19 January 2020

The Lord, once baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, sanctified them with His immense righteousness, and granted us revival and rebirth by the Holy Spirit. On this day, we praise the Lord and recall the sacrament of our own Baptism, the beginning of our path to salvation. We recall how our souls became filled with God's Grace and the Holy Spirit, and how we ourselves and our lives changed forever. After all, it is said that everyone who was baptized into Christ put on Christ.

That means once we were baptized in the name of Christ and the Holy Trinity, we were embodied in Christ spiritually: in His truth, holiness, gentleness, humility, obedience, patience, abstinence – in a new man created by God’s model in truth and the reverence of message. And today our soul is especially happy because of that, and there is a feeling of light and ease at heart.

On this holiday, I want to wish you, my friends, to remain true Christians, faithful to our Mother Church, to love and be loved, to enjoy life and give joy to others in spite of anything. I wish that you be able to do good not by force, not by direction, but by the command of the heart.

We, Orthodox Christians, were baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And, therefore, we should strive for unity between ourselves, our relatives and friends, like the unity between the Persons of the Holy Trinity. 

So we will be united in Christ, we will be patient and cordial to each other.

Peace and prosperity to all of us.
Happy Epiphany! 
Happy Baptism of Jesus Christ!

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