26 June 2022
Yesterday, on 25 June, the Orthodox Church honoured the memory of Saint Onuphrius the Great.

This saint was a human as we are — made of flesh and blood, but at the same time, due to his incredible determination, he ascended to the height of spiritual feats unattainable for most humans. Thanks to his humility, he achieved such greatness that angels served him. Having lived for 60 years as a hermit in the desert, Saint Onuphrius showed the highest level of spiritual beauty, which only one who was acceptable before God could achieve.

Another amazing person also has the name Onuphrius (Onufriy). This is our Beatitude, the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, our spiritual archpastor and father.

It is known that the Christian faith is not proved but shown.

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy is a wise archpastor, a man of fervent prayer, and a caring spiritual father for millions of Ukrainians. With his whole life, with his many years of selfless service, he shows us how people should live, those who most of all want to be acceptable before God, who sincerely love the Church of Christ, our Ukrainian land and its Orthodox people. He is a living example of perseverance in faith and adherence to the Truth, which is always before us.

During the hardest trials caused by the war, and hardships, temptations and offences associated with it, His Beatitude stands firmly and unshakably at the head of his flock, like a rock amidst a raging storm. He makes responsible and difficult decisions every day so that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church could continue its salvational ministry, so that Holy Orthodoxy is preserved in Ukraine, so that God’s grace does not leave our land, and so that our people have a future.

I once again wholeheartedly congratulate You, Your Beatitude, on this feast! I wish you many fruitful years of service, strength of mind and good health, peace, spiritual joy and God’s help in all Your undertakings!

Happy remembrance day of Your Heavenly patron, our dear Archbishop!

May the Lord keep you for many good years!
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