17 August 2022
Eight years ago, the multimillion flock of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church obtained a wise archpastor, a caring spiritual father, and a man of diligent and fervent prayer, who His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Onufriy is.

The time when the Lord placed His Beatitude at the head of our Church is unparalleled in modern history. Human sins, splits not healed in time, turmoil and disruption have led to the most terrible result — bloodshed on our holy Ukrainian land. This is the period of the most difficult tests for our faith, our conscience, and our humanism.

How much unconfirmed slander, accusations, and hatred were poured onto our Church in the first months of the war. And in the midst of all this whirlwind of events, His Beatitude does not give in to temptations, but stands firmly and steadfastly. He does not depart, to a single inch, from the teachings of the holy fathers and from church canons and traditions. And thereby he teaches us love and devotion to the true Church of Christ.

At the same time, Metropolitan Onufriy always remains very open-hearted and approachable. He carries out his ministry humbly and wisely, constantly prays for our Fatherland, our Orthodox people, and guides the flock, entrusted to him by God, to salvation.

We often look for examples to follow from the past, and by God’s grace, this example of a true shepherd, an example of a truly Christian life, is right before our eyes — “Come and see,” as the Gospel says.

On this great day, I filially wish His Beatitude heartfelt peace, strength and the inexhaustible help of God.

Our dear Metropolitan and Father, a difficult cross lies on your shoulders, but the support of your helpers and brothers-in-prayer, your faithful fellow men and spiritual children is always with you.

All of us pray for you, for your successful and salvific service for the benefit of the Church and the people of Ukraine.

I wholeheartedly congratulate you on the next anniversary of your enthronement to the supreme throne of the Kyiv Metropolitans, Your Beatitude!

Many and good years to you!
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