15 July 2018

Today, as always on the third Sunday of July, we celebrate the day of metallurgical and mining industries’ workers in Ukraine, the Metallurgists’ and Miners’ Day.

The mining and metallurgical sector of Ukraine is the backbone of our economy. Today, the mining and metallurgical industries mean the filling-in of the national budget. They mean development of cities, building of infrastructure and creation of jobs. This is the stability and prosperity of our country.

Today it is one of the few branches of the Ukrainian economy where there is huge development and growth potential. We need to keep and, most importantly, to increase the vast experience gained by earlier generations because investing in the industry, in modernization of the domestic industry we invest in success of the whole country.

I am convinced that if there is no Ukrainian mining and metallurgical sector, then there will be no developed industries, no successful related industries; there will be no decent future for our children!

At the same time, it is important to remember that people are the most important value of the industry and its bedrock, and there are often the entire labour dynasties, teams of employees, from ordinary workers, engineers and managers to directors working in the industry.

Friends, on this holiday I want to thank you for your hard, but very honourable work. I want to wish you good health, best of luck and prosperity to your families. God's help to you! I wish us peace in our land!

Happy Holiday!

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