17 July 2021

Dear friends!

Metallurgists’ Day in Ukraine is not just a professional holiday for those involved in ore mining or metal melting. For a country in the economy of which metallurgy or steel-making occupies an important place, Metallurgists’ Day has become a truly favourite holiday. Indeed, thanks to metallurgists’ hard work, the country is developing, as well as its army and finances, and its cities are growing.

We can talk a lot about the role of metallurgists’ labour – naturally, there will be many greeting speeches on this topic today. But it is so important that we all understand and feel: behind every ton of steel and cast iron there are real people, with their joys and problems, and with their life stories. People who professionally do their job and deserve attention, care and maximum respect from society.

Today I especially want to say "Thank you!" to miners, steelworkers, representatives of many other professions. And I want to wish them all peace, good health, prosperity, love, simple human happiness, and all the best! May the Lord save and protect you – as the profession of a metallurgist is associated with constant risk and heavy workloads. I wholeheartedly congratulate you! I wish you a festive mood and joy in your souls!

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