17 August 2019
Today marks five years since the day when His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine stood at the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

This event has truly historical significance for the fate of the canonical Orthodox Church and the entire Ukrainian people.

The election of the high priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church coincided with the difficult trials that befell our country. War and turmoil, attempts to draw the Church into political confrontations, gross interference of politicians in the affairs of the Church, artificial heating of the church schism and the beginning of persecution against canonical Orthodoxy ...

His Beatitude Onufry in this situation acted as a true peacemaker, not succumbing to temptations and passions and not taking the side of one or another force in a civil conflict. For five years, he has been tirelessly praying for peace and, by personal example, calls on the citizens of Ukraine to the most important thing - reconciliation and love, and the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church that he leads continues to carry out its saving peacekeeping mission in all the territories of now divided Ukraine, thereby invisibly preserving and her unity.

I want to express deep gratitude to him for everything that he does for all of us - the multimillion flock of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, each time "laying down his soul for his sheep."

We all thank the Lord that in such a difficult time he sent our Church such a wise helmsman as Vladyka Onufry . You can be sure that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, under his leadership, will not deviate from the true path, but will continue to affirm in the Ukrainian society the saving world and love of Christ.

May the Lord by His grace continue to strengthen you, Your Beatitude, on your difficult path of archpastoral service. I wish you health and strength for many and a good summer!
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