30 April 2017

Today, on the second week after the Easter, every Orthodox Christian prayerfully recalls the feat of several women whom we traditionally call the Myrrh-bearers.

Myrrh is an aromatic oil, which, according to ancient Judaic tradition, was used to anoint the body of a deceased person. At the same time, from long ago this oil has been a symbol of a special state of soul, which we call the peace of God. Therefore, on the one hand, the Myrrh-bearers went to the place of Christ's burial in order to anoint His Body with special oil and fulfil their duty, and, on the other hand, they symbolically were bringing to the world that grace of God, without which we cannot love our enemies and forgive our offenders.

These women became the first witnesses of the Resurrection, they also relentlessly accompanied Christ and listened to every word of His. They stood near the Crucifixion and came to the grave... The Myrrh-bearers and the Mother of God were the only ones among all the followers of Christ who were not afraid of death for Him. These women remained faithful to God in spite of everything!

Therefore, today, like many years ago, Christian women, our mothers, sisters and wives bring peace and the grace of God to places of hardships and to where they are most needed. They are not afraid of death, they do not betray those whom they love, and humbly do what mothers, sisters and wives must do.

Dear women!

Very often for us, men, your faith, your faithfulness, your sacrifice and your love are an example. On this light, very kind and heartfelt holiday, we, to the best of our strengths and possibilities, give our due to all of you, to your special role in family and society, your strength of spirit and patience, and most importantly your ability to sew what was torn and to pacify ferocity. These amazing qualities the Lord fills you with, are very much needed today for our split, hostile society overfull with hatred.

On this day, may your hearts be filled with joy about the Resurrected Saviour, and may the feat of the Holy Myrrh-bearers light up your life, comforting and strengthening you in the most difficult moments. Please do the work of God – bring peace and mercy. I wish you love, good health and happiness to your families! And most importantly – I wish peace to you, your homes and all of Ukraine!

Happy holiday, our dear women!

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