17 March 2019

Dear friends! Today we all celebrate the Feast of Orthodoxy!

This feast was established in honour of the triumph of the Orthodox faith over heresies, when, after a long period of persecution from heretic iconoclasts against Orthodox Christians in the 8th century the persecutions finally stopped and the Orthodox faith triumphed again.

Representatives of the authorities were behind those ferocious persecutions against Orthodox Christians. Yet, time judged who was right and who was not...

Now, we are experiencing a similar situation in Ukraine. As more than 1,000 years ago, when iconoclastic rulers persecuted Orthodox Christians causing a terrible schism in the canonical Church, now their followers, anti-church rulers, organize persecution of the canonical Church and artificially provoke religious schism and hostility on religious grounds.

As in those times in the past, now representatives of the authorities, who are far from the true faith and spirituality, are attempting to make the Church of Christ serve their political interests. To that end, they artificially create their own schismatic “pocket church”. All this is not new! Similar attempts happened in the history of the Church before, but after temporary success, all of them always failed. The events of today's feast are vivid evidence of this. No matter how strong the authorities are, but if they raise their hand against the most sacred thing, the Church of God, then they will surely fail. That is how it always was. So it will be now. After all, the Head of the Church is the Lord himself.

Our Mother Church has carried the purity of the Faith through the millennium. It stoically endures all attacks and persecution in order to pass this purity over to our descendants.

Therefore, congratulating you on this great feast I want to wish all of us firmness in faith, so that we do not fear temporary difficulties and worthily celebrate the Feast of Orthodoxy and the coming Resurrection of Christ.

I congratulate you on the feast, my dear friends! Peace and love to all of us!

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