19 December 2022
Today we celebrate the day of remembrance of the Saint whom our Church calls “the rule of faith, the image of humility and the teacher of temperance.”

The name of Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, the Wonderworker, is known to the entire humankind. He is revered even outside the Christian world because everyone who at least once experienced that generous grace, which always pours out abundantly on everyone who turns to him, feels the spiritual greatness and glory of this Saint in his or her heart.

The whole life of Archbishop Nicholas was an active preaching about love and mercy. And although he lived as long as 17 centuries ago, for us this Saint is a very close man of God in spiritual sense.

Gratitude for the miraculous help from Saint Nicholas inspired the believers to build a great many churches in honour of this Saint of God. Dozens of generations named and still name their sons after him. His holy icons can be seen in every home where the flame of living faith is glimmering.

Saint Nicholas helps on land and at sea, in trenches and dungeons, in important matters and challenging journeys. He often hurries forward towards people even before they have time to say their pleas aloud. Saint Nicholas is our intercessor and prayer before the Throne of God.

He is our true friend who teaches us how to please our Heavenly Father: to live not for ourselves but for people and to be faithful to the Lord to the end.

I am convinced that today Saint Nicholas is with us too — with our suffering Ukraine, its defenders, volunteers, refugees and IDPs, with those who read good stories to their children by candlelight, those who warm, feed, and dress their brothers and sisters who went destitute because of the war. With those who are filially devoted to their Mother Church and do not betray their faith for thirty pieces of silver. With those who is carrying their life’s cross without complaints and reproaches. With those who give the world peace, comfort, light and goodness.

May, through the prayers of millions of believing hearts, Saint Nicholas strengthen our Primate, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy, the entire episcopate, clergy and parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in this challenging time. May he enlighten the persecutors and blasphemers of our Holy Church, so that they are able to stop, repent and not perish spiritually.

I wholeheartedly congratulate all of you, dear friends, on this wonderful feast!

I wish you the grace and soonest help of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker on all your pathways!
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