19 December 2021
Today we celebrate one of the most favourite, kind and bright winter holidays – the day of remembrance of Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, the Wonderworker.

There is probably no such a person who has not heard about this great saint, who has never seen his icon, and never turned to him with prayer in difficult times.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is called “a quick helper” because many people, especially travellers, have for centuries been convinced of the effectiveness of his help in the most challenging situations. And, perhaps most of all Saint Nicholas is loved for his generosity and kindness by children.

For his unshakable and deep faith, the Lord endowed the saint with the gift of working great wonders.

From a young age he led an ascetic and self-sacrificing life. He went through a time of persecution and imprisonment for his beliefs. For his flock, he was a firm support and a kind comforter in suffering.

In the days of Byzantine Empire, Saint Nicholas ardently defended the purity of Orthodoxy from false doctrines, and always stood up courageously for the truth. For us he was and remains a teacher of charity and mercy, a worthy example of the fact that a human being must trust God to the end and live in full harmony with Him.

I heartily congratulate all of you, dear friends, on this wonderful feast!

I wish you fast help and intercession of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker on all your paths and in all your deeds!
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