17 July 2019

This professional holiday is very important for Mariupol because Mariupol is the steel making capital of Ukraine and every family is directly connected with Azovstal or Ilyich Iron & Steel Works. This is the holiday of the entire city and of every Mariupol family.

The craft of a steel maker is the labour of very courageous, strong in spirit and noble people.

In 2014-2015, in difficult conditions for the city and local companies, under the explosions of the shells, steel makers proved to be true patriots and stayed it out. Deep respect to them for this, for their laborious, courageous and noble act.

The economic strength of Ukraine is being forged by their labour, the traditions of our metallurgical plants were created through their valor. Our employees are our greatest value. I sincerely wish to all of us to see the war stop and shelling cease, so that we can move freely throughout Donetsk region. Without checkpoints and without risk to our own lives. Whatever is said, the development of human society is impossible without iron and steel industry.

It was nice to share our common holiday with steel makers of Azovstal and Ilyich Iron & Steel Works, who work today at these enterprises, as well as with the honoured veterans of steel making, whose hands forged the steel foundation of Mariupol.

Happy Holiday!

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