01 September 2020

Dear schoolchildren, teachers and parents! And especially first graders!

Today, all of us together with you are opening a new page in life – some of you go to school for the first time, someone takes their child there for the first time, and some of you first ever sit down at a university bench. 

Today, our special thanks go to teachers who are meeting their pupils and students. After parents and family, they are the ones who help us take our first steps into adulthood.

And only having grown up and matured, we realize that years of studies give us much more than just a diploma or certificate. And today many of us, adults, sincerely wish to hear the school bell again and experience this joyful expectation of something new and interesting coming.

During school years, we get the main skill – the ability to learn and cognize. It makes us competitive and successful in modern life. And the common success of our country consists of your future successes.

At school, we also learn how to be friends and how to cooperate, empathize and find compromises. What our society will be like in ten and twenty years, when today's schoolchildren will be making decisions that are important for the country, depends on the foundation acquired during the years of studies.

Dear friends!
Be brave in your studies and go to your first lessons with confidence, make your first discoveries, explore and find your way!
Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge!

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