16 July 2017

Today we are celebrating one of the most important professional holidays in Ukraine – the Metallurgists' and Miners' Day!

Teachers give us knowledge for the future, doctors give us medical treatment, military men defend us, and metallurgists and miners forge the economic power of our country!

A century and a half ago, it was mining and metallurgy that transformed the image of our country forever over several decades turning it into one of the most industrially developed and advanced ones.

And since then, day after day, at the blast furnaces and open-hearth furnaces, at crushing plants and processing plants, all of you representing these challenging and courageous professions, from generation to generation, from grandfathers to fathers and children, pass over your commitment to your cause, respect for your work and faith in the future, which you can build with your own laborous hands.

You, our dear metallurgists and miners, are the salt of our earth, its hope and support.

You are a worthy example for the younger generations and the personification of the belief that all troubles and sorrows, all difficulties and crises will be left behind.

Friends, I want to thank you for your hard, but very honourable work, to wish you good health, best of luck to your families, belief in yourself and, of course, peace and prosperity on our land.

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