Kyivan Rus, the Mother of God chose our land as Her third abode — a place of Her special care and participation. She became the main advocatrice and intercessor for us before God.

It is impossible to name all the miracles that the Most Holy Theotokos performed in the most difficult moments of our history. Many holy places in Ukraine were marked by Her blessed presence. In gratitude for this Protecting Veil and Intercession of the Queen of Heaven, our God-loving people erected three Orthodox pearls — the Holy Dormition Lavras — in the centre, in the west and in the east of Ukraine. Our people also built many beautiful churches, temples and monasteries in honour of the Mother of God.

Today we are going through the most challenging times. Unfortunately, malice and hatred are deliberately cultivated in human hearts, while a firm and lasting peace can be achieved only through love — love for God, love for one’s people, and love for one’s native land.

That is why we especially need the help of the Most Holy Theotokos, as well as Her consolation.

If we stand before the image of the Mother of God with sincere faith in our souls, if we say only one phrase, “Bless us”, this prayer will not go unheeded. The Most Holy Theotokos will definitely protect us from all evil and will beg from her Son the blessed peace for the long-suffering people of Ukraine.


Congratulations, dear brothers and sisters!

Peace, love and help of the Queen of Heaven to all of us!
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