11 September 2022
Dear friends,
Today we remember a great and righteous man and a Prophet, a saint most revered by our Church – John the Baptist and Forerunner of the Lord. “Truly I tell you, of those born of women, no greater than John the Baptist has risen,” Jesus said of him.

Even before his birth, he was chosen by God for a special service – to bring the light of Truth and Integrity to people.

Saint John the Baptist was the one who could not silently look at injustice and could not close his eyes to the seeming triumph of lies. His prophetic voice fearlessly and impartially condemned the vices that corroded human souls.

The Forerunner of the Lord boldly flagged people’s sinful way of life – including that of the high and the mighty ones. As a result, he was not the first and not the last who lost his head for defending the Truth.

There is no human fate more dignified and at the same time more tragic than the life of John the Forerunner of the Lord. Evil lust and lies, trembling with fear of condemnation, ordered his death but his martyrdom became the triumph of Divine Truth, righteousness and spiritual purity.
Today we can learn a lot from this great man. First of all, how to defend the truth and how to be uncompromising towards sin. John the Baptist is a symbol of principled stand in upholding the truth, an example of selflessness in trusting the Lord in all circumstances of life, and striving to gain unity with God.

Truth-lovers are always persecuted and ostracized everywhere and at all times. The truth is always uncomfortable but you cannot live without it. Following John the Forerunner of the Lord, the Truth came into this world incarnated by Christ. Today, this unchanging truth of God is brought to people by our Holy Orthodox Church.
On this great day, I wholeheartedly hope that all of us could be at least one step closer to the spiritual height of Saint John the Baptist. I hope we can learn from him strong faith and love for the Truth, heavenly wisdom and spiritual courage, with which this amazing person was rich.
Congratulations, dear brothers and sisters!
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