04 December 2016

Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

It is a wonderful winter family-friendly celebration of our Church of Christ. It is a day full of special symbolism and meaning.

According to Church legend, before the Conception of the Virgin, an angel appeared before Saint Anne (her mother) with the news about the birth of her child. She was overjoyed and vowed: "If I give birth, I will give the baby as a gift to my Lord, and it will serve the Lord for the whole of its life."

Subsequently, when the Blessed Virgin was three years old, the parents decided to fulfil their promise:

"... and Joachim said: call the chaste daughters of Judah, and let them take their lamps and stand with lit [lamps] for the Child not to go back and for Her to love the temple of the Lord in Her heart. And they did so on the way to the temple of the Lord. And the priest received Her and kissed Her, gave his blessing, saying: the Lord has made Your name great throughout all ages, because through You the Lord will grant redemption to the children of Israel at the end of time. And he seated Her on the third step of the altar, and the grace of the Lord descended upon Her, and She was overjoyed, and the people of Israel loved Her."

I believe that the key essence of this wonderful holiday is expressed in the purpose and meaning of our entire Christian life – salvation of the soul, which is only possible in unity with the Church of Christ. And for this unity each of us, similar to the Mother of God herself, needs to enter the Temple once.

Congratulations, my friends! I wish you peace, kindness and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s protection!

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