12 April 2023
Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Charitable Foundation has provided assistance to Ukraine worth more than UAH 430 million. The Foundation is continuing to provide its help now.

From the first days of the armed aggression, the Foundation focused its efforts on helping Mariupol. More than UAH 38 million was spent on food and medical supplies sent to the city in the humanitarian aid convoys.

Unfortunately, a fairly large part of that aid did not reach the city, as from April 2022, humanitarian goods were almost not let through, were shot at or plundered.

The Foundation spent UAH 3.8 million to purchase evacuation vehicles and fuel for evacuation transport (including for private vehicles).

In addition, the Foundation provided and continues to provide assistance throughout Ukraine, in particular:
  • The Foundation is implementing one of the largest humanitarian projects to deliver ambulances. Over the past year, more than UAH 86 million was spent on this initiative and 120 vehicles were delivered. The Foundation covers the cost of full maintenance for all ambulances before donating them to medical facilities and the military. The project implementation is continuing.  

  • This year, the Foundation paid for another set of ambulances, worth UAH 6.6 million, as well as a large batch of medical supplies (bandages, dressings, saline, haemostatic agents, syringes) to the amount of UAH 2.89 million, which will be provided to military units according to their requests.  

  • Food aid to the amount of more than UAH 82 million was provided to all possible regions of Ukraine (more than 100,000 food packages were sent to the target addresses, according to individual requests from citizens; in addition, food items were also provided in bulk to humanitarian hubs, volunteer and civil society organizations). The provision of the food aid is continuing.  

  • For hospitals in Zaporizhzhia, medical equipment worth UAH 45.5 million was purchased (this included a lung ventilator, syringe pumps, patient monitors, portable ultrasound systems, neonatal incubators, vacuum therapy devices and supplies/consumables for them, as well as external fixation devices).  

  • In March 2022, UAH 14.6 million were paid for medical supplies (tourniquets, needles, haemostatic agents) of Israeli production for hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk region.  

  • The Foundation donated UAH 700,000 for the restoration of the branch of the Heart Institute under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Irpin town, which was damaged by shelling.  

  • The Foundation purchased power generators of various capacities to the amount of more than UAH 40.5 million, which are donated to cover the needs of hospitals, the military, “invincibility points”, and social institutions.

  • The Foundation received and imported some humanitarian aid from Canada, namely 56,000 pcs of hygienic wet wipes worth UAH 2 million, and 82,000 pcs of antiseptics worth UAH 2.1 million. These items are donated to hospitals and military units.  

  • UAH 4.8 million was spent on hygiene products such as diapers and draw-sheets for children and adults. The implementation of this initiative is continuing.  

  • The Foundation covers the cost of food delivery to I am Mariupol centres throughout Ukraine. Last year, the amount stood at UAH 3.7 million.  

  • With the help of the Foundation, the shelter in Athens, where the educators and pupils of an orphanage are accommodated, was repaired for the amount of UAH 600,000.  

  • The Foundation purchased 4,000 pieces of professional military first-aid kits of the US standard, worth more than UAH 12 million.  

  • The Foundation ordered 3,400 military beds from China, worth more than UAH 2 million.
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