27 July 2018

Dear friends!

Let us think together about what day it is today. What do we celebrate and why?

Today is not just one of the holidays in the calendar, not just a landmark date of our history. Today is the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus!
Without exaggeration, this is an event of a global scale that has changed the course of the history of the whole of Europe. Just imagine what the fate of European civilization could be if instead of Christianity Kievan Rus adopted Islam or Judaism then proposed to Prince Vladimir alternatively to Christianity. There is no doubt that the choice made by Prince Vladimir in 988 was civilizational one, predetermining further destiny of both the native state and neighbouring countries for centuries. Yet, this day is important and memorable for us not only for this.

Baptism is not just a choice; it is not just a rite. This is the Sacrament of a new birth. Birth not in the flesh, but in spirit. In it, the covenant between God and man is restored. Therefore, today we are celebrating the Day of spiritual birth of our people.

Congratulating everyone on this great day, I invite you to spend it not in the external vanity, but in a prayer and thanksgiving to God. In a prayer for Ukraine, for relatives and strangers, for friends and enemies, for reconciling the warring, so that peace finally triumphs in our holy land.

Congratulations, my friends! Peace, accord in minds and hearts, and love to all of us!

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